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"I wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work and planning that went into our special day. It couldn't have been more beautiful and seamless. Sean and I had what was really the best day of our lives and much of that we owe that to you! My Mom could not have been happier and was over the moon (as was I) with all of the beautiful details that came together. The decor, the flowers, the linens... everything was spectacular! We really could not have had such a wonderful weekend without you. Thank you again for everything and for helping to make this process so easy on us."
- Carolyn and Sean
"If I could give 6/5 stars, I would. My wife and I were recently lucky enough to find Jessica and without a doubt had it not been for Jessica our wedding day wouldn’t have been what it was. My wife and I truly can’t say enough positive things about her professionalism, her dedication to helping us get the best prices for things, setting our wedding site up specifically how we asked; she even worked with me on connecting my bride with her brother on our wedding day who was half way across the globe so that they could see each other before our ceremony. If you are looking for someone who is affordable, extremely professional, thorough, honest and genuinely cares, she is your person."
- Haley and Todd
"As soon as I was engaged, I immediately reached out to try to secure Jessica Adler for my wedding as I knew that she would have limited availability. I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past as an event professional and knew that I wanted to work with her for my wedding. Luckily, I was able to secure working with her! Jessica is truly amazing and made the entire process fun and exciting! Although I work in the industry, her experience, vendor relationships, and advice is priceless! She is detail oriented and super organized, helping to minimize any stress that planning can bring. Family and friends were impressed with the organization of the wedding weekend and loved meeting her as well! She has a wonderful personality and can work with varied groups of people effortlessly. Thanks to Jessica, we were able to have our dream wedding! We genuinely loved working with Jessica and would recommend her and her team to anyone!"
- JoLeah and Chancey
"Jessica is the best thing that could’ve happened to us! She’s easygoing, organized, efficient, punctual, and a blast to work with! She knows exactly how to bring your vision to life, and she’s also realistic and honest. I’ve never really planned anything before and Jessica was always happy to answer my questions. She also had the best recommendations for photographer, DJ, and florist. My fiancé (now husband) and I felt we would never find any vendor because the market is so saturated and we also couldn’t figure out how exactly to stay within our budget. We were immediately relieved when we first met Jessica because we knew she was our answer and superhero! I’d call her up again for any future soirées! She’s the best and made sure our wedding day was perfect!!!! P.S. she really saved the day when someone dumped red wine on my wedding dress!!!! That stain is gone! "
- Pilar and Mathias
"Jessica at JA Special Events is awesome! She is like a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra, and you just need to sit back and enjoy the music. Jessica helped us plan my daughter's wedding. My daughter said the wedding "exceeded her expectations." Jessica has good recommendations for vendors (photography, floral, venue, DJ), and she helped us negotiate all the contracts. Negotiating with Devil's Thumb Ranch was not an easy process, but Jessica always had our back! If an issue arose, Jessica immediately stepped up to the plate. She has good knowledge of the facility and staff. Jessica understood my daughter's vision of what she wanted the mood of her wedding to be. It turned out beautifully, and she helped us stay within our budget. Jessica really shines with her attention to detail. For example, she made sure snow boots were accessible for the outdoor photos. She made sure our 89-year old grandparent was always comfortable; she even brought him a plate of food from the buffet so that he wouldn't have to get up from the table and juggle a plate. Jessica went above and beyond when she helped the groom's out-of-state family plan the rehearsal dinner. I could go on and on about how wonderful JA Special Events is. But I'll summarize by saying that with Jessica as our event planner, it was a totally stress-free process. We were able to enjoy every minute of the gorgeous wedding knowing that Jessica had things under control. I would recommend JA Special Events to everyone, and would give her 10 stars if possible."
- Catherine
"I met Jessica via email just after the Colorado floods of 2013, which destroyed our wedding venue just a month shy of the wedding. Enter Jessica, to whom we were matched through the Save My Colorado Wedding program. Jessica treated me like any other client -- responding consistently to emails, and trying her best to match us with a new venue that fit our vision, despite the fact that we had never met and weren't paying her a dime. So yeah, that's the kind of person Jessica is. My fiance and I decided to postpone our wedding until the following January, and when we selected a new venue that required a planner (Devil's Thumb Ranch -- also HIGHLY recommended!), we of course contacted Jessica straightaway. It was one of the best decisions we made. As others have noted, Jessica makes you feel like yours is the only wedding she is planning. From our first in-person meeting, I could tell she is a no-nonsense, practical, pragmatic business woman. I really appreciated that. Any prejudices I might have held about wedding planners (e.g. using flattery to sell 'extras' you don't need, working with selected vendors for a kick-back, etc.), Jessica blew away. There was no question she had our best interests at heart and was working to get us the best prices, discounts, etc. And there isn't a frivolous bone in her body. Jessica is basically the perfect package as far as wedding planning is concerned. She can do anything from wrangle with vendors to design draping schemes to execute decor. I knew her as a no-nonsense planner, but when it came down to the actual wedding day, I was blown away by her creative visions. She is incredibly detail-oriented, and designed little vignettes around our event space we didn't even ask for (and that all our guests commented on). She thought our cake looked too boring (it did), so she took it upon herself to add some flowers. I wasn't worried for even a second on our wedding day, because I trusted Jessica so completely."
- Annie and Adam
"Communication is KEY for any event planning, and Jessica was absolutely incredible with communicating. She would have a response to me by either phone or email at least within one hour after trying to contact her, if I couldn't reach her the first time which was rare. She personalized a budget for our needs instead of having "packages" which is HUGE in case you have not had a wedding before. Most places only offer certain services for certain prices but she was very reasonable with pricing and even went above and beyond what she needed to do in order to make our wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch flawless. Jessica knows what she is doing and does it with ease, without involving the wedding couple too much as to waste any time or energy. She communicated what she is doing the entire time and takes care of everything so you don't have to. We put all our trust in Jessica to plan and execute our wedding day and I am extremely happy we did. The wedding went off without a hitch and there are absolutely NO complaints at all with the wedding, and it is because Jessica handled everything professionally and effectively. After the wedding there were some accounting issues with the venue and she even helped me talk with the venue and get a refund on some charges. I would not expect that from her but she offered to help which goes to show she is a good person and an amazing planner. If you are looking for an awesome, professional, communicative, nice, fun, and extremely detailed planner for your event, please trust me on this that Jessica at JA Special Events is the one for you. I would/will recommend her to anyone I possibly can. Thanks Jessica!"
- Phil and Kristy
"Jessica is an absolute god send, and our wedding would not have been the same without her! I was referred to Jessica by several friends and now I completely understand why they were so keen to tell me about what a wonderful job Jessica and her team does - they are simply the best in the business in Colorado mountain weddings. We also planned the entire thing internationally (England) and Jessica made me feel as connected and involved as I am sure she does every other bride. Over the several months that my mom and I were lucky enough to work with Jessica we came to view her as a dear friend, and truly loved working with her to bring our vision for the wedding to life. Her connections with vendors and venues make the planning process so easy, and she is extremely good at helping her clients create the amazing experiences that they want while also sticking to their budget. The planning experience was only made better on the day when the entire wedding went off without any problems. On the day, it was so nice to know that I could relax and enjoy and that the execution of the event was in the best hands. Working with Jessica was the best decision we made in the wedding planning process!"
- Alexis
"If you are getting married in the mountains of Colorado, there is absolutely no one who can compare to Jessica. Everything written in all of these reviews is 100% true. When I first met Jessica, I had a very casual, though large, wedding in mind and thought I was just going to need a bit of help here and there (how naïve I was!). Throughout all the twists and turns of wedding planning, Jessica held firm to that core vision and executed it at a level I could have never anticipated – Jessica thinks of every possibility and is prepared for them all. While many wedding planners are creative and organized, there are a few things that truly set Jessica apart. My favorite thing about her was that she told me when an idea I had just wouldn’t work – and she usually had an even better one waiting in the wings. She also has a special relationship with vendors – she can work logistics and pricing to get everything we wanted at a very reasonable cost and with extras thrown in. She works in the mountains all the time and knows which vendors are best for which venues. In my case, these relationships saved the day not once, but twice during our weekend. First was that we had a tent outdoors for the reception, which the venue did not mow. Faced with having 150 people eat in 3 foot tall weeds, Jessica lept into action and found a lawn mower through one of her contacts and got the job done (our caterers – Footers – helped as well, check them out!). Then when wind blew through the tent right before dinner and broke all the glasses, Jessica contacted another venue nearby and got them all replaced before anyone knew what had happened. She wrangled family members, a mid-cocktail hour venue change, and three full days of events with ease. Jessica was truly a delight to work with, and was a critical part of making our wedding weekend everything we could have hoped for. Work with Jessica – it will be the best thing you do the whole planning process."
- Laura
"Jessica is the best! She created the absolutely perfect wedding for us. She listened and really cared about what we wanted and made sure we didn't have to worry about one single thing on the day of the wedding. She was really helpful during the entire planning process and was on top of every detail. I highly recommend JA Special Events!"
- Jodie and Chris

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