What a joy it was celebrating Ella’s Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel and Mile High Station. Every little detail was executed perfectly by JA Special Events and Laura Mahony Photography beautifully captured the celebration. Statice Floral added lovely touches throughout the space and Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food, drinks and dessert. The party went well into the evening thanks to Dancetrax! We are so proud of your accomplishment, Ella, and thanks for letting us share in your day!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Reception: Mile High Station | Photography: Laura Mahony | Centerpieces: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photobooth: Elite Production | Decor & lighting: Elite Production | Rentals: Butler Rents


What a privilege it is to share some of our favorite images of 2016-what a remarkable year it has been! We are blessed to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do all thanks to you!

0215mo-john-wedding-0339373_katianaben_w0980 375_katianaben_w0980sz0190138-carina-john-wedding mo-john-wedding-0784262View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidanat_eran_wedding379img_9223View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahalsobrookceremony-62courtney_jesse_0518sophia_bat_mitzvah_097banne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_315sam_cohen_039-3sam_cohen_056-13peilaceremony-55sz0279View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kayladani_zach_472 dani_zach_507View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidcollinsbridalparty-19-of-117451-katiematt348-katiemattsz0375alsobrookbrideandgroom-33bittingwed0563118_katianaben_w0980peilabrideandgroom-113424-katiemattanne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_103collinsbrideandgroom-22-of-104View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/bethanyanddan567View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvah700anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_423erin_bat_mitzvah_0210818686collinsceremony-14-of-1260217_sophiebatmitzvah_v0969peilareception-30collinsreception-44-of-261View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/whitneyandjoepeilareception-8bittingwed1604View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kaylaView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvah638anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_431503-carina-john-weddingzach-dina-0557mo-john-wedding-0923sam_cohen_235erin_bat_mitzvah_026courtney_jesse_0613anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_434anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_436View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahsz0542mo-john-wedding-0941View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/whitneyandjoe492-carina-john-wedding720511-carina-john-weddingcourtney_jesse_0609collinsreception-46-of-2610840View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahmo-john-wedding-1124View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kaylaView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidalsobrooksp-40

parrishbrideandgroom (90 of 127)

Liz and Pat are two of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of working with; thoughtful, funny, and totally into each other. The pair met at a Denver Zoo event so we loved their idea to use animals as escort cards. To glam up the look, they painted the animals gold, mounted them on little wooden stands, and personally wrote each guest’s name on a corresponding animal. The golden animals beautifully complimented exquisite tables adorned with lush centerpieces, candles, mercury glass, and gold-script table numbers from Statice Floral Design, and gold chargers from Allwell Rents. Centerpiece styles varied from tall full arrangements to flower-wreathed lanterns to lower vintage-style vessels bursting with hydrangea, dahlias, and astilbe throughout the room at Mile High Station, creating lovely visual texture in an historic foundry with exposed brick walls and industrial ibeams.

Strands of market lighting from Elite DJ & Production added a festive romantic touch over the dance floor while an inflatable giraffe, funky sunglasses, and blinking rings kept the dancing lively below. A dessert bar loaded with delicious homemade cookies (from the bride’s mom and groom’s mom) was complimented by the Sweet Cow Ice Cream Truck, a huge hit with guests. From a very meaningful ceremony at St. John Francis Chapel, Regis University to the Model A getaway car to the hearty dinner from Relish Catering to the last hand-baked cookie, this wedding was a series of stylish thoughtful experiences celebrating one adored couple. We were so honored to be part of it and we’re thrilled that Daylene Wilson was there to capture the day so beautifully!

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The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  St. John Francis Chapel, Regis University | Reception Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Daylene Wilson Photography | Bouquets & Boutonnieres:  Elissa (bride’s aunt) | Centerpieces:  Statice Floral Design | Catering:  Relish | DJ & Lighting:  Elite DJ & Production |  Escort Animals:  Bride | Ceremony Music:  Dr. Andy Lee | Officiant:  Father Escandon | Ice Cream Truck:  Sweet Cow Ice Cream | Cookies:  Diane & Kathy (mothers of the bride & groom) | Linens & Rentals:  Allwell Rents | Hair:  En Vogue Salon | Makeup:  Shanelle


Intelligent, creative, and fun-loving, Adrienne and Scott have the kind of smiles that light up a room and inspire people to stick around and revel in the happiness.  The fabric of their lives is full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, adventure, and lots of laughter.  These qualities naturally produced a bridal party of twelve, over two hundred wedding guests, touching toasts, and a packed dance floor all night at Mile High Station in Denver.  Kelly Lemon Photography did a superb job of capturing the details, the joy, and the epic hora (with music from the fantastic Deja Blu Band).  We’re thrilled to share her photos on our blog!

Adrienne’s color palette was inspired by her love of champagne.  From the lightest blush of a sparkling Rosé in floral accents to the metallic tones of bridesmaid dresses to the silver streaked sheer overlays, the colors complimented a Colorado urban chic vibe.  An aspen chuppah from Statice Floral Design adorned with streams of white ribbon framed the couple’s traditional Jewish ceremony in a turn-of-the-century steel & ironworks building.  Exposed brick, wrought iron, and striking Edison bulb chandeliers lent a definite industrial vibe to the historic space.

We worked with Adrienne and Statice Floral to create a variety of centerpiece styles to soften the space.  Tall centerpieces with curly willow branches extending from white hydrangea, sprays of white orchids, and accents of dusty miller complimented the high ceilings and drew the eye up.  Trios of ivory pillar candles clustered with smaller floral arrangements in silver vases warmed the room with their glow.  And lower arrangements in rustic wooden boxes were a nod to the beloved Colorado outdoors.

Guests found their escort cards attached to vintage style metal keys, carefully pinned to a sparkling champagne-inspired metallic backdrop.  Ceremony programs were also designed by Adrienne and her mom.  The various layers were hand-tied together and included a personalized mad libs page, an entertaining guestbook substitute that guests enjoyed filling out throughout the evening.

You know it’s a good wedding when the hora (a traditional Jewish dance where all guests encircle the newlyweds as they are lifted up on chairs together during the dance) is so wildly enjoyed that one of the guests has to go to the ER for a possible sprained ankle afterwards.  You know it’s a really good wedding when the injured party delays his departure until toasts are over and returns as soon as he can to join the end of the party.  Adrienne and Scott’s wedding was one of those—a really good wedding, full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, a bit of adventure, a lot of laughter, and those two smiles that lit up the room all night.

kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-7 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-11 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-15 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-14 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-13 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-5kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-2 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-9 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-28 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-47 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-33  kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-253 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-256 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-260 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-261kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-175 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-166kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-45 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-51kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-274 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-278 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-285

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kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-443 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-789kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-162 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-163

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Kelly Lemon Photography | Flowers:  Statice Floral Design | Catering & Desserts:  Relish Catering | Band:  Deja Blu | Cake:  Kelley Kakes | Linens:  Linen Hero | Uplights:  Allwell Rents | Drape:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Cantor:  Martin Goldstein | Hair & Makeup:  Hair & Makeup In Motion | Lodging & Rehearsal Dinner:  The Curtis Hotel


Tory and Vinnie’s wedding featured some of Denver’s favorite urban spaces.  From getting ready at the hip & luxurious Four Seasons (where else can you get emergency trouser repair in less than an hour?), to a touching wedding ceremony under the elegant pillars of Cheesman Park, to an industrial chic reception at Mile High Station, Brinton Studios captured the stylish day in in beautiful detail.  And the details were impressive!

Tory and her mom, Klea, owner of Jones Design Group, created an industrial chic design that perfectly complimented Mile High Station, formerly the Midwest Steel & Ironworks Building.  Exposed brick and I-beam elements inspired custom-welded steel vases, metallic rocks displaying table numbers, gold chargers, gilded manzanita branches, and golden animal place card holders (hand-slitted by Tory & Vinnie).  Statice Floral softened the look with clouds of white hydrangea and candles of varying height.  Beautiful script on framed mirrors pointed guests to cocktail hour and later to their reception tables.  Jones soda bottles (in honor of Tory Jones) and Pacifico beer bottles (in honor of Vinnie Pacifico) were crafted into candle holders for cocktail tables and fun food stations filled by the creative Footers CateringVooDoo Doughnuts adorned a fun and colorful dessert bar.

The most important “detail” of any wedding, of course, is the bride and groom.  Tory & Vinnie, your warm hospitality, your beautiful sense of style, and your fun-loving personalities made this an unforgettable weekend.  We felt truly privileged to be part of it!













The Creative Professional Team

Event Planner:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  Cheesman Park | Reception Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Brinton Studios | Catering:  Footers Catering | Dessert:  VooDoo Doughnuts | Flowers & Décor:  Statice Floral & Jones Design Group (Mother of the Bride’s Interior Design Company) | DJ & Uplights:  Elite DJ | Photobooth:  The Traveling Photobooth | Transportation:  Sunset Luxury Limousines | Ceremony Chairs:  Butler Rents | Bridal Party Lodging:  Four Seasons Hotel | Bridal Gown:  Modern Trousseau from Anna Be  | Veil & Jewelry:  Sara Gabriel | Bride’s Heels:  Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaid Dresses:  Jenny Yoo from Bella Bridesmaids | Groom’s Suit:  Suit Supply, Denver | Groom’s Shoes:  Johnston & Murphy

It’s not everyday that I have the honor of being part of the planning and celebration for my best friend’s sister.  Being part of Elizabeth & Kevin’s wedding day was truly a privilege and a blessing.  I have known Elizabeth since 1994 when her sister, Julie, and I became best friends.  Watching Elizabeth become such a composed, beautiful, energetic, and successful young lady has been a joy over the years.  Kevin shares my slightly sarcastic sense of humor and wit (maybe he’s even funnier). He challenges and cares for Elizabeth and shares her same passion and enthusiasm for life, making him her ideal partner.




Elizabeth and Kevin’s beautiful personal wedding ceremony was officiated by a close childhood friend, (now a minister), in the St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church where Elizabeth and her family have attended for years.  Mile High Station provided the perfect urban reception setting.  Footers Catering and Shamane’s Bake Shoppe offered fabulous fare; food was of utmost importance to the couple since Kevin is in the restaurant industry in New York City.  And they danced the night away with their guests to the musical stylings of Groove NationBrinton Studios captured the day so well.





Happy One Year Anniversary to an incredible couple!


The Vendor Team

Coordination:  JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue:  St. Francis Cabrini Parish | Reception Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography: Brinton Studios | Floral:  Statice Floral | Catering:  Footers Catering | Dessert:  Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | Lighting & Lounge Furniture:  Décor n More | Music:  Groove Nation | Linens:  Event Rents