V0374-064 - Edited

Alyssa’s Sports-themed Bat Mitzvah at Glenmoor Country Club was both energetic and full of creativity. Every little detail was executed beautifully thanks to an amazing group of vendors, especially Newberry Brothers with the centerpieces and design and JA Special Events with all the planning. Jared Wilson produced beautiful images from the celebration and a big thanks to Dancetrax and Fun Productions for the fun that continued well into the evening! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment, Alyssa, we loved celebrating with you!

V0374-005 - EditedV0374-001 - EditedV0374-038 - EditedV0374-237 - EditedV0374-162 - EditedV0374-160 - EditedV0374-163 - EditedV0374-165 - EditedV0374-171 - EditedV0374-185 - EditedV0374-179 - Edited V0374-182 - EditedV0374-176 - EditedV0374-235 - EditedV0374-164 - EditedV0374-159 - EditedV0374-232 - EditedV0374-169 - EditedV0374-190 - EditedV0374-420 - EditedV0374-506 - EditedV0374-349 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Glenmoor Country Club | Photography: Jared Wilson Photography | Videography: Lupher Arts | Centerpieces: Newberry Brothers| Entertainment: Dancetraxnew | Furniture/Rentals: Charming Chairs | Balloon Art: Denver Balloons and Events | Photobooth/Games: Fun Productions | Linens: Linen Hero| Lighting/Draping: Elite Production

275 - Edited

On a beautiful summer day, Amy + Richard were married at the lovely Denver Botanic Gardens. David Lynn Photography captured stunning images of the joyful couple and Statice Floral added soft greens and ivory to enhance the ambiance of the day. All event planning and coordination were handled by JA Special Events and Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food and drink. Thanks so much for letting us share in your day, Amy + Richard!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens | Photography: David Lynn Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Lounge & Chair Rentals: Charming Chairs | Videography: Rising Moon Films | Music: Sandra Wong Musicians | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Linens: Linen Hero


0004 - Edited

Summertime weddings are always magical and Suzanne + Robby’s backyard wedding was no exception. The happy couple enjoyed a sentimental and meaningful day with family and friends by their side, thanks to the thorough planning handled by JA Special Events. Two One Photography captured beautiful images of their day and lovely florals and decor were taken care of by Statice Floral. It was our privilege sharing in your day, Suzanne + Robby!

0750 - Edited0732 - Edited0103 - Edited0153 - Edited0183 - Edited 0186 - Edited 0181 - Edited0205 - Edited0200 - Edited 0201 - Edited0208 - Edited0212 - Edited0273 - Edited 0288 - Edited0304 - Edited 0324 - Edited0467 - Edited0438 - Edited 0447 - Edited0560 - Edited0598 - Edited0566 - Edited 0570 - Edited0594 - Edited0627 - Edited0634 - Edited0631 - Edited0637 - Edited 0645 - Edited 0650 - Edited0663 - Edited 0671 - Edited0658 - Edited 0660 - Edited0880 - Edited 0914 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Scribner Residence | Photography: Two One Photography | Florals & Decor: Statice Floral | Music: Milestone | Lighting: Matador Events | Dessert: Footers Catering | Rentals: Party Time Rentals | Restroom Trailers: Lavish Loo | Lounge furniture & supplemental tables: Charming Chairs | Printed Items/Invitation: Melissa Clarke Designs |Transportation: Preferred Transportation

rehearsal_053 - Edited

Lexi’s swim-inspired Bat Mitzvah held at Temple Sinai was full of fun and creativity for all. Lexley Photography documented wonderful images for the family to enjoy for years to come, and Absolute Value added such fun with their balloon displays. Footers Catering took care of the tasty food and Dancetrax kept the party going all night long. We had such a great time celebrating with you, Lexi!

rehearsal_048 - Editedrehearsal_062 - Edited rehearsal_069 - Editedrehearsal_054 - Editedrehearsal_058 - Editeddetails_001 - Edited details_018 - Editeddetails_003 - Edited details_005 - Edited details_008 - Editeddetails_014 - Edited details_010 - Edited details_016 - Editedparty_078 - Edited details_034 - Edited party_265 - Edited party_120 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Lexley Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Balloons: Absolute Value | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Lighting/Drape: Elite Productions | Photobooth: Elite Productions | Rentals: Party Time

rehearsal-66 - Edited

What a privilege it was being a part of Avery’s winter Mitzvah at Temple Sinai. Lexley Photography documented special images that Avery and her family will cherish for years to come; JA Special Events added lovely touches throughout the space and Occasions Catering provided guests with delicious food and dessert. Thanks for letting us share in your day, Avery, we’re proud of you!

rehearsal-33 - Editedrehearsal-4 - Editedrehearsal-20 - Editedrehearsal-59 - Editedrehearsal-69 - Editedparty_017 - Editedparty_002 - Editedparty_003 - Editedparty_004 - Editedparty_026 - Editedparty_185 - Editedparty_210 - Editedparty_057 - Editedparty_188 - Editedparty_137 - Edited party_126 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Lexley Photography | Florals & decor: JA Special Events | Catering & Dessert: Occasions | Rentals & Linens: Party Time | Alcohol: Logan Liquors | DJ/Entertainment: Amuse Entertainment | Bimah Flowers: Happy Canyon Flowers

0542 - Edited

Jennifer + Jim said “I do” amongst the stunning fall colors at the Denver Country Club with close family and friends by their side. Gorgeous neutral florals provided by Statice Floral added such warmth and beauty to the atmosphere and David Lynn Photography captured images for the happy couple to share for a lifetime. Thanks so much for letting us share in your day, Jennifer + Jim!

0557 - Edited 0561 - Edited0396 - Edited0674 - Edited0680 - Edited0405 - Edited 0425 - Edited 0474 - Edited 0482 - Edited0521 - Edited 0517 - Edited 0565 - Edited 0691 - Edited0699 - Edited0695 - Edited0705 - Edited0719 - Edited0716 - Edited0713 - Edited0710 - Edited0708 - Edited0720 - Edited0736 - Edited0724 - Edited0743 - Edited0731 - Edited0788 - Edited0792 - Edited


Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Denver Country Club | Photography: David Lynn Photography | Florals & decor: Statice Floral | Band: Great Family Reunion | Tent Rental: Event Rents | Chairs & farm table: Charming Chairs | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Lighting: Statice Floral & Matador Events 

0006 - Edited

It is always such a privilege to share in the union of dear friends and Wendy + Geoff were no exception. With over 20 years of friendship, it was a true joy to share in the planning and execution of their special day at The Crawford Hotel at Union Station and Low Country Kitchen. Two One Photography captured such sweet images from the day and Statice Floral added such beauty to both the ceremony and reception. Thanks for entrusting your day with us, Wendy + Geoff, we are so very happy for you!

0166 - Edited 0158 - Edited 0171 - Edited 0204 - Edited 0209 - Edited 0304 - Edited 0307 - Edited0391 - Edited0401 - Edited 0394 - Edited 0398 - Edited0400 - Edited 0395 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: The Crawford Hotel at Union Station | Reception: Low Country Kitchen | Photography: Two One Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Cake: Button Rock Bakery 


What a privilege it was celebrating the marriage of Mike + Tom at CU Boulder and then Mile High Station. Beautiful images of the couple’s special day were captured by the talented Caitlin Hamilton Photography and Elite Production added flare with their lighting and decor. JA Special Events ensured that all planning & coordination were handled so that the happy couple could relax and enjoy their day. Thanks for letting us share in your joy, Mike + Tom!

mike_tom_0096a mike_tom_0094mike_tom_0044mike_tom_0051mike_tom_0053mike_tom_0133mike_tom_0129mike_tom_0108mike_tom_0141mike_tom_0142mike_tom_0196amike_tom_0242mike_tom_0248mike_tom_0315mike_tom_0333mike_tom_0339mike_tom_0341mike_tom_0365mike_tom_0355mike_tom_0369mike_tom_0561mike_tom_0360mike_tom_0486mike_tom_0479mike_tom_0505mike_tom_0499mike_tom_0511


Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Wedding Ceremony: CU Boulder, Norlin Quad | Wedding Reception: Mile High Station | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Staffing & desserts: Footers Catering | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Lighting & decor: Elite Production | DJ: Elite DJ | Food trucks: In the Dog House, The Bamboo Skewer, Ragbag Bistro

View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan

What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

0561_PeterMichael_W1095GB8A6764alba_stephen_02430360_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerbethany_jim_wedding_349claura_zach_2270637_PeterMichael_W1095View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kristenmorgan0479alba_stephen_0516eGB8A6934View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonjack_gerber_0100580_AnnaTravis_W10830255_MeganRyan_W1046Alli+Mike-521_WEB0600-070917satoView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanstephanie_scott_0604View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-531_WEBGB8A6989alba_stephen_030803950555_AnnaTravis_W1083GB8A80330651_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan0718_AnnaTravis_W108306400763_PeterMichael_W1095Alli+Mike-260_WEBalba_stephen_0594aView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/tilliemitzvahView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonlaura_zach_5012107-070917satoV0289-437View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-278_WEBAlli+Mike-695_WEBalba_stephen_0588dstephanie_scott_0797alba_stephen_0540alba_stephen_05480830_AnnaTravis_W1083


On a beautiful September day, Sarah + Casey were married at the picturesque Denver Botanic Gardens. With glimpses of fall in the air, florals by Statice Floral were the perfect touch to the special day. David Lynn Photography captured stunning images of the couple, and BeSpoke Entertainment ensured that a good time was had by all with their entertainment. All event planning and coordination was gracefully handled by JA Special Events, and Footers Catering provided the guests with delicious food and desserts all night long. Thank you for letting us share in your day, Sarah + Casey!

0344 0347 0355 03890210 0219 02230268 0272 0251 0282 0280 02900291 029803070314047304790337051005220395040604000412040907320628063006320631062306440629061006160618064006170639062506660867

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Denver Botanic Gardens | Photography: David Lynn Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | DJ: BeSpoke Entertainment | Chairs: Charming Chairs | Shuttles: Presidential Worldwide | Lounge Furniture: Colorado Event Rentals