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What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

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0838When Heather and Brian started planning their wedding from New York, they envisioned a mountain destination where guests would gather for the weekend, revel in beautiful surroundings, laugh and relax together, and celebrate in style. Heather’s thoughtful attention to detail paired with Brian’s natural hospitality brought that vision to life in Beaver Creek where guests were welcomed with gift bags full of the couples’ favorites—Cape Cod chips, bakery fresh cookies, personalized Minnesota drink koozies, colorful striped socks for the dance floor, and s’mores kits for evenings by the mountainside fire pit at Park Hyatt.

A wax seal stamped with Heather & Brian’s custom crest adorned ceremony programs held by friends and family on the slopeside deck of Allie’s Cabin where Heather’s father officiated the beautiful nuptials. Scarlett, the couple’s adorable dog, acted as flower girl with the help of a few treats and some gentle coaxing down the aisle.

Inside the cabin, tall arrangements of orchids, roses, and calla lilies from Pink Posey Design elevated the elegance of the room while table runners of greenery accented with flowers complimented the natural setting. The team at Allie’s cabin were top notch in service and food, an absolute pleasure to work with. Matt with Elite DJ not only brought the party to life, he invited (by special arrangement) Brian to dance with Heather’s grandmother, the first dance in her life and a touching experience to witness.  David Lynn Photography captured the day in their soulful style and the photos couldn’t be more poignant as they recount a weekend of special moments and thoughtful touches, a weekend we were truly honored to be part of.

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Allie’s Cabin | Photography:  David Lynn Photography | Floral Design:  Pink Posey Design | DJ:  Elite DJ | Ceremony Music:  Songs from the Heart | Cake:  Elegant Bakery | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Lodging:  Park Hyatt | Rehearsal Dinner:  Metropolitan | Brunch:  CBar | Hair:  Hair Artistry by Hilary | Makeup:  Pink Lashes

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Liz and Pat are two of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of working with; thoughtful, funny, and totally into each other. The pair met at a Denver Zoo event so we loved their idea to use animals as escort cards. To glam up the look, they painted the animals gold, mounted them on little wooden stands, and personally wrote each guest’s name on a corresponding animal. The golden animals beautifully complimented exquisite tables adorned with lush centerpieces, candles, mercury glass, and gold-script table numbers from Statice Floral Design, and gold chargers from Allwell Rents. Centerpiece styles varied from tall full arrangements to flower-wreathed lanterns to lower vintage-style vessels bursting with hydrangea, dahlias, and astilbe throughout the room at Mile High Station, creating lovely visual texture in an historic foundry with exposed brick walls and industrial ibeams.

Strands of market lighting from Elite DJ & Production added a festive romantic touch over the dance floor while an inflatable giraffe, funky sunglasses, and blinking rings kept the dancing lively below. A dessert bar loaded with delicious homemade cookies (from the bride’s mom and groom’s mom) was complimented by the Sweet Cow Ice Cream Truck, a huge hit with guests. From a very meaningful ceremony at St. John Francis Chapel, Regis University to the Model A getaway car to the hearty dinner from Relish Catering to the last hand-baked cookie, this wedding was a series of stylish thoughtful experiences celebrating one adored couple. We were so honored to be part of it and we’re thrilled that Daylene Wilson was there to capture the day so beautifully!

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  St. John Francis Chapel, Regis University | Reception Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Daylene Wilson Photography | Bouquets & Boutonnieres:  Elissa (bride’s aunt) | Centerpieces:  Statice Floral Design | Catering:  Relish | DJ & Lighting:  Elite DJ & Production |  Escort Animals:  Bride | Ceremony Music:  Dr. Andy Lee | Officiant:  Father Escandon | Ice Cream Truck:  Sweet Cow Ice Cream | Cookies:  Diane & Kathy (mothers of the bride & groom) | Linens & Rentals:  Allwell Rents | Hair:  En Vogue Salon | Makeup:  Shanelle

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Lauren & Devin were married in mid-September as aspen trees were turning golden in the Rocky Mountains and the fall air was crisp enough for a crackling fire during cocktail hour but pleasant enough for an outdoor ceremony under the wooden pergola outside High Lonesome Barn at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

Daylene Wilson Photography captured the early part of the day with Devin and the guys casting their fly fishing lines in hopes of landing trout and later with Lauren and her girls getting ready.   The stone archways and wrought iron doors of the ranch’s wine grotto were an exquisite setting for Lauren as her bridesmaids assisted her into a gorgeous gown from The Bridal Collection.

Majestic peaks, an aisle lined with flower-adorned lanterns, and an elegant swag of fabric trimmed in eucalyptus garland gave guests plenty to admire, even before the dapper suited Devin watched his lovely bride walk down the aisle to say “I do”.

Escort cards creatively displayed in succulents growing from mercury glass containers, directed friends and family to table names hand-painted on weathered barnwood signs.  Inside the reception barn, market lights added a festive twinkle while textured linens from Chair Covers & Linens warmed the room in soft golden hues.  Table centerpieces from Statice Floral Design were a playful floral mix of pinks, peaches, and orange, artfully displayed in a variety of styles throughout the room including terrariums on tree slices, eclectic lantern collections, manzanita trees with candles, and barnwood boxes.

That 80’s Band, as always, kept the crowd entertained from a bridal party entrance complete with wild wigs, colored hats, and sunglasses to the end of a very full and satisfying evening on the dance floor.

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch, High Lonesome Barn | Photography:  Daylene Wilson Photography | Floral:  Statice Floral Design | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens via JA Special Events | Lighting & Drape:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Catering, Cake, & Desserts:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Band:  That 80’s Band | Wedding Dress:  The Bridal Collection | Ceremony Music:  Strings Ensemble, Masterful Musicians | Officiant:  Greg Hydle (friend)


From the first meeting with Chelsie & Mike, we loved their style.  It wasn’t just the way Chelsie described her vision of a “classy romantic garden party with lots of candles” or the couple’s appreciation of really good food, or the sweet way Mike smiled at his fiance and encouraged her enthusiasm.  These endearing qualities came with a spark of spunk that elevated the elegant soiree, adding creative moments that delighted guests throughout the evening.   A huge thanks to one of our favorite photographers, Casey from Two-One Photography, both for sharing the beautiful images and for always being fun to work with!

Pedicabs whisked guests thru the verdant grounds of Hudson Gardens, past an idyllic pond to the sweeping grace of a grand willow tree.  Chelsea looked stunning as her dress brushed white rose petals and flickering candles down the aisle to join the handsomely dressed Mike under an arch draped in white fabric accented with mounds of hydrangea from Pink Posey Design.  Mike’s mom, Doris, officiated the wedding in her traditional South African attire.  Libations to the four directions of the earth, a unity drink ceremony, and “jumping the broom” made for a riveting exchange of vows.

RSVP cards asked for dessert flavor selection rather than the traditional list of entree choices and as the evening light faded around cocktail tables and swank white couches on the lawn, guests found their dessert of choice, a neatly packaged bundt cake (from Nothing Bundt Cakes) topped in a personalized golden aspen leaf (designed by Platypus Papers) at each place setting.

Over a hundred candles flickered and floated in the tented reception under ceiling strands of market lights from Elite Production.  More delicate lights shone softly behind a sheer layer of tulle as they glistened against a wall of glittering gold drape, the gorgeous backdrop to Chelsea & Mike’s head table.   On the dance floor side of the room, Mike & Chelsea kicked off dinner with a first dance inspired by Ed Shearan’s music video that showed off weeks of practice, choreography, and a hint of Chelsea’s competitive dance skills. And a stunning reception gown.

Around the room, stations of sushi in mini cones, colorful rolls, and savory dishes, a tenderloin carving table, and a gourmet mac and cheese bar from Footers Catering fully met the foodie expectations and a gold curtained photobooth from Two One Photography kept guests entertained between dancing and bundt cake revelry until midnight.

This was truly a stylish soiree, elevated by meaningful creative touches and truly a wedding we were delighted to be part of!

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Hudson Gardens | Photography & Photobooth:  Two One Photography | Catering:  Footers Catering | Flowers & Decor:  Pink Posey Design | Lighting Design & Gold Drape:  Elite Production | Rentals:  Event Rents | Bundt Cakes:  Nothing Bundt Cakes | Video:  Burlap Productions | Officiant:  Groom’s mother


Sarah & Dan’s summer wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch was an absolutely beautiful celebration.  From the exquisite Paper Guppy invitations to the eucalyptus garlands accented with peach garden roses from Statice Floral Design to the orbital chandeliers dripping in amaranthus, the vibe was natural mountain elegance and it perfectly complimented the High Lonesome Barn venue.  Sarah was stunning in her Augusta Jones lace gown from Anna Be Bridal Boutique and shimmering Jimmy Choo heels.  Kelli Lynn Photography captured such lovely images of Dan & Sarah and all of their pretty details that we were thrilled to see the wedding featured earlier this summer on Style Me Pretty!

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue, Catering, & Dessert:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photographer:  Kelli Lyn Photography | Videography:  Carl Grandinetti (family friend) | Flowers & Decor:  Statice Floral Design | Linens:  Linen Hero via JA Special Events | Band:  Raising Cain | Hair & Makeup:  Belle Shea Salon | Officiant:  Richard “Dick” DeLuce (grandfather of the bride) | Printed Items:  The Paper Guppy | Bride’s Dress:  Augusta Jones from Anna Be Bridal Boutique

Also check out this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty:  Romantic Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding

And on Couture Colorado Weddings:  Elegant Colorado Mountain Wedding


Intelligent, creative, and fun-loving, Adrienne and Scott have the kind of smiles that light up a room and inspire people to stick around and revel in the happiness.  The fabric of their lives is full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, adventure, and lots of laughter.  These qualities naturally produced a bridal party of twelve, over two hundred wedding guests, touching toasts, and a packed dance floor all night at Mile High Station in Denver.  Kelly Lemon Photography did a superb job of capturing the details, the joy, and the epic hora (with music from the fantastic Deja Blu Band).  We’re thrilled to share her photos on our blog!

Adrienne’s color palette was inspired by her love of champagne.  From the lightest blush of a sparkling Rosé in floral accents to the metallic tones of bridesmaid dresses to the silver streaked sheer overlays, the colors complimented a Colorado urban chic vibe.  An aspen chuppah from Statice Floral Design adorned with streams of white ribbon framed the couple’s traditional Jewish ceremony in a turn-of-the-century steel & ironworks building.  Exposed brick, wrought iron, and striking Edison bulb chandeliers lent a definite industrial vibe to the historic space.

We worked with Adrienne and Statice Floral to create a variety of centerpiece styles to soften the space.  Tall centerpieces with curly willow branches extending from white hydrangea, sprays of white orchids, and accents of dusty miller complimented the high ceilings and drew the eye up.  Trios of ivory pillar candles clustered with smaller floral arrangements in silver vases warmed the room with their glow.  And lower arrangements in rustic wooden boxes were a nod to the beloved Colorado outdoors.

Guests found their escort cards attached to vintage style metal keys, carefully pinned to a sparkling champagne-inspired metallic backdrop.  Ceremony programs were also designed by Adrienne and her mom.  The various layers were hand-tied together and included a personalized mad libs page, an entertaining guestbook substitute that guests enjoyed filling out throughout the evening.

You know it’s a good wedding when the hora (a traditional Jewish dance where all guests encircle the newlyweds as they are lifted up on chairs together during the dance) is so wildly enjoyed that one of the guests has to go to the ER for a possible sprained ankle afterwards.  You know it’s a really good wedding when the injured party delays his departure until toasts are over and returns as soon as he can to join the end of the party.  Adrienne and Scott’s wedding was one of those—a really good wedding, full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, a bit of adventure, a lot of laughter, and those two smiles that lit up the room all night.

kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-7 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-11 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-15 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-14 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-13 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-5kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-2 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-9 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-28 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-47 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-33  kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-253 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-256 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-260 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-261kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-175 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-166kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-45 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-51kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-274 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-278 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-285

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kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-443 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-789kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-162 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-163

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Kelly Lemon Photography | Flowers:  Statice Floral Design | Catering & Desserts:  Relish Catering | Band:  Deja Blu | Cake:  Kelley Kakes | Linens:  Linen Hero | Uplights:  Allwell Rents | Drape:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Cantor:  Martin Goldstein | Hair & Makeup:  Hair & Makeup In Motion | Lodging & Rehearsal Dinner:  The Curtis Hotel

Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty006_lowMolly and Jeff are such a sweet couple and their wedding day details reflected this in the soft romantic bouquet hues of roses, astilbe, & dusty miller (from the talented Bella Lu Floral), the delicate swoop of Molly’s lace gown, and the elegant golden script of table numbers.  Surrounded by a fun-loving crowd on an epic Colorado ranch (Devil’s Thumb Ranch), this celebration was beautifully captured by Brinton Studios (who also provided the popular photobooth) and DJ’d by one of our favorites, Jay Kacik of Standing Room Only.

Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty005_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty008_low   Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty022_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty015_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty014_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty017_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty009_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty021_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty096_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty035_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty089_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty018_low   Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty001_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty002_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty091_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty056_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty025_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty024_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty026_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty051_low  Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty029_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty030_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty031_low  Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty039_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty028_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty048_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty063_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty046_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty067_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty074_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty078_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty079_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty125_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty084_low      Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty104_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty105_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty101_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty095_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty098_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty123_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty113_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty119_low   Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty116_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty117_low  Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty112_low  Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty118_lowMedina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty124_low  Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty128_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty130_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty137_low Medina_Ocampo_Brinton_Studios_dtrweddingbeauty140_low

The Creative Team

Event Plannng & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography & Photobooth:  Brinton Studios | Floral:  Bella Lu Floral | Chair Covers:  Linen Hero | Cake:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch | DJ:  Standing Room Only, Jay Kacik


Nicky & Karl brought their easy-going fun spirits and their magnificent grand style to Devil’s Thumb Ranch for an entirely memorable July celebration.  From Nicky’s fabulous feather accented dress, playful sunflower bouquet, and golden aisle of rose petals to the post-ceremony horse-drawn wagon ride after an unexpected downpour (yes, that’s Jessica holding an umbrella over the proceedings!), to the lavish arrangements of purple orchids, roses, and calla lilies spotlighted under luxurious folds of soft drape and glittering chandeliers in High Lonesome Barn, the exquisite moments were captured in all their loveliness by the uber-talented Frances Photography.  Designing this soiree with elements of rustic summer ranch that flowed into luxurious elegance was an absolute pleasure with Nicky, her sweet mom Peggy, and the creative resourcefulness of Michelle from Design Works.  Some great music from Elite DJ & Entertainment made the party complete!

     0029_NickyKarl_W0880  0186_NickyKarl_W0880

0548_NickyKarl_W08800629_NickyKarl_W0880 0572_NickyKarl_W0880 0642_NickyKarl_W0880 0175_NickyKarl_W0880 0668_NickyKarl_W0880 0750_NickyKarl_W0880 0754_NickyKarl_W0880  0967_NickyKarl_W08800225_NickyKarl_W0880 0514_NickyKarl_W0880 1365_NickyKarl_W0880 1266_NickyKarl_W0880  3859_NickyKarl_W0880 1026_NickyKarl_W0880 1649_NickyKarl_W08801805_NickyKarl_W0880 1882_NickyKarl_W0880 1914_NickyKarl_W0880 1849_NickyKarl_W0880 1993_NickyKarl_W0880 2112_NickyKarl_W0880 2139_NickyKarl_W08802230_NickyKarl_W0880    2374_NickyKarl_W0880  2383_NickyKarl_W08802528_NickyKarl_W0880 2662_NickyKarl_W08802801_NickyKarl_W08802698_NickyKarl_W08802479_NickyKarl_W0880 2671_NickyKarl_W0880 2702_NickyKarl_W08803245_NickyKarl_W0880 3805_NickyKarl_W08802989_NickyKarl_W08803056_NickyKarl_W0880 1342_NickyKarl_W0880 1475_NickyKarl_W08803044_NickyKarl_W0880 3049_NickyKarl_W08801361_NickyKarl_W0880 1363_NickyKarl_W0880    1420_NickyKarl_W0880 1424_NickyKarl_W0880 1426_NickyKarl_W0880 1321_NickyKarl_W08801379_NickyKarl_W0880 3052_NickyKarl_W0880  3082_NickyKarl_W0880 3086_NickyKarl_W0880 3168_NickyKarl_W0880 3199_NickyKarl_W0880 3398_NickyKarl_W08803381_NickyKarl_W0880 3386_NickyKarl_W0880 3396_NickyKarl_W0880  3448_NickyKarl_W08803826_NickyKarl_W0880 4065_NickyKarl_W0880     4610_NickyKarl_W0880 4617_NickyKarl_W0880 3796_NickyKarl_W08803779_NickyKarl_W0880

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Frances Photography | Flowers, Decor, Lighting, Drape, & Linens:  Design Works | DJ:  Elite Entertainment | Escort Cards:  Melissa Clarke Designs | Cake:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch | S’mores favors:  JA Special Events