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What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

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What a privilege it is to share some of our favorite images of 2016-what a remarkable year it has been! We are blessed to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do all thanks to you!

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Heather & Jared’s wedding celebration was an idyllic weekend in Beaver Creek that kicked off with rehearsal dinner at CBar at the resort’s base.  Afternoon showers on the wedding day cleared just in time for Jake, the couple’s handsome dog, to perform his ring bearer duties in style as guests from across the country and even Japan witnessed an exchange of vows with verdant slopes in the background and the relaxing rush of a river just over the stone ledge.  Flowers in a profusion of color inspired by summer wildflowers were arranged by Statice Floral in weathered wooden boxes, bark-wrapped containers, and glass vases and displayed on the dark rich wood of walnut tree slices, sanded and hand-finished by Jared.   A sumptuous dinner served by the excellent team at Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa was followed up with shot ski fun at the bar, a giant Jenga game, and guest appearances in the photobooth from Fabio, Justin Bieber, and Edward Cullen, whose cutouts later found their way to the dance floor made lively by DJ Eric from Elite Entertainment.   A huge thanks to Brinton Studios for their gorgeous images of this thoughtful, smart, good-looking, & entirely enjoyable couple!

 Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding006_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding010_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding002_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding017_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding028_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding022_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding012_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding024_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding032_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding034_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding043_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding029_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding044_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding039_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding073_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding051_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding048_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding050_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding056_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding059_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding054_low   Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding062_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding068_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding103_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding066_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding036_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding096_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding089_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding085_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding070_low     Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding092_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding124_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding093_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding100_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding107_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding108_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding083_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding109_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding105_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding118_low    Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding125_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding134_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding121_low

The Creative Team

Event Planner:  JA Special Events | Venue:  The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, Beaver Creek | Photography & Photobooth:  Brinton Studios | Flowers:  Statice Floral Design | Centerpiece Walnut Slices:  Custom-made by the groom | DJ:  Elite DJ & Entertainment | Officiant:  Rocky Mountain Wedding Services, Matt Raynak | Wedding Gown:  Liancarlo from Little White Dress | Bridesmaid Dresses:  Bella Bridesmaids | Groom’s Suit:  Brooks Brothers | Groom & Groomsmen Ties:  Knotty Tie (Denver-based)



Doug and Lindsay’s Devil’s Thumb Ranch wedding is absolutely full of lush romantic details.  From the watercolor invitations to the peonies and protea in bouquets from Statice Floral, from the guest names etched in caligraphy on leaves to the well-wishes tree, and from the personalized leather trays to the bottles of wildflower seeds on a bed of moss, the thoughtful touches are inspiring to behold thru the lens of Frances Photography.  And with Homeslice Band in the house, the night was as full of fun as it was of beauty & love!

0744_LindsayDoug_W0855 0743_LindsayDoug_W08550031_LindsayDoug_W0855 0087_LindsayDoug_W08550094_LindsayDoug_W0855 0097_LindsayDoug_W0855 0084_LindsayDoug_W0855 0109_LindsayDoug_W0855 0085_LindsayDoug_W0855 0112_LindsayDoug_W0855 0119_LindsayDoug_W0855 0226_LindsayDoug_W08550249_LindsayDoug_W0855 0179_LindsayDoug_W0855      0271_LindsayDoug_W0855 0181_LindsayDoug_W0855    0296_LindsayDoug_W0855T0753_LindsayDoug_W0855 0539_LindsayDoug_W0855 0864_LindsayDoug_W08550759_LindsayDoug_W0855 0762_LindsayDoug_W08550758_LindsayDoug_W0855 0765_LindsayDoug_W0855  0615_LindsayDoug_W0855 0740_LindsayDoug_W0855  0658_LindsayDoug_W0855 0661_LindsayDoug_W0855  0778_LindsayDoug_W0855 0628_LindsayDoug_W0855 0748_LindsayDoug_W0855 0750_LindsayDoug_W0855 0751_LindsayDoug_W0855  0754_LindsayDoug_W0855 0755_LindsayDoug_W0855  0764_LindsayDoug_W0855 0776_LindsayDoug_W0855     0785_LindsayDoug_W0855 0786_LindsayDoug_W0855 0788_LindsayDoug_W0855 0789_LindsayDoug_W0855   0803_LindsayDoug_W0855 0804_LindsayDoug_W0855 0811_LindsayDoug_W0855 0772_LindsayDoug_W08550814_LindsayDoug_W0855 0799_LindsayDoug_W0855   0828_LindsayDoug_W0855 0830_LindsayDoug_W0855 0802_LindsayDoug_W0855 0831_LindsayDoug_W0855 0836_LindsayDoug_W0855 0827_LindsayDoug_W08550825_LindsayDoug_W08551353_LindsayDoug_W08550842_LindsayDoug_W0855 0848_LindsayDoug_W0855 0850_LindsayDoug_W0855 0863_LindsayDoug_W08550858_LindsayDoug_W0855 0868_LindsayDoug_W0855   0866_LindsayDoug_W0855 0867_LindsayDoug_W0855  1110_LindsayDoug_W0855 0865_LindsayDoug_W08551312_LindsayDoug_W0855 1315_LindsayDoug_W0855 0287_LindsayDoug_W08550288_LindsayDoug_W08550291_LindsayDoug_W08550289_LindsayDoug_W0855

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Design:  Jessica, JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Frances Photography | Florals & Decor:  Statice Floral | Band:  Homeslice | Blanket Rentals:  Splendor for Your Guests | Officiant:  Sheila Malcolm | Lighting & Additional Decor:  Elite DJ & Production | Hair:  Loni, Side Door Salon | Makeup:  Brianna, Simply Moore | Transportation for rehearsal dinner:  First Transit, Colorado Tour Transportation, & DTR

Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-003  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-004

Baby’s breath and burlap are a sweet combination for any ranch wedding, especially this sweet celebration at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  Ashley and Brian added fun to the mix with chalkboard tabletop signs like “I solemnly swear to protect you from spiders as long as we both shall live” and “I don’t get drunk, I get awesome”.   We love the details captured by Brinton Studios and so did Borrowed & Blue, who recently published this pretty wedding:  Ashley & Brian at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-010  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-015 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-013  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-017  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-002  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-070 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-022  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-072

Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-041  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-035Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-030  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-094 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-032 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-034  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-026 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-037   Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-042 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-044  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-050 Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-049   Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-077  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-087    Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-084  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-085   Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-101  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-091Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-092  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-097   Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-100  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-093  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-115Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-116  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-120  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-102  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-106Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-064  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-098Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-069  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-038   Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-109  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-119Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-127  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-114  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-122  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-055Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-051  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-059  Devils-thumb-ranch-march-wedding-129

The Creative Team

Event Planning:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography & Photobooth:  Brinton Studios | DJ:  Elite DJ

The Knot Ten Mile Station

Jessica & Phil’s wedding is the perfect combination of gorgeous and fun and we’re thrilled to see it featured on The Knot Real Weddings this week!  Loads of stylish details were inspired by the bride and brought to life with the help of Statice Floral at Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge where Brinton Studios worked their magic through the camera lens.

Check it out here:  A Rustic Canary Yellow Wedding at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge, Colorado

Anna and Corey are a fun and adventurous couple whose itinerary includes Broncos tailgate parties, growing their own salsa ingredients, and llama racing in poodle skirts.  They also love exploring mountainous back roads together so when it came time to get married, the pair invited friends and family to a weekend of fly fishing, kayaking, fall hiking, and celebratory drinking at a local mountain brewery as a prelude to their Silverthorne Pavilion wedding.  As another thoughtful gesture to their guests, Anna and Corey had their officiant announce the Broncos home game half-time score (confirmed by the groomsmen watching second quarter action on an iPhone) before the ceremony began.

Anna, a design professional with seasoned catering experience, styled her day using natural elements with a modern twist.  Stunning green bouquets of roses, hydrangea, dianthus, and berries from Garden of Eden featured a fascinating pop of color and texture against the sophisticated charcoal palette.  Forest twigs emerged from river rock around floating candles, outlining the sweet ceremony framed by an aspen arch and backlit in emerald like the evening sun filtering through a canopy of evergreens.  Between games of corn-hole during cocktail hour, guests dropped river rock well-wishes into a decorative wicker vase and deposited cards in a vintage-styled letter box.

Fern green chargers wrapped in charcoal napkins displayed sumptuous menus featuring a colorful fall salad topped in berries and pecans precluding a hearty dual entrée of Grilled Chicken in Creamed Leek Sauce and Bistro Steak Medallions with Gorgonzola Crumbles, served in style by Front Range Catering.  Crème Brulee, Chocolate Molten Cakes, and Fruit Tartelettes adorned a woodsy candlelit dessert table accented with wicker balls and river rock.  The lovely details of this fun day were captured in timeless style by the talented Allee Photography.

Thank you, Anna & Corey, for choosing us to coordinate your day.  What an honor and what an entirely enjoyable weekend!  We wish you many Broncos wins, flourishing crops of tomatoes and peppers, and llama racing successes in the adventure of marriage ahead!

      Droll Stanley wedding 







Happy moment, Allee Photography  




The Creative Team

Day-of Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Silverthorne Pavilion | Photography:  Allee Photography | Catering & Desserts:  Front Range Catering | Bar:  All Seasons Catering | Flowers:  Garden of Eden | DJ:  A Music Plus | Rentals & Wedding Arch:  Colorado Party Rentals | Bridal Gown:  Moonlight Bridal from The Green Bride

From the day Phil asked if he and his groomsmen could fly into the ceremony on a helicopter, we knew this would be a fun wedding.  Elements of surprise and humor throughout the day kept guests memorably entertained and perfectly reflected Phil and Kristy’s fun-loving endearing uniqueness.  A light snowfall on the fall-inspired day was just the first pleasant twist in this Devil’s Thumb Ranch wedding.  We were so fortunate to work with the well-traveled Jac & Heath Photography.  Their exquisite photos below show the grace and laughter of an incredible day.  Be sure to check out the video from All Digital Studios, too: Kristy & Phil at Devil’s Thumb Ranch


Proposal story from the Groom (who is, incidentally, a pilot):

I told Kristy we were going for a picnic in La Jolla and we showed up at the airport in front of the helicopter place. We had a pilot fly us all over San Diego County and I had it planned with the pilot to land at Torrey Pines Glider Port which is a take-off and landing area for paragliders and hang gliders. It is rare to find a spot to land on the coast but for a small fee we were able to land there. We had all our picnic stuff with us so after we landed we went and sat at a table on this nice grassy knoll on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We had some wine, cheese, figs, etc, and after a few minutes we got up to take a selfie.  Once the picture was taken, I said a few words, got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me.

Then we got back in the chopper and flew around and finished the tour de San Diego from the air.  Afterwards, we celebrated with dinner and drinks at our favorite restaurant in San Diego called Cucina Urbana.





Their ceremony “flight plan” changed to a surfboard entrance (Phil on a surfboard carried by groomsmen, reminiscent of California where the pair lives) but as surfboards are rare in the Colorado mountains, and since snow was forecasted for the late October day, the plan changed once more, a day before the wedding.



In fact, Phil’s entrance was perfectly normal as he walked into the civil war era barn ceremony.  Groomsmen in orange striped bowties sporting boutonnieres of yellow billy balls and red berries stood opposite bridesmaids in ruffled orange & white polka dot dresses, brown leather boots, and autumn colored bouquets.   One of the groomsmen grabbed a guitar and a friend stood up to sing in clear melodic tones while massive barn doors were pulled back to reveal a breathtaking Rocky Mountain vista.  Kristy walked the barn aisle in her stunning lace dress and shiny orange toe peep wedges.  A black lab in bowtie watched ceremony and scenery next to Phil.


Phil and Kristy were pronounced husband and wife.  They kissed.  They turned to face their guests.  And then they turned around and mysteriously walked out the barn doors instead of down the aisle.  Puzzled looks turned to laughter as Phil pedaled Kristy by the barn doors on a tandem bicycle.  They made a turn and came back to ride down the aisle in a most memorable exit, one of the highlights of their wedding weekend.






The fun continued with homemade baklava favors, the Harlem shake in a horse mask, and dancing on a snowy deck draped in market lights.  And laughter.  Lots of laughter.


Kristy & Phil, congratulations.  Thank you for making the planning process so fun, for being unique in your wedding celebration, and for your generous offer of an airplane ride to the beach.  Or am I confusing that last part with our offer of a glass of wine when you’re in town…whatever the scenario, we look forward to laughing with you both again soon!

The Vendor Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Jac & Heath Photography | Flowers:  Fleur de Liz | DJ:  Elite DJ | Videography:  All Digital Studios | Photobooth:  Ear2Ear Photobooths

The wedding video from All Digital Studios:  Kristy & Phil at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Phil & Kristy’s wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!  Check it out:  Rustic Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding


While weathered window frames, wine barrels, and white roses converge with burlap banners, cowgirl boots, and chandeliers in a symphony of rustic elegant details at Amanda and John’s Crooked Willow wedding, it’s really the yellow billy balls, the colored cacophony of groomsmen’s socks, and the pie pops propped in moss, that evoke the true exuberant personality of the day.  Huge props to Bros Photo who creatively captured a range of emotion and detail, true to their homepage description:

“You are Unique.  Your Wedding will be Unique.  We’re here to make lasting moments that will never happen again.”



Love this series of photos!  Not only does it showcase the gorgeous hairdos by Janelle Gallegos, it reveals Amanda’s (aka Mrs. Always Right) great sense of humor.




Statice Floral used hydrangeas, roses, and dusty miller with a bright pop of yellow billy balls on these fun yet elegant bouquets.  Amanda’s bouquet wrapped in lace and secured with pearl pins compliments her stunning dress while the bridesmaid bouquets wrapped in burlap add just the right amount of rustic to their lace-edged, cowgirl boot accessorized tiffany blue dresses.


If you like John’s socks, you should really check out his ring…

a wedding by   a wedding by

a wedding by a wedding by a wedding by



        a wedding by  a wedding by  a wedding by a wedding by

Bros Photo describes their style as portrait journalism “with a touch of artistic fashion and fun”.  We dig it!  Especially the generational wedding rings.   And the parent wedding pics in hand.  And the wedding party in the window of a kiss.  And the flower girl and ring bearer holding a frame.  And…well, you get the idea…


a wedding by      

Check out these mason jar glasses with little chalkboard stickers showing each person’s name and tagged with their table number.  Great multi-purposed environmentally savvy pieces!

  a wedding by

a wedding by   a wedding by  

i-hjfBTP8-S[1]   a wedding by   a wedding by                     a wedding by   a wedding by  a wedding by brosphoto.coma wedding by   a wedding by

Burlap pinwheels, log stumps, and a plethora of pies make this rustic dessert table an attraction between dances in Lola’s Loft, neighboring barn to the reception space.  Mini pies under a Mr. & Mrs. banner are a cute stand-in for the cake cutting ceremony.

a wedding by   a wedding by   a wedding by brosphoto.comi-VPsRZhs-S[1]

Amanda & John, in the words of Bros Photo, you made “lasting moments that will never happen again” and we are still laughing at the memories.  With your fun-loving personalities, we’re pretty sure there will be many unrepeatable moments of hilarity interspersed with stylish romance in your marriage and that inspires us and keeps us smiling.  Thank you for letting us be part of your celebration and we wish you the very best!

         a wedding by

The Creative Vendor Team:

Day-Of Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Crooked Willow Farms | Photography:  Bros Photo Wedding Photography | Flowers:  Statice Floral | Catering:  Buffalo Gals | Rentals:  Event Rents | Desserts:  The Little Pastry Chef | Music:  A Music Plus | Hair:  Janelle Gallegos | Officiate:  Paul Roper (father of the groom)