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Taylor, Molly & Spencer’s B’nei Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel and Kipton Hotel Born in Denver made for a fabulous celebration for family and friends. Beautiful images were captured from the memorable day thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Photography, and lovely florals by Statice Floral added such beauty to the atmosphere. Dancetrax kept guests entertained into the evening and JA Special Events ensured that all details and planning were taken care of. Congratulations, Taylor, Molly & Spencer, we are so proud of you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Kipton Hotel Born | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Centerpieces: Statice Floral | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photobooth: Elite Production

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Celebrating Sam and his momentous Bar Mitzvah made for a special celebration at Temple Emanuel and Infinity Park Event Center. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured the memorable event and DanceTrax kept guests entertained well into the evening. Footers Catering provided everyone with exceptional food and thanks to the detailed planning by JA Special Events, a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks for letting us share in your day, Sam!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Infinity Park Event Center | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Decor & Lighting: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Photobooth: Joy Squad | Games/Activities: Fun Productions | Lounge Furniture & Custom Rentals: Charming Chairs | Logo: Melissa Clarke Designs

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What a joy it was celebrating Cayla’s New York City-themed Bat Mitzvah at the Four Seasons Denver. Thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Photography, Cayla and her family have incredible photos to remember this milestone occasion. Statice Floral enhanced the decor with her talented centerpieces, and Dancetrax kept guests enjoying themselves well into the evening. Every little detail was executed brilliantly and it was such a pleasure sharing in Cayla’s accomplishment!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Venue & Catering: Four Seasons Denver | DJ: Dancetrax | Centerpieces: Statice Floral | Decor/Lighting/Photobooth: Elite Production | License Plates: A Custom Look | Statue of Liberty: Imprint Group | Signage & Design: Melissa Clarke Designs

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Lexi’s swim-inspired Bat Mitzvah held at Temple Sinai was full of fun and creativity for all. Lexley Photography documented wonderful images for the family to enjoy for years to come, and Absolute Value added such fun with their balloon displays. Footers Catering took care of the tasty food and Dancetrax kept the party going all night long. We had such a great time celebrating with you, Lexi!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Lexley Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Balloons: Absolute Value | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Lighting/Drape: Elite Productions | Photobooth: Elite Productions | Rentals: Party Time

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Emily + Brian committed to forever in beautiful Boulder amongst dear family and friends. The Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater and the St. Julien Hotel served as the perfect backdrops for this special union, complementing the happy couple so well. Brinton Studios was there to capture their memorable day and the talented Statice Floral helped with decor. It was our joy sharing in your day, Emily + Brian; congratulations!

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Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater | Reception: St. Julien Hotel | Photographer: Brinton Studios | Centerpieces & Decor: Statice Floral/JA Special Events | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Rentals: Party Time | Ceremony Sound: Elite Production

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What a privilege it was being a part of Avery’s winter Mitzvah at Temple Sinai. Lexley Photography documented special images that Avery and her family will cherish for years to come; JA Special Events added lovely touches throughout the space and Occasions Catering provided guests with delicious food and dessert. Thanks for letting us share in your day, Avery, we’re proud of you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Lexley Photography | Florals & decor: JA Special Events | Catering & Dessert: Occasions | Rentals & Linens: Party Time | Alcohol: Logan Liquors | DJ/Entertainment: Amuse Entertainment | Bimah Flowers: Happy Canyon Flowers

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What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

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We love planning events and being part of the celebration for so many families over the years.  The last time I had planned an event for our immediate family was for my own wedding almost 17 years ago.  This past year, I had the joy and privilege of sharing the planning of Kayla’s Bat Mitzvah with my incredible daughter.  The entire process was so fulfilling and truly SO MUCH FUN.  Having my favorite assistant (nothing against my stellar team) aka Miss Kayla who was so involved and eager and able to plan and design every detail made this experience that much more meaningful.  It was such a pleasure to be on the other side of the planning and enjoy a phenomenal weekend of which we will forever have the best memories.
Thank you does not even begin to express our gratitude and appreciation and recognition and respect for the amazing talents, generosity, creativity, love, and dedication demonstrated by our vendor team and partners that made the weekend possible.  These are colleagues and true friends with whom I (and Kayla) spend many, many weekends working alongside.  These are some of the best in the business and we are fortunate to have had their leadership and enthusiasm and assistance in creating events my daughter and family will forever cherish.  And I was SO happy many were able to party with us and enjoy an evening out once the event was set and ready.

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events (Ally onsite)| Venues: Temple Sinai & The Studios at Overland Crossing | Photography: Brinton Studios | Florist: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Decor & Lighting: Elite Entertainment | Videography: All Digital | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Linens: Linen Hero | Rentals: Party Time | Photo Booth: A Custom Look | Shuttles: Presidential Transportation | Invitations & printed items: Melissa Clarke Designs


From the graceful arches of St. Cajetan’s chapel to the quaint former residence of an Israeli Prime Minister, to the lavish elegance of downtown Denver’s Brown Palace, Debbie and Frank’s wedding was a fusion of histories, a juxtaposition of cultures, and a gorgeous ballroom accented with Colorado rustic details.  Beautifully captured by the talented Rebecca Bonner Photography.




From the bride:  “My aunt designed the necklace I wore. She’s a jewelery designer (Sue Shefts Designs) who has long-battled my absolute pickiness when it comes to jewelry.  She literally made 8 different necklaces just for me to choose from for the wedding, and mailed them to me from Atlanta so I could try them out. It came down to the wire though…she was working on the necklace during the rehearsal dinner so it would be just right! She also made the matching earrings.”




Debbie and Frank sipped champagne and savored gourmet chocolates in the historic residence of Golda Meir, former Israeli Prime Minister and signer of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.  The Denver landmark sits next to St. Cajetan’s, a Spanish colonial chapel built in the 1920’s and home to Denver’s first Hispanic parish.  It is striking in its gracefully arched interior, accented in soft light filtered through towering stained glass windows.



From the bride:  “The choice of St Cajetan’s was a little random but worked out so well. My family is Jewish (mostly) and Frank’s is Episcopalian (mostly). We both wanted a religious ceremony in a religious building.  Finding a venue and an officiate to accommodate the interfaith ceremony proved to be challenging.  Frank amazingly found the church which was so great because of its location (just ten minutes from the Brown Palace) and the fact that it looked like a beautiful church on the inside and out but still permitted our Jewish + Christian ceremony.  As one of my friends said, ‘Only you two would get married under a chuppah in a church.’  Probably true.”

From a décor perspective, we wanted to honor the simple beauty of the chapel so we brought in white chairs and used white drape to cover the distracting stage which we weren’t using.  The chairs were arranged in semicircular sections around the chuppah to create an intimate less formal atmosphere.  In keeping with that intention, the bridal party was seated during the ceremony and select family members shared blessings that they had custom-written for the occasion.  Pninah, family friend and rabbi from California, officiated the custom ceremony in Hebrew and kindly translated into English.


Covered in a special linen, the shattered pieces of wine glass from Frank’s “Mazel Tov stomp” were later made into a custom picture frame by the mother of Debbie’s childhood friend.

Historic and cultural fusion continued in the grand ballroom of downtown Denver’s Brown Palace, an elegant ornate hotel as impressive in grandeur now as when it opened in 1892.  Every president since Teddy Roosevelt in 1905 has visited the Brown Palace (with the exception of Calvin Coolidge) and it featured the most onyx of any building around when it was built.



Rich tones of wood, lush velvet drapes, gold-rimmed monogrammed chargers, and ornate chandeliers need little enhancement.  Debbie and Frank chose centerpieces of hydrangea, roses, stock, and ranunculas in varying height for visual texture.  Succulent accents were a nod to the West.  Guests created thumbprint leaves in a variety of fall colors on a guestbook tree in keeping with the October wedding and peaked aspen leaves outside.


From the bride:  “The choice of the Brown Palace is actually a cute story. I was dead-set on NOT getting married at a hotel because they always feel a little blah and cliche to me. But obviously the Brown Palace is no ordinary hotel. It also had super special meaning to Frank because 1) he’s from Eastern Colorado originally, and has memories of “going into Denver and staying at the Brown Palace” as a treat when he was little. Adorable. 2) More adorable, his aunt and uncle actually met there when they were a housekeeper and a cook, respectively. Of course he didn’t tell me any of these things until after we had booked it.”




From the bride:  “All in all I think the wedding put itself together with some elbow grease from all involved. Our family members chose their own ceremony blessings. Our bridal party chose their own outfits.  Also, behind the scenes were our two best men, our little brothers, who were AMAZING and were more crucial to the whole operation than they could possibly know. Frank and I both have really special relationships with our brothers and I’m glad they got to be showcased a little.  It was the build-your-own-adventure of weddings, I think. May not work for everybody, but it totally worked for us.”

Frank & Debbie, thank you for letting us be a part of your adventure.  You and your families were so sweet to work with and we love the way you personalized such a beautiful celebration.  Congratulations!

*Note that JA Special Events had the privilege of coordinating Debbie & Frank’s ceremony at St. Cajetan’s and guest transportation while Michelle Gillette at the Brown Palace expertly handled all reception details.

The Vendor Team:

Ceremony & Transportation Coordination:  JA Special Events  |  Photography:  Rebecca Bonner Photography  |  Ceremony Venue:  St. Cajetan’s Chapel at Auraria Campus  |  Reception Venue:  Brown Palace  |  Transportation:  Presidential Worldwide Transportation  |  Ceremony Chairs:  Allwell Rents  |  Ceremony Drape:  Artistry Events & Design  |  Ceremony Flowers & Chuppah:  Painted Primrose  |  Reception Flowers & Cake:  Brown Palace  |  DJ:  Starkey Productions  |  Hair & Makeup:  Brown Palace  | Bride’s Necklace: Sue Shefts Designs

Check out Debbie & Frank’s wedding featured on Couture Colorado blog:  Classic Elegance