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Arielle + Andy’s spring wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch was an absolutely beautiful celebration of love. From the gorgeous images captured by Steve Stanton Photography to the lovely florals and decor by The Stalk Market, the natural mountain elegance complimented the venue beautifully. It was a truly picture perfect day, thanks to the detailed planning and coordination by JA Special Events. Congratulation, Arielle + Andy, here’s to a lifetime of love together!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Steve Stanton Photography | Florals & Decor: The Stalk Market | Band: Syndicate | Videography: Majestik Films | Lighting: Rod Lock | Reception Chairs & Head Table: Charming Chairs | Dessert: B Sweet Cupcakes

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Emily + Brian committed to forever in beautiful Boulder amongst dear family and friends. The Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater and the St. Julien Hotel served as the perfect backdrops for this special union, complementing the happy couple so well. Brinton Studios was there to capture their memorable day and the talented Statice Floral helped with decor. It was our joy sharing in your day, Emily + Brian; congratulations!

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Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater | Reception: St. Julien Hotel | Photographer: Brinton Studios | Centerpieces & Decor: Statice Floral/JA Special Events | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Rentals: Party Time | Ceremony Sound: Elite Production


What a privilege it is to share some of our favorite images of 2016-what a remarkable year it has been! We are blessed to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do all thanks to you!

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Intelligent, creative, and fun-loving, Adrienne and Scott have the kind of smiles that light up a room and inspire people to stick around and revel in the happiness.  The fabric of their lives is full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, adventure, and lots of laughter.  These qualities naturally produced a bridal party of twelve, over two hundred wedding guests, touching toasts, and a packed dance floor all night at Mile High Station in Denver.  Kelly Lemon Photography did a superb job of capturing the details, the joy, and the epic hora (with music from the fantastic Deja Blu Band).  We’re thrilled to share her photos on our blog!

Adrienne’s color palette was inspired by her love of champagne.  From the lightest blush of a sparkling Rosé in floral accents to the metallic tones of bridesmaid dresses to the silver streaked sheer overlays, the colors complimented a Colorado urban chic vibe.  An aspen chuppah from Statice Floral Design adorned with streams of white ribbon framed the couple’s traditional Jewish ceremony in a turn-of-the-century steel & ironworks building.  Exposed brick, wrought iron, and striking Edison bulb chandeliers lent a definite industrial vibe to the historic space.

We worked with Adrienne and Statice Floral to create a variety of centerpiece styles to soften the space.  Tall centerpieces with curly willow branches extending from white hydrangea, sprays of white orchids, and accents of dusty miller complimented the high ceilings and drew the eye up.  Trios of ivory pillar candles clustered with smaller floral arrangements in silver vases warmed the room with their glow.  And lower arrangements in rustic wooden boxes were a nod to the beloved Colorado outdoors.

Guests found their escort cards attached to vintage style metal keys, carefully pinned to a sparkling champagne-inspired metallic backdrop.  Ceremony programs were also designed by Adrienne and her mom.  The various layers were hand-tied together and included a personalized mad libs page, an entertaining guestbook substitute that guests enjoyed filling out throughout the evening.

You know it’s a good wedding when the hora (a traditional Jewish dance where all guests encircle the newlyweds as they are lifted up on chairs together during the dance) is so wildly enjoyed that one of the guests has to go to the ER for a possible sprained ankle afterwards.  You know it’s a really good wedding when the injured party delays his departure until toasts are over and returns as soon as he can to join the end of the party.  Adrienne and Scott’s wedding was one of those—a really good wedding, full of kind-hearted family, strong friendships, a bit of adventure, a lot of laughter, and those two smiles that lit up the room all night.

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kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-443 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday-789kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-162 kellylemonphotography_adrienne_scott_weddingday_faves-163

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Mile High Station | Photography:  Kelly Lemon Photography | Flowers:  Statice Floral Design | Catering & Desserts:  Relish Catering | Band:  Deja Blu | Cake:  Kelley Kakes | Linens:  Linen Hero | Uplights:  Allwell Rents | Drape:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Cantor:  Martin Goldstein | Hair & Makeup:  Hair & Makeup In Motion | Lodging & Rehearsal Dinner:  The Curtis Hotel

A weathered wedding sign points the way past an old wagon wheel, under a canopy of lush green trees, over a rustic wooden bridge atop a little gurgling creek, to an open lawn where Lauren and Jake celebrated their wedding day.  There is a sense of authenticity in backyard farm weddings and Pastures of Plenty Farm in Boulder captures that well with their own fields supplying both produce for dinner and flowers for bouquets and centerpieces arranged on site.  Meat grilled on open flame during cocktail hour joins colorful vegetables in carved platters atop planked wooden tables for the main course.  One has the sense that the fading blue paint of a small bench holding luscious fruit probably got its beautiful vintage look right there on the farm.  Unpretentious.  Beautiful.  Close to the land.  Authentic.

Lauren and Jake’s ability to be completely present in their day, deeply personal in their vows, and unabashedly expressive with their emotions complimented the earthy authenticity of Pastures of Plenty and was captured expertly by Garrett Hacking of Photography G.  From the gracious laughter under romantic market lights  (Pure Energy) to the breathless gasp on a hora chair to the raw tears when Lauren’s uncle gave her late father’s shoes to Jake and told him he had “big shoes to fill”, the entire wedding experience was beautiful.  Unpretentious.  Close to the heart.  Authentic.



We think of our relationship as a strong foundation upon which we can both grow individually and together.  We support each other in our own individual journeys of growth and self discovery and we feel lucky to walk hand in hand as we journey together. We are deeply connected in profound ways, but we also know how to let loose and goof around.  

We believe that if you and your partner love each other and you are both passionate about growing consciously as a person and seeking true, profound happiness, you can get through anything! 


From the Bride:  We are big foodies and we worked on an organic family farm together in 2011. We believe in sustainable food, so Pastures was such an immediate draw for us.  We also really wanted a place that had laid-back, natural energy and scenery and that was also obvious with Pastures of Plenty.


Lauren and Jake, we were so touched to be part of your celebration.  Thank you for expressing yourselves so beautifully and naturally.  We wish you a deeply meaningful life together!


The Vendor Team

Event Coordination & Design:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Pastures of Plenty Farm | Photography:  Photography G, Garret Hacking | Catering:  Big Bang Catering | Flowers:  Pastures of Plenty Farm | Additional Tabletop Décor:  JA Special Events | Tent, Tables, Chairs, & Linens:  All Events | Lighting & Drape:  Pure Energy Events | Cake:  Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | DJ:  Pure Energy Events | Parasols (in case of rain):  Splendor For Your Guests | Transportation:  Banjo Billy Bus Tours


Captivating.  Inspiring.  Vibrant.  From the stunning swirl of lace and sunlit sparkle in Katie’s dress (created for her by a costume designer friend), to the kaleidoscope of color on groomsmen’s Happy Socks, Katie and Zim’s winter mountain wedding graced Devil’s Thumb Ranch with breathtaking romance and lighthearted fun, captured in the signature “soulful” style of David Lynn Photography.  Postcards from Colorado (where Katie & Zim first met) in lieu of a guestbook and pine cones from an outdoor camp in California (where Zim is a counselor) both add an authentic rustic vibe, complimenting the aspen chuppah decorated by friends and the monogrammed tree slice carried by an adorable ring bearer.  Tivoli lights from Pure Energy, calla lilies and lanterns by Plum Sage Flowers, and a gorgeous cake alternating layers of mountain silhouette with lavendar ruffles and roses by Kelley Kakes lend a festive elegance to the evening.










Katie & Zim, you inspire us with your authentic captivating vibrant personalities.  You are beautiful people and it was an honor to have coordinated such meaningful wedding details.  Thank you!

The Vendor Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography:  David Lynn Photography | Floral:  Plum Sage Flowers | Lighting:  Pure Energy Events | DJ:  Pure Energy Events | Hair:  Irene & Heidi, 3rd Street Salon | Cake:  Kelley Kakes