Here at JA Special Events, we are fortunate enough to get to work with some of the very best vendors in Colorado’s event industry. Today we have the privilege of highlighting a stunning location-Beaver Creek. There are gorgeous ceremony and reception venues nestled in the heart of Beaver Creek that we adore working at, Beaver Creek Wedding Deck, Beano’s Cabin and Saddle Ridge to name a few. Full of natural mountain beauty and charm, the mountain air is inviting under summer flowers or winter powder. Memories are made to last and they can begin in Beaver Creek for your next special milestone. We are thrilled to work alongside Beaver Creek on countless events throughout each year.

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Beano’s Cabin served as a spectacular backdrop for the stunning wedding of Meredith + JB. Gorgeous neutral florals provided by Statice Floral accompanied the picturesque wedding, and Jason and Anna Photography captured magnificent images from the memorable day. The most elegant and delicate cake was done by Shamane’s Bake Shoppe-truly a work of art. JA Special Events took care of all event planning and coordination, ensuring that the couple’s vision was executed just as they desired. What a joy and privilege it was to celebrate with you, Meredith + JB!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony & Reception: Beano’s Cabin |Photography: Jason and Anna Photography | Florals & Decor: Statice Floral | Videography: Lupher Arts | Band: Bobby Yang | Cake: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | Added Decor & Seating: Max & Livie | Linens: Linen Hero

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What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

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What a special day it was celebrating the marriage of Alba + Stephen at the Chapel at Beaver Creek. Their rustic yet elegant reception was held at the stunning Saddle Ridge which complemented their styles perfectly. Beautiful images were captured by Caitlin Hamilton Photography and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals. Elite DJ kept the party going into the night and JA Special Events enhanced the entire day with their planning and coordination. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Alba + Stephen!

alba_stephen_0145 alba_stephen_0525alba_stephen_0516c alba_stephen_0516ealba_stephen_0421balba_stephen_0427calba_stephen_0234alba_stephen_0232alba_stephen_0255alba_stephen_0243alba_stephen_0261alba_stephen_0265alba_stephen_0274alba_stephen_0308alba_stephen_0386alba_stephen_0512balba_stephen_0512calba_stephen_0457alba_stephen_0515aalba_stephen_0515balba_stephen_0579falba_stephen_0567alba_stephen_0581aalba_stephen_0580alba_stephen_0588falba_stephen_0586alba_stephen_0588dalba_stephen_0541alba_stephen_0560alba_stephen_0539alba_stephen_0714aalba_stephen_0715aalba_stephen_0718a

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue: Chapel at Beaver Creek | Reception: Saddle Ridge | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Cake/Dessert: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | DJ: Elite DJ


It’s always such a joy to share in the union of marriage, and Bri + Marek were no exception. With the ceremony at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck and the reception at Saddle Ridge, the happy couple had close family and friends by their side on their glorious day. Rae Marie documented all the beautiful moments, and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals and decor. The detailed planning and coordination were taken care of by JA Special Events. Congrats Bri + Marek, we are so happy for you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue: Beaver Creek Wedding Deck | Reception Venue: Saddle Ridge | Photography: Rae Marie Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Cake: Kelley Kakes | DJ: Greatime DJ | Loveseat rental for Bride & Groom: Hunt and Gather Event Rentals


Beano’s Cabin served as the perfect backdrop for the precious marriage of Chelsea + Patrick. The natural greens and pops of colors provided by Sweet Pea Flowers added to the gorgeous surroundings, and Jamee Photography captured the day with such style and beauty. All event planning and coordination was handled by JA Special Events, and the elegant cake was created by the talented Shamane’s Bake Shoppe. Your day was lovely in every single way, Chelsea + Patrick, and we couldn’t be happier for you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Beano’s Cabin | Photography: Jamee Photography | Florals: Sweet Pea Flowers | Videography: Lupher Arts Videography | DJ: DJ Jeff D’Amico | Cake: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe


Heather & Jared’s wedding celebration was an idyllic weekend in Beaver Creek that kicked off with rehearsal dinner at CBar at the resort’s base.  Afternoon showers on the wedding day cleared just in time for Jake, the couple’s handsome dog, to perform his ring bearer duties in style as guests from across the country and even Japan witnessed an exchange of vows with verdant slopes in the background and the relaxing rush of a river just over the stone ledge.  Flowers in a profusion of color inspired by summer wildflowers were arranged by Statice Floral in weathered wooden boxes, bark-wrapped containers, and glass vases and displayed on the dark rich wood of walnut tree slices, sanded and hand-finished by Jared.   A sumptuous dinner served by the excellent team at Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa was followed up with shot ski fun at the bar, a giant Jenga game, and guest appearances in the photobooth from Fabio, Justin Bieber, and Edward Cullen, whose cutouts later found their way to the dance floor made lively by DJ Eric from Elite Entertainment.   A huge thanks to Brinton Studios for their gorgeous images of this thoughtful, smart, good-looking, & entirely enjoyable couple!

 Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding006_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding010_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding002_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding017_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding028_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding022_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding012_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding024_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding032_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding034_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding043_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding029_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding044_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding039_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding073_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding051_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding048_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding050_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding056_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding059_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding054_low   Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding062_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding068_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding103_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding066_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding036_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding096_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding089_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding085_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding070_low     Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding092_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding124_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding093_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding100_low  Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding107_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding108_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding083_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding109_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding105_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding118_low    Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding125_low Kreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding134_lowKreutz_Freml_Brinton_Studios_westinbeavercreekwedding121_low

The Creative Team

Event Planner:  JA Special Events | Venue:  The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, Beaver Creek | Photography & Photobooth:  Brinton Studios | Flowers:  Statice Floral Design | Centerpiece Walnut Slices:  Custom-made by the groom | DJ:  Elite DJ & Entertainment | Officiant:  Rocky Mountain Wedding Services, Matt Raynak | Wedding Gown:  Liancarlo from Little White Dress | Bridesmaid Dresses:  Bella Bridesmaids | Groom’s Suit:  Brooks Brothers | Groom & Groomsmen Ties:  Knotty Tie (Denver-based)

RMB feature

Deidre + Collin | Beautiful Beaver Creek Wedding is featured today on Rocky Mountain Bride blog!  We had the pleasure of working with this lovely couple and their talented families, the friendly staff at Saddle Ridge, uber-talented Jason + Gina Photography, All Digital Videography, Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, and All Events Rentals.

Deidre’s beautiful wedding dress is from one of Denver’s favorite bridal boutiques (and one of our vendor partners), Little White Dress.





From the moment you’re welcomed by friendly gatekeepers at the flag-lined vista drive, you feel like the people of Beaver creek are happy you’ve come and that they intend to show you a good time with top-notch service.  Combined with the aspen forests, the mountain grandeur, and the lodge of another era complete with winding staircase and tucked away alcoves, Saddle Ridge fully delivers an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Golden bears, elk, moose, and mouse table numbers, gilded candles on a bed of wood chips, emerald green homemade jalapeno jelly favors, an eclectic mix of old wooden chairs, heirloom photos surrounding a dahlia-adorned cake, and a mix of white roses, baby’s breath, and chamomile in rustic wooden boxes (artfully arranged by the groom’s mother)…the rich details of Colin & Deidre’s mountain lodge wedding were beautifully captured by the fun and talented duo, Jason + Gina Photography



Envelopes of fresh rose petals were sealed in gold and burgundy wax and offered for guests to shower on the newly married couple.  We love how this little detail compliments the historic feel of the lodge and gives a sense of timeless romance.



Colin and Deidre’s families were very involved in the décor for this western lodge celebration.  They were very creative in the use of wildlife figures, sprayed in gold and displayed on dark wooden stands to hold up the table numbers.  Gold-flecked candles on a bed of wood chips in their glass containers interspersed with wooden boxes of flowers all adorned the various wooden tables.


Favor jars of homemade jalapeno jelly (a favorite of the couple) and lace runners added the perfect touch of vintage elegance to the rustic lodge setting.


Saddle Ridge lays claim to “the largest collection of American western antique furnishings and artifacts outside of a museum”.  They even include these mismatched wooden chairs, rich in character and so perfect for the setting.


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We were thrilled at this wedding to re-connect with a sweet couple whose wedding we had coordinated last summer and who were kind enough to refer us to Deidre and Colin.  They now have an adorable little baby boy.  It’s so fun to stay connected with our couples as they continue life’s journey post-wedding.  And being able to meet new couples through referrals from previous clients is, to us, such a compliment.

Honoring a heritage of strong family ties, Colin & Deidre proudly displayed these vintage family wedding photos on their cake table.  We complimented the photos with some western antique furnishings and artifacts (mentioned above) and, later in the evening, some mini-pies and desserts.


Congratulations, Colin & Deidre, on beautifully celebrating your family of two while honoring the richness of your heritage, tastefully complimenting the lodge and mountain setting with your décor, and, true to the Beaver Creek welcome, showing everyone a great time!

Hat’s off to the Vendor Team:

Coordination:  JA Special Events | Photography:  Jason + Gina Photography | Venue:  Saddle Ridge | Flowers:  Groom’s Mother | DJ & Lighting:  Pure Energy Events | Cake & Desserts:  Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | Wedding Dress:  Little White Dress

Deidre + Collin | Beautiful Beaver Creek Wedding was featured on the Rocky Mountain Bride blog!