What a special day it was celebrating the marriage of Alba + Stephen at the Chapel at Beaver Creek. Their rustic yet elegant reception was held at the stunning Saddle Ridge which complemented their styles perfectly. Beautiful images were captured by Caitlin Hamilton Photography and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals. Elite DJ kept the party going into the night and JA Special Events enhanced the entire day with their planning and coordination. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Alba + Stephen!

alba_stephen_0145 alba_stephen_0525alba_stephen_0516c alba_stephen_0516ealba_stephen_0421balba_stephen_0427calba_stephen_0234alba_stephen_0232alba_stephen_0255alba_stephen_0243alba_stephen_0261alba_stephen_0265alba_stephen_0274alba_stephen_0308alba_stephen_0386alba_stephen_0512balba_stephen_0512calba_stephen_0457alba_stephen_0515aalba_stephen_0515balba_stephen_0579falba_stephen_0567alba_stephen_0581aalba_stephen_0580alba_stephen_0588falba_stephen_0586alba_stephen_0588dalba_stephen_0541alba_stephen_0560alba_stephen_0539alba_stephen_0714aalba_stephen_0715aalba_stephen_0718a

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue: Chapel at Beaver Creek | Reception: Saddle Ridge | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Cake/Dessert: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | DJ: Elite DJ


Stephanie and Scott’s Denver wedding was one of elegance and love. The couple married at All Souls Catholic Church and the reception was held at the beautiful Cielo at Castle Pines. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured gorgeous moments throughout their special day and the always stunning florals from Statice Florals complemented everything so perfectly. Family and friends had a wonderful time as DTP Events kept the party going into the night. It was a joy celebrating with you, Stephanie and Scott!

stephanie_scott_0256 stephanie_scott_0250stephanie_scott_0257 stephanie_scott_0292 stephanie_scott_0320stephanie_scott_0300 stephanie_scott_0410 stephanie_scott_0411stephanie_scott_0459 stephanie_scott_0519 stephanie_scott_0497stephanie_scott_0583 stephanie_scott_0582 stephanie_scott_0560 stephanie_scott_0561stephanie_scott_0588stephanie_scott_0577stephanie_scott_0593stephanie_scott_0572stephanie_scott_0667stephanie_scott_0666stephanie_scott_0687stephanie_scott_0690stephanie_scott_0695stephanie_scott_0683stephanie_scott_0780stephanie_scott_0793stephanie_scott_0786stephanie_scott_0788stephanie_scott_0797

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Eventsc | Ceremony: All Souls Catholic Church | Reception: Cielo at Castle Pines | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers | DJ: DTP Productions | Rentals: Event Rents | Transportation: Sunset Limousine


Bethany + Jim said “I Do” alongside of family and friends at the stunning Spruce Mountain Ranch. It was a day full of laughter and love, with JA Special Events taking care of all planning, coordinating, and even decor. Caitlin Hamilton beautifully captured the happy couple and lovely details, and Footers Catering made sure guests were well fed and content. Elite DJ livened up the party well into the night and Statice Floral provided the flowers for the joyous day. Congratulations, Bethany + Jim, we loved sharing in your special day!

 bethany_jim_wedding_049bethany_jim_wedding_172bethany_jim_wedding_110a bethany_jim_wedding_110dbethany_jim_wedding_129 bethany_jim_wedding_200bethany_jim_wedding_292bethany_jim_wedding_294bethany_jim_wedding_273bethany_jim_wedding_341cbethany_jim_wedding_349cbethany_jim_wedding_362abethany_jim_wedding_362cbethany_jim_wedding_321bethany_jim_wedding_473abethany_jim_wedding_473bbethany_jim_wedding_505bethany_jim_wedding_484bethany_jim_wedding_300bethany_jim_wedding_469bethany_jim_wedding_494bethany_jim_wedding_188abethany_jim_wedding_597fbethany_jim_wedding_597dbethany_jim_wedding_LF_04bethany_jim_wedding_LF_03bethany_jim_wedding_657

Vendor Credits:

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Footers Catering | DJ: Elite DJ | Florals: JA Special Events via Statice Floral | Decor: DIY via JA Special Events | Cupcakes: Cupcake Gypsies | Rentals: Event Rents | Transportation: Denver Marriott South


Jack requested a lacrosse theme for his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and we had a team who embraced that desire to the fullest. Thanks to the detailed planning handled by JA Special Events, the celebration was enjoyed by all. Caitlin Hamilton captured the momentous occasion and Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food and desserts. Dancetrax kept the crowd entertained for hours on end and Fun Productions livened up the atmosphere with basketball, lacrosse and air hockey games. Thanks for letting us share in your special day, Jack and family!

jack_gerber_020 jack_gerber_023jack_gerber_058 jack_gerber_054jack_gerber_094 jack_gerber_102 jack_gerber_109 jack_gerber_096jack_gerber_119jack_gerber_148jack_gerber_152jack_gerber_149jack_gerber_153jack_gerber_166jack_gerber_155jack_gerber_156jack_gerber_159jack_gerber_172jack_gerber_194jack_gerber_330jack_gerber_238jack_gerber_285jack_gerber_294jack_gerber_293jack_gerber_284jack_gerber_277

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Venue: Temple Sinai | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Decor & lighting: Elite Production | Games: Fun Productions | Rentals: Party Time Rentals (dance floor and stage) | Centerpieces and design: JA Special Events/ Statice Floral


What a privilege it is to share some of our favorite images of 2016-what a remarkable year it has been! We are blessed to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do all thanks to you!

0215mo-john-wedding-0339373_katianaben_w0980 375_katianaben_w0980sz0190138-carina-john-wedding mo-john-wedding-0784262View More: More: More: dani_zach_507View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:


On a crisp September day, Dani + Zach were married at the gorgeous Boulder Country Club. With glimpses of fall in the air, the florals by Floral Elegance Unlimited were the perfect touch to their special day. Caitlin Hamilton captured stunning images of the precious couple, and Elite DJ ensured that a good time was had by all with their entertainment. All event planning and coordination was gracefully handled by JA Special Events, and Mulberries provided guests with tasty treats as the celebration continued into the evening. Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful day, Dani + Zach!

dani_zach_067 dani_zach_066 dani_zach_019 dani_zach_021dani_zach_015dani_zach_160dani_zach_161dani_zach_166bdani_zach_175bdani_zach_178bdani_zach_187bdani_zach_216dani_zach_205bdani_zach_206bdani_zach_255dani_zach_232dani_zach_307dani_zach_325dani_zach_296dani_zach_291dani_zach_282dani_zach_279dani_zach_274dani_zach_392dani_zach_413dani_zach_420dani_zach_446dani_zach_448dani_zach_459dani_zach_472dani_zach_501dani_zach_503dani_zach_505dani_zach_507dani_zach_131dani_zach_121dani_zach_134dani_zach_136dani_zach_139dani_zach_138dani_zach_140dani_zach_588dani_zach_638dani_zach_641dani_zach_775dani_zach_776

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue/Catering: Boulder Country Club | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton | Videography: All Digital | DJ: Elite DJ | Florals: Floral Elegance Unlimited | Dessert: Mulberries


What an honor it was to celebrate Sam’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai with family and friends. Choosing to go with a car themed party with the help of planning and coordination by JA Special Events, the celebration continued at the impressive Vehicle Vault and Caitlin Hamilton captured the special occasion. Delicious food and dessert were taken care of by Relish Catering and Dancetrax kept the party going into the night. We are so very proud of your accomplishment, Sam!



Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Sinai | Venue: Vehicle Vault | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Relish Catering | DJ: Dancetrax | Photo Booth: A Custom Look | Centerpieces and Florals: Via Client/JA Special Events | Linens and Rentals: Via Relish and JA Special Events (Party Time)


Continuing in the celebration of her Bat Mitzvah, Erin and her family hosted a pool party lunch for close family and friends. JA Special Events took care of the design, planning, and majority of the catering. Caitlin Hamilton Photography was there to photograph this memorable day and Elite DJ added such energy and fun to the party. Delicious wood-fired pizza was brought in by Basic Kneads and refreshing ice cream sundaes were provided by Sweet Cow. The entire weekend was such a joy to be a part of; we are so happy for you, Erin!

erin_bat_mitzvah_183 erin_bat_mitzvah_207erin_bat_mitzvah_242 erin_bat_mitzvah_248erin_bat_mitzvah_238 erin_bat_mitzvah_236erin_bat_mitzvah_209 erin_bat_mitzvah_313erin_bat_mitzvah_268 erin_bat_mitzvah_272 erin_bat_mitzvah_261erin_bat_mitzvah_277 erin_bat_mitzvah_278 erin_bat_mitzvah_279erin_bat_mitzvah_245 erin_bat_mitzvah_321

Vendor Credits

Planning, Design & Catering: JA Special Events | Photographer: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Pizza Food Truck: Basic Kneads | Ice Cream Truck: Sweet Cow | DJ: Elite DJ and Productions |


A summertime Bat Mitzvah at Rembrandt Yard made for a joyous celebration. The day was truly special, with all of the design and planning orchestrated by JA Special Events. Occasions Catering handled the delicious food, and brightly colored linens from Party Time Rentals and All Events Rentals added much to the decor. The vibrant florals done by Flowers by Becca livened up the atmosphere beautifully and Caitlin Hamilton Photography was there to capture this monumental day. Well done Erin, it was our pleasure celebrating you and your accomplishment!

erin_bat_mitzvah_013 erin_bat_mitzvah_022erin_bat_mitzvah_015 erin_bat_mitzvah_011 erin_bat_mitzvah_014erin_bat_mitzvah_018erin_bat_mitzvah_021 erin_bat_mitzvah_025erin_bat_mitzvah_020erin_bat_mitzvah_026erin_bat_mitzvah_028erin_bat_mitzvah_056erin_bat_mitzvah_057erin_bat_mitzvah_047erin_bat_mitzvah_029erin_bat_mitzvah_140erin_bat_mitzvah_124erin_bat_mitzvah_111erin_bat_mitzvah_166erin_bat_mitzvah_138

Vendor Credits

Event Planning & Design: JA Special Events | Venue: Rembrandt Yard | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Occasions Catering | Rentals: Party Time Rentals & All Events Rentals | Florist: Flowers by Becca

alyce_habib_0452bAlyce and Habib’s downtown Denver wedding was truly one of elegance and love. The couple married at the stunning Oxford Hotel and Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured gorgeous moments throughout their special day. The always beautiful florals from Statice Floral complemented everything so perfectly, as soft pinks, greens and ivory adorned the bouquets and centerpieces. A grand time was had by all, and DJ Cyn kept the party going into the night. It was a joy celebrating with you, Alyce and Habib!

alyce_habib_0003 alyce_habib_0009 alyce_habib_0008alyce_habib_0468alyce_habib_0466balyce_habib_0465balyce_habib_0207alyce_habib_0216alyce_habib_0247balyce_habib_0249balyce_habib_0276alyce_habib_0273alyce_habib_0317balyce_habib_0302balyce_habib_0307balyce_habib_0330balyce_habib_0396balyce_habib_0395balyce_habib_0403alyce_habib_0543alyce_habib_0541alyce_habib_0539alyce_habib_0547 alyce_habib_0549 alyce_habib_0553alyce_habib_0565 alyce_habib_0566alyce_habib_0893 alyce_habib_0770alyce_habib_0777alyce_habib_0790alyce_habib_0693 alyce_habib_0692alyce_habib_0485alyce_habib_0475alyce_habib_0469alyce_habib_0896alyce_habib_0897alyce_habib_1072alyce_habib_1006alyce_habib_1010alyce_habib_1078alyce_habib_1073alyce_habib_0990alyce_habib_0987

Vendor Credits

Event planning, coordination & centerpieces: JA Special Events | Venue: Oxford Hotel | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florist: Statice Floral | DJ: DJ CYN | Photo Booth: All Digital