Anna + Travis tied the knot at The Broadmoor on a beautiful summer afternoon. Their love for one another radiated so brightly and Frances Photography captured gorgeous images from their special day. Statice Floral created lovely floral bouquets and centerpieces that further enhanced the beauty of The Broadmoor, and JA Special Events took care of the event planning with such detail and efficiency. Congratulations, Anna + Travis, we are so happy for you!

0012_AnnaTravis_W1083 0070_AnnaTravis_W10830242_AnnaTravis_W10830230_AnnaTravis_W1083 0241_AnnaTravis_W1083 0208_AnnaTravis_W1083 0218_AnnaTravis_W10830362_AnnaTravis_W1083 0360_AnnaTravis_W10830388_AnnaTravis_W10830380_AnnaTravis_W1083  0399_AnnaTravis_W1083 0408_AnnaTravis_W1083 0427_AnnaTravis_W1083 0433_AnnaTravis_W10830516_AnnaTravis_W10830514_AnnaTravis_W10830616_AnnaTravis_W10830546_AnnaTravis_W10830580_AnnaTravis_W10830554_AnnaTravis_W10830930_AnnaTravis_W10830912_AnnaTravis_W10830725_AnnaTravis_W10830654_AnnaTravis_W10830651_AnnaTravis_W10830718_AnnaTravis_W10830701_AnnaTravis_W10830697_AnnaTravis_W10830693_AnnaTravis_W10830723_AnnaTravis_W1083 0717_AnnaTravis_W10830730_AnnaTravis_W1083 0727_AnnaTravis_W1083 0707_AnnaTravis_W10830765_AnnaTravis_W10830773_AnnaTravis_W10830775_AnnaTravis_W10830815_AnnaTravis_W10830832_AnnaTravis_W10830824_AnnaTravis_W10830830_AnnaTravis_W1083

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Shove Chapel | Reception: The Broadmoor | Photographer: Frances Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Cheza String Quartet | Reception Band: Soul X | Transportation: Gray Line Charters | Rentals: Event Rents


With the winter mountains as their backdrop, Meg + Ryan said “I do” at the always stunning Devil’ Thumb Ranch. Frances Photography captured the memorable day, and Statice Floral added such gorgeous winter whites to the ceremony and venue. Planning and event coordination was handled by JA Special Events and a spectacular time was had by all. It was our joy to celebrate your marriage, Meg + Ryan; we are thrilled for you!

0514_MeganRyan_W1046 0274_MeganRyan_W10460277_MeganRyan_W1046 0280_MeganRyan_W10460231_MeganRyan_W1046 0255_MeganRyan_W1046 0264_MeganRyan_W10460284_MeganRyan_W1046 0283_MeganRyan_W10460293_MeganRyan_W1046 0236_MeganRyan_W10460171_MeganRyan_W1046 0173_MeganRyan_W10460546_MeganRyan_W10460175_MeganRyan_W10460550_MeganRyan_W10460384_MeganRyan_W1046 0399_MeganRyan_W1046 0414_MeganRyan_W1046 0416_MeganRyan_W1046 0466_MeganRyan_W1046 0471_MeganRyan_W1046 0473_MeganRyan_W10460290_MeganRyan_W10460549_MeganRyan_W10460308_MeganRyan_W10460314_MeganRyan_W10460635_MeganRyan_W10460559_MeganRyan_W10460612_MeganRyan_W10460614_MeganRyan_W10460641_MeganRyan_W10460649_MeganRyan_W10460637_MeganRyan_W10460622_MeganRyan_W10460703_MeganRyan_W1046

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Telly with Frances Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Videography: Patrick with PHOCO | Decor: Elite Production | DJ: Chris with Elite DJ/Production | Cermony Music: Sandra Wong Musicians | Ceremony Amplification: Elite DJ/Production | Centerpieces and Custom Elements: via client and setup by JA Special Events


It is always such a joy to share in the union of a beautiful couple, and Katina and Ben were no exception. With the ceremony and reception held at Temple Sinai, the happy couple had close family and friends by their side on their glorious day. Frances Photography documented all the beautiful moments, and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals and decor. Elite Production handled the lighting and The Radio Band via Hipster Mama kept the party going into the night. The detailed planning and coordination was taken care of by JA Special Events. Congrats Katina and Ben, we are so happy for you!

137_KatianaBen_W0980 142_KatianaBen_W0980118_KatianaBen_W0980033_KatianaBen_W0980 036_KatianaBen_W0980044_KatianaBen_W0980073_KatianaBen_W0980 065_KatianaBen_W0980293_KatianaBen_W0980373_KatianaBen_W0980375_KatianaBen_W0980409_KatianaBen_W0980433_KatianaBen_W0980420_KatianaBen_W0980423_KatianaBen_W0980471_KatianaBen_W0980483_KatianaBen_W0980441_KatianaBen_W0980498_KatianaBen_W0980500_KatianaBen_W0980378_KatianaBen_W0980151_KatianaBen_W0980509_KatianaBen_W0980266_KatianaBen_W0980254_KatianaBen_W0980270_KatianaBen_W0980175_KatianaBen_W0980553_KatianaBen_W0980659_KatianaBen_W0980643_KatianaBen_W0980669_KatianaBen_W0980

Vendor Credits:

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Frances Photography | Florals and Chuppah: Statice Floral | Catering: The Perfect Pear| Reception Band: The Radio Band via Hipster Mama | Lighting and Decor: Elite Production | Rentals: Party Time


What an honor it was to be a part of Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and The Cable Center. Sophie chose a soccer theme for the evening and Statice Floral and Melissa Clarke Designs executed it beautifully with such creativity. Footers Catering set a classy vibe for dinner, Dance Trax kept the party going, and A Custom Look provided guests with memories from their photo booth. A big thanks to Frances Photography for capturing the special day, and to Sophie and your entire family for allowing us to share in this major milestone in your life!

0024_SophieBatMitzvah_V0969 0025_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690079_SophieBatMitzvah_V0969 0101_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690094_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690107_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690191_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690195_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690130_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690121_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690135_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690176_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690236_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690221_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690216_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690217_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690214_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690232_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690242_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690259_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690254_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690274_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690295_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690325_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690362_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690298_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690290_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690474_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690343_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690632_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690630_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690575_SophieBatMitzvah_V09690428_SophieBatMitzvah_V0969

Vendor Credits

Coordination, Design, Candy Buffet: JA Special Events | Services: Temple Sinai | Reception: The Cable Center | Photography: Frances Photography | Catering: Footers Catering | Florist: Statice Floral | DJ & Entertainment: Dance Trax | Videography: All Digital Videography | Photo Booth: A Custom Look | Games & Activities: Fun Productions | Table Signs & Place Cards: Melissa Clarke Designs | Transportation: Presidential Transportation


Nicky & Karl brought their easy-going fun spirits and their magnificent grand style to Devil’s Thumb Ranch for an entirely memorable July celebration.  From Nicky’s fabulous feather accented dress, playful sunflower bouquet, and golden aisle of rose petals to the post-ceremony horse-drawn wagon ride after an unexpected downpour (yes, that’s Jessica holding an umbrella over the proceedings!), to the lavish arrangements of purple orchids, roses, and calla lilies spotlighted under luxurious folds of soft drape and glittering chandeliers in High Lonesome Barn, the exquisite moments were captured in all their loveliness by the uber-talented Frances Photography.  Designing this soiree with elements of rustic summer ranch that flowed into luxurious elegance was an absolute pleasure with Nicky, her sweet mom Peggy, and the creative resourcefulness of Michelle from Design Works.  Some great music from Elite DJ & Entertainment made the party complete!

     0029_NickyKarl_W0880  0186_NickyKarl_W0880

0548_NickyKarl_W08800629_NickyKarl_W0880 0572_NickyKarl_W0880 0642_NickyKarl_W0880 0175_NickyKarl_W0880 0668_NickyKarl_W0880 0750_NickyKarl_W0880 0754_NickyKarl_W0880  0967_NickyKarl_W08800225_NickyKarl_W0880 0514_NickyKarl_W0880 1365_NickyKarl_W0880 1266_NickyKarl_W0880  3859_NickyKarl_W0880 1026_NickyKarl_W0880 1649_NickyKarl_W08801805_NickyKarl_W0880 1882_NickyKarl_W0880 1914_NickyKarl_W0880 1849_NickyKarl_W0880 1993_NickyKarl_W0880 2112_NickyKarl_W0880 2139_NickyKarl_W08802230_NickyKarl_W0880    2374_NickyKarl_W0880  2383_NickyKarl_W08802528_NickyKarl_W0880 2662_NickyKarl_W08802801_NickyKarl_W08802698_NickyKarl_W08802479_NickyKarl_W0880 2671_NickyKarl_W0880 2702_NickyKarl_W08803245_NickyKarl_W0880 3805_NickyKarl_W08802989_NickyKarl_W08803056_NickyKarl_W0880 1342_NickyKarl_W0880 1475_NickyKarl_W08803044_NickyKarl_W0880 3049_NickyKarl_W08801361_NickyKarl_W0880 1363_NickyKarl_W0880    1420_NickyKarl_W0880 1424_NickyKarl_W0880 1426_NickyKarl_W0880 1321_NickyKarl_W08801379_NickyKarl_W0880 3052_NickyKarl_W0880  3082_NickyKarl_W0880 3086_NickyKarl_W0880 3168_NickyKarl_W0880 3199_NickyKarl_W0880 3398_NickyKarl_W08803381_NickyKarl_W0880 3386_NickyKarl_W0880 3396_NickyKarl_W0880  3448_NickyKarl_W08803826_NickyKarl_W0880 4065_NickyKarl_W0880     4610_NickyKarl_W0880 4617_NickyKarl_W0880 3796_NickyKarl_W08803779_NickyKarl_W0880

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Frances Photography | Flowers, Decor, Lighting, Drape, & Linens:  Design Works | DJ:  Elite Entertainment | Escort Cards:  Melissa Clarke Designs | Cake:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch | S’mores favors:  JA Special Events




Doug and Lindsay’s Devil’s Thumb Ranch wedding is absolutely full of lush romantic details.  From the watercolor invitations to the peonies and protea in bouquets from Statice Floral, from the guest names etched in caligraphy on leaves to the well-wishes tree, and from the personalized leather trays to the bottles of wildflower seeds on a bed of moss, the thoughtful touches are inspiring to behold thru the lens of Frances Photography.  And with Homeslice Band in the house, the night was as full of fun as it was of beauty & love!

0744_LindsayDoug_W0855 0743_LindsayDoug_W08550031_LindsayDoug_W0855 0087_LindsayDoug_W08550094_LindsayDoug_W0855 0097_LindsayDoug_W0855 0084_LindsayDoug_W0855 0109_LindsayDoug_W0855 0085_LindsayDoug_W0855 0112_LindsayDoug_W0855 0119_LindsayDoug_W0855 0226_LindsayDoug_W08550249_LindsayDoug_W0855 0179_LindsayDoug_W0855      0271_LindsayDoug_W0855 0181_LindsayDoug_W0855    0296_LindsayDoug_W0855T0753_LindsayDoug_W0855 0539_LindsayDoug_W0855 0864_LindsayDoug_W08550759_LindsayDoug_W0855 0762_LindsayDoug_W08550758_LindsayDoug_W0855 0765_LindsayDoug_W0855  0615_LindsayDoug_W0855 0740_LindsayDoug_W0855  0658_LindsayDoug_W0855 0661_LindsayDoug_W0855  0778_LindsayDoug_W0855 0628_LindsayDoug_W0855 0748_LindsayDoug_W0855 0750_LindsayDoug_W0855 0751_LindsayDoug_W0855  0754_LindsayDoug_W0855 0755_LindsayDoug_W0855  0764_LindsayDoug_W0855 0776_LindsayDoug_W0855     0785_LindsayDoug_W0855 0786_LindsayDoug_W0855 0788_LindsayDoug_W0855 0789_LindsayDoug_W0855   0803_LindsayDoug_W0855 0804_LindsayDoug_W0855 0811_LindsayDoug_W0855 0772_LindsayDoug_W08550814_LindsayDoug_W0855 0799_LindsayDoug_W0855   0828_LindsayDoug_W0855 0830_LindsayDoug_W0855 0802_LindsayDoug_W0855 0831_LindsayDoug_W0855 0836_LindsayDoug_W0855 0827_LindsayDoug_W08550825_LindsayDoug_W08551353_LindsayDoug_W08550842_LindsayDoug_W0855 0848_LindsayDoug_W0855 0850_LindsayDoug_W0855 0863_LindsayDoug_W08550858_LindsayDoug_W0855 0868_LindsayDoug_W0855   0866_LindsayDoug_W0855 0867_LindsayDoug_W0855  1110_LindsayDoug_W0855 0865_LindsayDoug_W08551312_LindsayDoug_W0855 1315_LindsayDoug_W0855 0287_LindsayDoug_W08550288_LindsayDoug_W08550291_LindsayDoug_W08550289_LindsayDoug_W0855

The Creative Team

Event Planning & Design:  Jessica, JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Frances Photography | Florals & Decor:  Statice Floral | Band:  Homeslice | Blanket Rentals:  Splendor for Your Guests | Officiant:  Sheila Malcolm | Lighting & Additional Decor:  Elite DJ & Production | Hair:  Loni, Side Door Salon | Makeup:  Brianna, Simply Moore | Transportation for rehearsal dinner:  First Transit, Colorado Tour Transportation, & DTR

A Rembrandt Yard Wedding in Boulder, CO

Happy Anniversary Month to Karensa & Elliott!

Their beautiful backyard wedding is featured on The Knot online:  A Rembrandt Yard Wedding in Boulder, Colorado

The Knot Fall/Winter 2014 Magazine

It even received a special mention in the Fall/Winter 2014 magazine!

Props to the vendor team: Frances Photography | Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery | Static Floral | Pure Energy Events | Footer’s CateringFox Street Allstars | Bea’s Bridal Nook | Express Yourself Basalt

Check out more on our blog feature:  Artsy, Elegant, & Fun; A Boulder Wedding at Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery

                  Karensa & Elliott's reception

 In the same issue, JA Special Events is honored to be listed among the five

“Best of 2014 Wedding Planners”

best of the Knot

We’re so honored to have two of our weddings featured on blogs today!  Check out Molly & Wynn’s Garden Elegant wedding on Borrowed and Blue while Irena & Mark’s Vintage Ranch wedding inspires on Red Dirt BrideBorrowed & Blue blog feature

Props to our talented photographers, Frances Photography (on Borrowed & Blue) and Two One Photography (on Red Dirt Bride).

Red Dirt Bride blog feature






Romantic relationships generally require a gritty dedication, moments of creative imagination, and patient nurturing to flourish and produce the “Wow, those two are really in love,” effect.

Given the same attention, flower gardens respond with their own intricate little “wow” beauty.  It is entirely fitting, then, that Molly and Wynn said “I do” in a garden setting with a beautiful lake in the background in the glorious backyard of the parents of the groom, misted with a light rain.   Of course, there were other elements like the lake backed by mountains, the pool decked in Chinese lanterns, the Carribbean inspired colors…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Captured below by the incredibly talented Frances Photography.

Garden roses and ranunculas breathe romance into any bouquet.  When featured in bright playful hues and combined with sprigs of fresh mint, they lend an unexpected hint of the tropics (where Wynn proposed to Molly in the blue waters of the Bahamas).   We worked with Statice Floral to customize this combination.


It started with a 5th grade crush…and then officially progressed to dating in high school…and just kept growing through the college years apart.  Hats off to these two for the gritty dedication, creative imagination, and patient nurturing that brought them to this day!


Guests were welcomed at the gorgeous home of Wynn’s parents where their cars were valet parked as they followed a lantern-lined stone walkway past the aqua pool to white chairs facing a garden embankment.  Molly and Wynn exchanged vows at the top of this embankment, lakeside, with a mountain backdrop.  And while surrounding areas were getting high winds and heavy rain, the light mist here just added a fresh coolness to the July air.


Building a reception space from the ground up takes some time.  When you factor in the tent set-up, the carpet installation, draping the entire ceiling and walls, adding uplights, hand-tying the chivari chair cushions, and hanging greenery-ensconced chandeliers, this set-up took all of three days and eight vendor companies.  Totally worth the elegant garden-inspired effect.


As guests were enjoying a poolside cocktail hour, one wall of the tent was removed to reveal a mountain view for guests as they entered and enjoyed dinner.


Creative presentation, customized menu planning, & delicious flavor made Footer’s Catering the top choice for this tasteful event.


Artfully adorned by Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, the wedding cake was a vibrant masterpiece.


And here it is, that “Wow, those two are really in love,” effect.  Congratulations, Molly and Wynn!

Check out more beautiful photos on the Frances Photography blog:  Molly and Wynn’s Outdoor Summer Wedding

The Vendor Dream Team

Event Design & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Florist:  Statice Floral | Photography:  Frances Photography | Catering:  Footer’s Catering | Cake:  Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | Lighting:  Pure Energy Events | Drape:  Décor n More | Tent:  Party Time Rental | Farm Tables: RC Special Events | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Sound:  ShowTek Productions | Valet Service:  Jay’s Valet | Venue:  Private Residence on Lake of the Pines in Boulder, Colorado | Band: GROOVE NATION through Celebration Nation Entertainment | Portable Restrooms:  Royal Restrooms

Karensa and Elliott exchanged vows in the backyard of their gorgeous Boulder home under a custom arch made by a close family friend from natural branches and decorated in soft hued peonies, ranunculas, and stock.  Colorful pedicabs whisked the bridal party away to North Boulder Park for photos while guests enjoyed cocktails and artwork at Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery in downtown Boulder overlooking the eclectic Pearl Street.  The dinner and reception took place on Rembrandt Yard’s third floor where the room had been draped and uplit with a soft pink light, complimenting both the garden romantic centerpieces and also the suspended clear globes holding delicate rose petals and candles throughout the room.  One of our favorite details was the late night snack bar featuring Elliott’s ritual late night snack—an assortment of cereal, complete with milk fountain!Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_0129KarensaElliotW0641_low

Love the colorful getting ready robes!  Great for photos and fun as a bridesmaid gift.



First look from the bride’s perspective:

The first look was an amazing and special moment. We had spent the whole day apart to get ready, and at 3:30 our photographer Frances told us it was time to see each other. She positioned Elliott on the walkway in the front of our house and told him to turn his back to the front door—where I would emerge from, tap his shoulder, and we would see each other for the first time on our wedding day. The moment feels like a dream now–time seemed to stop as I got nearer and nearer to Elliott, who was fidgeting and shifting nervously in anticipation of my arrival. When he finally turned to see me, we both began to cry, and he threw his hands to his face in utter disbelief of what he saw. Then we kissed and held each other, both smiling harder and brighter than perhaps we ever had before.

                       Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3546KarensaElliotW0641_low          Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_0829KarensaElliotW0641_low

The soft combination of pink peonies, ranunculas, and astilbe is incredibly feminine, romantic, and a little artsy with touches of curly willow.  Great bouquet by Statice Floral.

Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_1125KarensaElliotW0641_lowNewman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_1031KarensaElliotW0641_low Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_1471KarensaElliotW0641_low

Thoughts on hosting a wedding ceremony in your own backyard (from Karensa, the bride):

Elliott and I bought our house in Boulder almost two years ago and we came to love it so much, that we knew it would be the most romantic, intimate, and special place for us to get married. I got ready in the house and it was amazing to secretly spy on our family and friends as they came into the backyard below our bedroom window. This house is very much a reflection of our life together, and we couldn’t have imagined any other place to get married. We felt like ourselves there and had a ceremony that was for us—the atmosphere of a lovely Boulder evening filled with laughter and love in our own yard.

                    Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_1060KarensaElliotW0641_low        Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3002KarensaElliotW0641_low

Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_2354KarensaElliotW0641_lowThis pedicab ride with champagne from the ceremony to North Boulder Park for photos was a unique highlight of the wedding day.  There may have even been some dance moves between laughter at the park…captured in an equal spirit of fun by Frances Photography!

Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_2505KarensaElliotW0641_low                     Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3062KarensaElliotW0641_low        Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3077KarensaElliotW0641_low  Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3111KarensaElliotW0641_low

The inspiration concept in this design is Romantic with a touch of Warmth.  Working with Jessica (JA Special Events), Lori (Statice Floral), and Brian (Pure Energy Events), the concept really comes to life in the soft draping around the room, uplit in just the right hue of pink, lush centerpieces incorporating peonies, ranunculas, astilbe, hydrangea, and stock.  Candles reflecting off the mercury glass and navy napkins topped with a custom menu and a sprig of wax flowers added warmth and personality on the tables while clear globes suspended from the ceiling contained LED candles reflecting off rose petals for another romantic “wow” element.  Even the food, catered by Footer’s Catering, was artistically displayed, complimenting the Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery venue.

                    Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3080KarensaElliotW0641_low        Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3220KarensaElliotW0641_low Newman_Morgan_Frances_Photography_3452KarensaElliotW0641_low

The Epic Late Night Snack (some final comments from Karensa):

My most favorite detail of our reception was the late night snack. We wanted to offer something fun, playful, and definitely different. Ever since I have known Elliott, he has loved cereal! When we first started living together, I couldn’t keep a box of cereal in the house longer than three days, yet I never saw him eating it in the morning.  Instead right before bed every night, he poured himself a bowl of cereal. Elliott’s nighttime habit was the perfect inspiration for our late night cereal bar with a milk fountain I like to call “icing on the cereal bowl”!



To see more gorgeous photos of this wedding, check out Frances Photography blog!

We’re thrilled to see Karensa & Elliott’s wedding on The Knot:  A Rembrandt Yard Wedding in Boulder, Colorado

The Team that made this wedding fabulous:

Coordination and Design:  Jessica Adler, JA Special Events | Photography:  Frances Photography | Venue: Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery | Flowers: Static Floral | Lighting and Drape:  Pure Energy Events | Catering:  Footer’s Catering | Music:  Fox Street Allstars | Bride’s Dress: Mikaella from Bea’s Bridal Nook | Bridesmaid Dresses:  Amsale | Bride’s Earrings:  Vintage Coco Chanel from Elliott’s grandmother | Groom’s Shoes:  Cole Haan blue suede shoes | Groom’s Bowtie:  Vineyard Vines | Invitations: Express Yourself Basalt