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For Caroline + Tyler’s special day, the Vail Chapel along with The Sonnenalp made for the perfect wedding backdrop. Stunning images were captured by the talented Brinton Studios; and Newberry’s added such warmth with their lovely florals. All planning and coordination was taken care of by JA Special Events, allowing the happy couple to fully enjoy their memorable day. Congratulations, Caroline + Tyler, we were thrilled to share in your joyous day!

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Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Vail Chapel | Reception: The Sonnenalp | Photography: Brinton Studios | Videography: Lupher Arts | Florals: Newberry’s | Lighting: Elite Production | Chairs: Charming Chairs | Band: Soul X | Pedicab: Vail Pedicabs

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Sarah + Andrew committed to forever right amidst the heart of the Rocky Mountains and their closest family and friends. Every aspect of their day was full of love and joy, two beautiful components of marriage. Larkspur Vail served as the perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception, and Brinton Studios captured their day with stunning images. The elegant floral arrangements and decor were by Statice Floral and JA Special Events ensured that all planning and coordination were handled with ease. Congrats Sarah + Andrew, it was our joy sharing in your day!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony\Reception: Larkspur Vail | Photography: Brinton Studios | Florals: Statice Floral | Ceremony Music: Sandra Wong Music | Rentals: Party Time Rentals | Lighting & Draping: Elite Production |Reception Band: Syndicate


What a privilege it was celebrating the marriage of Peter + Michael at the picturesque Four Seasons Vail. Lovely images of the couple’s special day were captured by the talented Frances Photography. With the stunning fall colors adding such natural beauty, the gorgeous florals provided by Vintage Magnolia and the fabulous decor and lighting by Pink Monkey were the perfect addition to the overall ambiance. JA Special Events ensured that all planning and coordination were handled so that the couple could relax and enjoy their magnificent day. Thanks for letting us share in your joy, Peter + Michael!

0217_PeterMichael_W1095 0214_PeterMichael_W10950919_PeterMichael_W1095 0920_PeterMichael_W10950245_PeterMichael_W10950286_PeterMichael_W1095 0242_PeterMichael_W1095 0275_PeterMichael_W1095 0244_PeterMichael_W1095 0285_PeterMichael_W10950463_PeterMichael_W1095 0468_PeterMichael_W1095 0475_PeterMichael_W10950543_PeterMichael_W10950561_PeterMichael_W1095 0557_PeterMichael_W10950547_PeterMichael_W10950554_PeterMichael_W10950637_PeterMichael_W10950639_PeterMichael_W10950635_PeterMichael_W10950655_PeterMichael_W10950660_PeterMichael_W10950700_PeterMichael_W10950702_PeterMichael_W10950905_PeterMichael_W10950526_PeterMichael_W10950524_PeterMichael_W10950825_PeterMichael_W10950769_PeterMichael_W10950763_PeterMichael_W10950780_PeterMichael_W10950743_PeterMichael_W10950793_PeterMichael_W10950739_PeterMichael_W10950749_PeterMichael_W10950740_PeterMichael_W10950826_PeterMichael_W10950832_PeterMichael_W10950847_PeterMichael_W10950857_PeterMichael_W10950962_PeterMichael_W1095

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Four Seasons Vail | Photography: Frances Photography | Florals: Vintage Magnolia | Decor/Lighting: Pink Monkey | DJ: Brian Comerford | Linens: Linen Hero| Chiavari Chairs: Charming Chairs

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The Tenth at Vail served as a spectacular backdrop for the stunning wedding of Ali + David. Gorgeous fall florals provided by Statice Floral accompanied the extremely picturesque wedding, and Brinton Studios was at it yet again capturing magnificent images from the memorable day. JA Special Events took care of all event planning and coordination, ensuring that the couple’s vision was executed just as they desired. What a joy and privilege it was to celebrate with you, Ali + David!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: The Tenth on Vail Mountain | Photography: Brinton Studios | Florals & Lighting: Statice Floral | Videography: Lupher Arts | Ceremony Music: Britt Herrington | Band: Thumpin’ via Terri Fisher with Five Star Entertainment | Photo Booth: Ear 2 Ear | Linens: Linen Hero


With the stunning Rocky Mountains as their backdrop, Sarah and Zach said “I Do” at the highly sought after Vail Wedding Deck. Their day was filled with much joy and the views were truly picture perfect. Sarah Barth photographed the beautiful couple and scenery with such skill, and Statice Floral further enhanced it all with their lovely florals and decor. The reception was held at The Lodge at Vail, with their ballroom serving as a wonderful backdrop for their continued celebration. JA Special Events handled all event planning and coordination, ensuring that the bride’s desires were executed with ease and class. What a privilege it was sharing in your beautiful day, Sarah and Zach!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Vail Wedding Deck | Reception: The Lodge at Vail | Photography: Sarah Barth | Floral & Decor: Statice Floral | Cake: Lodge at Vail | Ceremony Music: DTP Productions team | Reception DJ: DJ Digi via DTP Productions

We love seeing Ashley and Mark’s fun-loving Vail wedding at Donovan Pavilion on Colorado Weddings Magazine blog today with some romantic snowy photos by Brinton Studios, a heart-warming mac and cheese bar from Footers Catering, and a cake masterpiece by Mountain Flour.  Check out all the fun details and the complete vendor team in the feature:

A Spring Wedding in Vail

Ashley blog

Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0002_lowAly & Kyle met in high school and have been together ever since.  They are genuine, fun-loving, true soulmates with a graceful style that fits the elevated mountain vibe at Larkspur, Vail.  Their beautiful dog, Myla, the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the natural touches of understated elegance, and the milk & cookies on their dessert bar are just a few of the sweet details that made this weekend special and a true pleasure to be part of.  From the ceremony arch constructed by the father of the bride to the high school yearbook that served as a guest book, we loved all the personal and special touches throughout the day.  We’re always excited to work with Brinton Studios and to share the photos they capture so perfectly.  Perfect Petal brought the bride’s vision to life and the florals and design were fabulous.  Congratulations, Aly & Kyle!


Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0008_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0009_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0012_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0019_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0010_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0028_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0033_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0034_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0043_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0044_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0046_lowLamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0075_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0055_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0069_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0073_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0121_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0125_lowLamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0076_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0077_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0087_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0098_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0103_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0137_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0110_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0116_low   Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0123_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0129_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0124_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0127_low   Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0132_lowLamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0142_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0149_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0135_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0138_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0147_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0151_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0153_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0159_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0161_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0162_low  Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0167_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0166_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0168_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0171_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0178_low Lamb_Lewis_Brinton_Studios_larkspurvailwedding0183_low

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Larkspur, Vail | Photography:  Brinton Studios | Flowers:  Perfect Petal | Lighting:  Elite Production | Ceremony Music:  A Touch of Class | Reception Music:  Soul X Band | Cake & Dessert:  Larkspur | Ceremony Arch & Placecard Door:  Father of the bride


Burlap Events is this sweet new company based in Missouri that Ashley & Mark introduced us to.  Couples choose a flip camera package, receive the cameras via mail the week before the wedding, and start shooting footage.  They and their guests can capture everything from behind the scenes footage to ceremony vows to honeymoon adventures.  The cameras are then sent back to Burlap Events to be edited into both a long and short version of the wedding festivities.  It’s genius!  And fun.

Check out Ashley & Mark’s Vail Mountain Wedding for some great footage and editing results!


Mountain weather can be unpredictable in April but as Vail locals, Ashley and Mark completely embraced the gently falling snow that softened their wedding day.  Brinton Studios beautifully captured the romance of that first dance on the Donovan Pavilion patio surrounded by friends, family, baby’s breath, and shimmering bubbles, the festive bridal party serenade from a green Turtle Bus, the sacred moments of a meaningful ceremony at Vail Chapel, and hand-crafted details like the pretzel ski poles dipped in chocolate by Ashley’s mom, the escort cards displayed in wine corks on wine-box cheeseboards crafted by Mark, and the aspen tree masterpiece cake by Mountain Flour.  A gourmet mac and cheese station from Footers Catering warmed guests up for an evening of fun and dancing.

Ashley and Mark, you are such a beautiful couple, inside and out, and we are so grateful to have been part of your weekend!

  vail-donovan-wedding-003  vail-donovan-wedding-016vail-donovan-wedding-002  vail-donovan-wedding-006 vail-donovan-wedding-017  vail-donovan-wedding-018 vail-donovan-wedding-020-2  vail-donovan-wedding-021vail-donovan-wedding-040  vail-donovan-wedding-024 vail-donovan-wedding-034  vail-donovan-wedding-047 vail-donovan-wedding-001

vail-donovan-wedding-070  vail-donovan-wedding-049-1  vail-donovan-wedding-063 vail-donovan-wedding-064  vail-donovan-wedding-055  vail-donovan-wedding-081vail-donovan-wedding-073vail-donovan-wedding-089 vail-donovan-wedding-074  vail-donovan-wedding-077 vail-donovan-wedding-079 vail-donovan-wedding-084 vail-donovan-wedding-080    vail-donovan-wedding-102  vail-donovan-wedding-088  vail-donovan-wedding-082  vail-donovan-wedding-104  vail-donovan-wedding-126 vail-donovan-wedding-111vail-donovan-wedding-092 vail-donovan-wedding-125

The Creative Team

Event Planning:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  Vail Chapel | Reception Venue:  Donovan Pavilion | Photography:  Brinton Studios | Catering:  Footers Catering | Floral:  Sarah Pounder | DJ:  Ben (friend) | Hair:  Creek | Videography:  Burlap Productions | Cake:  Mountain Flour | Rentals:  Alpine Party Rentals


The moving melody of A Thousand Years played sweetly on a single violin as Brandon, full of anticipation under an aspen chuppah draped in folds of soft white fabric, watched his bride appear over the gentle rise with a backdrop of breathtaking mountain peaks at Vail Wedding Deck.

The natural beauty and captivating elegance of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains inspired Viviana.   “The inspiration behind my day came from the beautiful backdrop of our wedding location. I wanted an elegant and beautiful wedding, mixed with a casual and unstuffy vibe. The mountains spoke to me – beautiful, natural, and elegant.”  Molly from Blair Bennett’s Photography captured the beauty exquisitely.

Her romantic details complimented the majestic peaks and verdant slopes. The soft blush of bridesmaid dresses, the singular elegance of calla lily boutonnieres, and the satin sheen of a flattering Lazaro wedding gown combined in a statement of elevated yet graceful elegance.

After witnessing a meaningful mountaintop ceremony, guests rode the gondola down to enjoy cocktails next to a gurgling creek by the rustling leaves of an aspen grove, while inside willow branches in vases of river rock were adorned with orchid blooms and the soft glow of candles floating over calla lilies from Best Day Floral Design showcased the concept of elegance inspired by natural beauty.

A chic white cake wrapped in ribbons of gold and accented with ruffled white flowers from Cornerstone Chocolates & Confections was displayed on luxurious sequins, a highlight that greeted guests as they entered the airy pavilion featuring high wooden beams and windows framing candlelit teardrop orbs suspended in faux crystals. Guests picked up their delicately scripted escort cards from aspen logs on a bed of moss sprinkled with white orchids. Moss covered numbers hung from willow branch centerpieces, directing guests to their gold chivari seats where an orchid bloom topped each blush-framed menu and satin napkins lined textured gold runners.

The evening continued with a sumptuous dinner from Taste 5 Catering featuring a gourmet dual entrée, and the wildly popular ice cream sundae bar. One of Viviana’s favorite moments happened on the dance floor. She recalls, “It is so hard to pinpoint my favorite part of the weekend and/or wedding day! There are so many to choose from as there were so many magical times! I will say that I loved seeing all of my favorite people in the whole world together to celebrate such an important time in our lives. There was a moment I remember at the wedding reception when I looked around the dance floor and saw my gorgeous new husband dancing. Behind him were his family and friends, as well as my family and friends, all commingled and having a great time! It was so special physically seeing the coming together of two families.”

Guests wrote notes and bits of advice on wooden hearts which Brandon & Viviana keep in a cute box as their guestbook. When asked what advice she would give to future brides, Viviana replied, “This is really going to sound absolutely cliché, but I would say to enjoy the wedding planning process as much as possible. I really enjoyed planning every detail of my wedding, and all the festivities leading up to the wedding – the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, etc., etc.! Its such an exciting time and it goes by so fast. I would urge brides to enjoy every second and savor the memories!”

Loshak_0002_ZEN  Loshak_0004_ZEN Loshak_0005_ZEN  Loshak_0006_ZEN Loshak_0011_ZEN  Loshak_0018_ZENLoshak_0087_ZEN   Loshak_0108_ZENLoshak_0094_ZEN  Loshak_0155_ZENLoshak_0020_ZEN  Loshak_0179_ZEN Loshak_0037_ZEN  Loshak_0042_ZENLoshak_0038_ZEN  Loshak_0039_ZENLoshak_0045_ZEN  Loshak_0062_ZEN Loshak_0080_ZEN-2  Loshak_0119_ZEN   Loshak_0190_ZENLoshak_0253_ZEN Loshak_0231_ZEN  Loshak_0264_ZEN  Loshak_0303_ZEN Loshak_0340_ZEN Loshak_0341_ZEN  Loshak_0373_ZEN  Loshak_0352_ZEN  Loshak_0354_ZEN Loshak_0368_ZEN  Loshak_0370_ZEN  Loshak_0375_ZEN  Loshak_0382_ZEN Loshak_0393_ZEN  Loshak_0407_ZENLoshak_0344_ZEN Loshak_0435_ZENLoshak_0464_ZEN  Loshak_0451_ZEN  Loshak_0447_ZENLoshak_0439_ZEN  Loshak_0476_ZEN  Loshak_0531_ZEN Loshak_0540_ZEN  Loshak_0546_ZEN  Loshak_0576_ZENLoshak_0607_ZENLoshak_0674_ZENLoshak_0679_ZENLoshak_0555_ZEN Loshak_0557_ZEN  Loshak_0738_ZENLoshak_0583_ZEN Loshak_0732_ZEN Loshak_0734_ZEN  Loshak_0736_ZEN  Loshak_0785_ZEN  Loshak_0731_ZENLoshak_0699_ZEN-2  Loshak_0702_ZEN-3Loshak_0686_ZENLoshak_0552_ZEN  Loshak_0784_ZENLoshak_0737_ZEN  Loshak_0820_ZENLoshak_0799_ZEN

The Creative Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  Vail Wedding Deck | Reception Venue:  Donovan Pavilion | Photography:  Blair Bennett’s Photography | Catering:  Taste 5 Catering | Cake:  Cornerstone Chocolates & Confections | Flowers:  Best Day Floral | Officiant:  Rabbi Ted Stainman | Ceremony Music:  Wedding Strings, Peggy Fasing | DJ & Uplights:  Quality Mobile Sound | Cinematography:  Cinematique Films | Chair Rentals:  Alpine Party Rentals | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Hair:  Holly Maxwell | Makeup:  Michele McKamie & Shannon Corbin

Check out the lovely footage from Cinamatique Films!