What a privilege it was celebrating the marriage of Mike + Tom at CU Boulder and then Mile High Station. Beautiful images of the couple’s special day were captured by the talented Caitlin Hamilton Photography and Elite Production added flare with their lighting and decor. JA Special Events ensured that all planning & coordination were handled so that the happy couple could relax and enjoy their day. Thanks for letting us share in your joy, Mike + Tom!

mike_tom_0096a mike_tom_0094mike_tom_0044mike_tom_0051mike_tom_0053mike_tom_0133mike_tom_0129mike_tom_0108mike_tom_0141mike_tom_0142mike_tom_0196amike_tom_0242mike_tom_0248mike_tom_0315mike_tom_0333mike_tom_0339mike_tom_0341mike_tom_0365mike_tom_0355mike_tom_0369mike_tom_0561mike_tom_0360mike_tom_0486mike_tom_0479mike_tom_0505mike_tom_0499mike_tom_0511


Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Wedding Ceremony: CU Boulder, Norlin Quad | Wedding Reception: Mile High Station | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Staffing & desserts: Footers Catering | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Lighting & decor: Elite Production | DJ: Elite DJ | Food trucks: In the Dog House, The Bamboo Skewer, Ragbag Bistro


What a joy it was being a part of Asher’s dainty Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and the Wellshire Inn. Statice Floral added such beauty to the venue with their gorgeous florals, Elite Production added modern touches with their lighting and decor, Dancetrax kept the party going, and JA Special Events ensured that every little detail was executed flawlessly. A big thanks to Caitlin Hamilton for beautifully capturing the special day, and to Asher and your entire family for allowing us to share in this wonderful milestone in your life!


Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Sinai | Reception: The Wellshire Inn | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | DJ: Dancetrax | Decor: Elite Production | Photobooth: Elite Production


Here at JA Special Events, we are fortunate enough to get to work with some of the very best vendors in Colorado’s event industry. Today we have the privilege of featuring one of our favorite photographers-Caitlin Hamilton Photography. Each and every client tells a different story, and Caitlin makes it a priority to capture that beauty each and every time. Her passion and dedication for what she does reflects in the images she produces, leaving clients with lasting photos to hold on to forever. It would be your privilege to have Caitlin Hamilton capture your special day; you will be thanking her for a lifetime!

alba_stephen_0516e laura_zach_188jack_fleischner_0117alba_stephen_0265bethany_jim_wedding_349c laura_zach_227alba_stephen_0255alba_stephen_0243kiersten_erik_0602astephanie_scott_0604bethany_jim_wedding_LF_03bethany_jim_wedding_597kiersten_erik_0352alba_stephen_0594aalba_stephen_0588dbethany_jim_wedding_300laura_zach_454laura_zach_501jack_fleischner_0046alba_stephen_0581aalba_stephen_0579fbethany_jim_wedding_657laura_zach_799stephanie_scott_0797


The St. Julien in Boulder served as the perfect backdrop for the special union between Pilar + Mathias. With the snow glistening outside, the happy couple pledged their lives to one another, and Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured the beauty. JA Special Events took care of all planning and coordination, and Petals and Pours created lovely arrangements that were enjoyed by all. We so enjoyed being a part of your celebration, Pilar + Mathias!

pilar_mathias_wedding_070 pilar_mathias_wedding_124 pilar_mathias_wedding_120 pilar_mathias_wedding_269 pilar_mathias_wedding_278 pilar_mathias_wedding_300 pilar_mathias_wedding_329 pilar_mathias_wedding_368 pilar_mathias_wedding_423 pilar_mathias_wedding_436 pilar_mathias_wedding_441pilar_mathias_wedding_507pilar_mathias_wedding_506pilar_mathias_wedding_463pilar_mathias_wedding_455pilar_mathias_wedding_458pilar_mathias_wedding_461 pilar_mathias_wedding_492 pilar_mathias_wedding_475pilar_mathias_wedding_529pilar_mathias_wedding_535pilar_mathias_wedding_595pilar_mathias_wedding_575pilar_mathias_wedding_555pilar_mathias_wedding_552pilar_mathias_wedding_551pilar_mathias_wedding_558pilar_mathias_wedding_570pilar_mathias_wedding_573pilar_mathias_wedding_572pilar_mathias_wedding_541pilar_mathias_wedding_663pilar_mathias_wedding_665

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: St. Julien Hotel | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Petals and Pours | Ceremony & Reception Music: Jay Kacik | Lighting: via DJ | Linens: Ivory House Linens and Napkins


What a privilege it was being a part of Jack’s Bar Mitzvah & Grille at Hebrew Educational Alliance and Infinity Park. Jack’s restaurant inspired theme was executed with such class by JA Special Events, down to the very last detail. Caitlin Hamilton captured wonderful images from the event and guests raved about the delicious food from Relish Catering. Dancetrax kept the party going well into the evening and a memorable time was had by all. Congrats on your amazing accomplishment Jack, we loved celebrating with you and your family!

jack_fleischner_0047 jack_fleischner_0025jack_fleischner_0011 jack_fleischner_0061 jack_fleischner_0054jack_fleischner_0071jack_fleischner_0115 jack_fleischner_0122jack_fleischner_0117jack_fleischner_0113 jack_fleischner_0091 jack_fleischner_0103jack_fleischner_0120 jack_fleischner_0135 jack_fleischner_0109 jack_fleischner_0215 jack_fleischner_0213jack_fleischner_0194 jack_fleischner_0181

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Hebrew Educational Alliance | Celebration & Dinner: Infinity Park | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Relish | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photobooth & Games: Fun Productions | Transportation: Pacesetter


With the winter mountains as their backdrop, Kiersten + Erik said “I Do” at the always stunning Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured their special day, and touches of evergreen and winter whites were the perfect addition to the ceremony and reception. Planning and event coordination were taken care of by JA Special Events and a lovely time was had by all. It was our joy to celebrate your marriage, Kiersten + Erik; we are thrilled for you!

kiersten_erik_0001 kiersten_erik_0004kiersten_erik_0153bkiersten_erik_0458kiersten_erik_0455kiersten_erik_0156kiersten_erik_0381bkiersten_erik_0452ckiersten_erik_0445kiersten_erik_0384akiersten_erik_0145kiersten_erik_0225kiersten_erik_0293kiersten_erik_0311kiersten_erik_0318kiersten_erik_0345kiersten_erik_0334kiersten_erik_0348kiersten_erik_0352kiersten_erik_0392kiersten_erik_0470kiersten_erik_0464kiersten_erik_0440dkiersten_erik_0429kiersten_erik_0432kiersten_erik_0364kiersten_erik_0718kiersten_erik_0719kiersten_erik_0492kiersten_erik_0495kiersten_erik_0479kiersten_erik_0483kiersten_erik_0497kiersten_erik_0642kiersten_erik_0501kiersten_erik_0535kiersten_erik_0602akiersten_erik_0740kiersten_erik_0738

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: via JA Special Events | Cake: Kelley Kakes | DJ: Chris Melanokis

View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan

What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

0561_PeterMichael_W1095GB8A6764alba_stephen_02430360_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerbethany_jim_wedding_349claura_zach_2270637_PeterMichael_W1095View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kristenmorgan0479alba_stephen_0516eGB8A6934View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonjack_gerber_0100580_AnnaTravis_W10830255_MeganRyan_W1046Alli+Mike-521_WEB0600-070917satoView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanstephanie_scott_0604View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-531_WEBGB8A6989alba_stephen_030803950555_AnnaTravis_W1083GB8A80330651_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan0718_AnnaTravis_W108306400763_PeterMichael_W1095Alli+Mike-260_WEBalba_stephen_0594aView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/tilliemitzvahView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonlaura_zach_5012107-070917satoV0289-437View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-278_WEBAlli+Mike-695_WEBalba_stephen_0588dstephanie_scott_0797alba_stephen_0540alba_stephen_05480830_AnnaTravis_W1083


Crestview Lodge served as the perfect backdrop for Laura + Zach’s outdoor wedding. The stunning fall florals from Statice Floral further enhanced the natural beauty of the venue, and Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured wonderful images from the day. JA Special Events handled the event planning and coordination, and Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food and desserts throughout the evening. We couldn’t be happier for you, Laura + Zach, and loved being a part of your memorable day!

laura_zach_036laura_zach_222 laura_zach_210 laura_zach_216 laura_zach_159 laura_zach_209 laura_zach_155laura_zach_188laura_zach_898laura_zach_253laura_zach_223laura_zach_224laura_zach_258laura_zach_394laura_zach_397laura_zach_387laura_zach_448laura_zach_501laura_zach_423laura_zach_435laura_zach_432laura_zach_709 laura_zach_707laura_zach_502laura_zach_503laura_zach_799laura_zach_661laura_zach_850

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Crestview Lodge | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals & Decor: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Tent Rental & Linens: Party Time Rentals | Farm Tables: Event Rents | Ceremony Musician: Elite DJ | Cocktails & Early Dinner Band: Masontown | Restroom Trailer: Lavish Loo


What a special day it was celebrating the marriage of Alba + Stephen at the Chapel at Beaver Creek. Their rustic yet elegant reception was held at the stunning Saddle Ridge which complemented their styles perfectly. Beautiful images were captured by Caitlin Hamilton Photography and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals. Elite DJ kept the party going into the night and JA Special Events enhanced the entire day with their planning and coordination. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Alba + Stephen!

alba_stephen_0145 alba_stephen_0525alba_stephen_0516c alba_stephen_0516ealba_stephen_0421balba_stephen_0427calba_stephen_0234alba_stephen_0232alba_stephen_0255alba_stephen_0243alba_stephen_0261alba_stephen_0265alba_stephen_0274alba_stephen_0308alba_stephen_0386alba_stephen_0512balba_stephen_0512calba_stephen_0457alba_stephen_0515aalba_stephen_0515balba_stephen_0579falba_stephen_0567alba_stephen_0581aalba_stephen_0580alba_stephen_0588falba_stephen_0586alba_stephen_0588dalba_stephen_0541alba_stephen_0560alba_stephen_0539alba_stephen_0714aalba_stephen_0715aalba_stephen_0718a

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue: Chapel at Beaver Creek | Reception: Saddle Ridge | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Cake/Dessert: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | DJ: Elite DJ


Stephanie and Scott’s Denver wedding was one of elegance and love. The couple married at All Souls Catholic Church and the reception was held at the beautiful Cielo at Castle Pines. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured gorgeous moments throughout their special day and the always stunning florals from Statice Florals complemented everything so perfectly. Family and friends had a wonderful time as DTP Events kept the party going into the night. It was a joy celebrating with you, Stephanie and Scott!

stephanie_scott_0256 stephanie_scott_0250stephanie_scott_0257 stephanie_scott_0292 stephanie_scott_0320stephanie_scott_0300 stephanie_scott_0410 stephanie_scott_0411stephanie_scott_0459 stephanie_scott_0519 stephanie_scott_0497stephanie_scott_0583 stephanie_scott_0582 stephanie_scott_0560 stephanie_scott_0561stephanie_scott_0588stephanie_scott_0577stephanie_scott_0593stephanie_scott_0572stephanie_scott_0667stephanie_scott_0666stephanie_scott_0687stephanie_scott_0690stephanie_scott_0695stephanie_scott_0683stephanie_scott_0780stephanie_scott_0793stephanie_scott_0786stephanie_scott_0788stephanie_scott_0797

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Eventsc | Ceremony: All Souls Catholic Church | Reception: Cielo at Castle Pines | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers | DJ: DTP Productions | Rentals: Event Rents | Transportation: Sunset Limousine