What a privilege it was being a part of Jack’s Bar Mitzvah & Grille at Hebrew Educational Alliance and Infinity Park. Jack’s restaurant inspired theme was executed with such class by JA Special Events, down to the very last detail. Caitlin Hamilton captured wonderful images from the event and guests raved about the delicious food from Relish Catering. Dancetrax kept the party going well into the evening and a memorable time was had by all. Congrats on your amazing accomplishment Jack, we loved celebrating with you and your family!

jack_fleischner_0047 jack_fleischner_0025jack_fleischner_0011 jack_fleischner_0061 jack_fleischner_0054jack_fleischner_0071jack_fleischner_0115 jack_fleischner_0122jack_fleischner_0117jack_fleischner_0113 jack_fleischner_0091 jack_fleischner_0103jack_fleischner_0120 jack_fleischner_0135 jack_fleischner_0109 jack_fleischner_0215 jack_fleischner_0213jack_fleischner_0194 jack_fleischner_0181

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Hebrew Educational Alliance | Celebration & Dinner: Infinity Park | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Relish | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photobooth & Games: Fun Productions | Transportation: Pacesetter


It was such a privilege being a part of Aden’s Bar Mitzvah celebration at Temple Sinai and Cuba Cuba. Aden’s love for the Denver Broncos was incorporated into the decor thanks to the planning and coordination done by JA Special Events. Jared Wilson Photography captured special images from the day and Sacred Thistle added beauty with their florals. We are so proud of your accomplishment, Aden, and it was our joy celebrating with you and your family!

V0307-004 V0307-001V0307-032V0307-034V0307-116V0307-055V0307-056V0307-165V0307-179V0307-160V0307-541V0307-264V0307-030V0307-390V0307-328V0307-327V0307-562V0307-568V0307-569V0307-576

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Synagogue: Temple Sinai | Venue & Catering: Cuba Cuba Restaurant | Photography: Jared Wilson Photography | Florals: Sacred Thistle | Videography: Lupher Arts | Photo Booth: Elite Productions

View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan

What a joy it is to share some of our favorite images of 2017-what an amazing year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love all that we do thanks to each of you!

0561_PeterMichael_W1095GB8A6764alba_stephen_02430360_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerbethany_jim_wedding_349claura_zach_2270637_PeterMichael_W1095View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kristenmorgan0479alba_stephen_0516eGB8A6934View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonjack_gerber_0100580_AnnaTravis_W10830255_MeganRyan_W1046Alli+Mike-521_WEB0600-070917satoView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanstephanie_scott_0604View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-531_WEBGB8A6989alba_stephen_030803950555_AnnaTravis_W1083GB8A80330651_AnnaTravis_W1083View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturan0718_AnnaTravis_W108306400763_PeterMichael_W1095Alli+Mike-260_WEBalba_stephen_0594aView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/tilliemitzvahView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/hillarytylerView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/carolineclaytonlaura_zach_5012107-070917satoV0289-437View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/annaturanAlli+Mike-278_WEBAlli+Mike-695_WEBalba_stephen_0588dstephanie_scott_0797alba_stephen_0540alba_stephen_05480830_AnnaTravis_W1083


Jack requested a lacrosse theme for his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and we had a team who embraced that desire to the fullest. Thanks to the detailed planning handled by JA Special Events, the celebration was enjoyed by all. Caitlin Hamilton captured the momentous occasion and Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food and desserts. Dancetrax kept the crowd entertained for hours on end and Fun Productions livened up the atmosphere with basketball, lacrosse and air hockey games. Thanks for letting us share in your special day, Jack and family!

jack_gerber_020 jack_gerber_023jack_gerber_058 jack_gerber_054jack_gerber_094 jack_gerber_102 jack_gerber_109 jack_gerber_096jack_gerber_119jack_gerber_148jack_gerber_152jack_gerber_149jack_gerber_153jack_gerber_166jack_gerber_155jack_gerber_156jack_gerber_159jack_gerber_172jack_gerber_194jack_gerber_330jack_gerber_238jack_gerber_285jack_gerber_294jack_gerber_293jack_gerber_284jack_gerber_277

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Venue: Temple Sinai | Catering: Footers Catering | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Decor & lighting: Elite Production | Games: Fun Productions | Rentals: Party Time Rentals (dance floor and stage) | Centerpieces and design: JA Special Events/ Statice Floral


What a privilege it is to share some of our favorite images of 2016-what a remarkable year it has been! We are blessed to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year truly spectacular! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do all thanks to you!

0215mo-john-wedding-0339373_katianaben_w0980 375_katianaben_w0980sz0190138-carina-john-wedding mo-john-wedding-0784262View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidanat_eran_wedding379img_9223View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahalsobrookceremony-62courtney_jesse_0518sophia_bat_mitzvah_097banne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_315sam_cohen_039-3sam_cohen_056-13peilaceremony-55sz0279View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kayladani_zach_472 dani_zach_507View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidcollinsbridalparty-19-of-117451-katiematt348-katiemattsz0375alsobrookbrideandgroom-33bittingwed0563118_katianaben_w0980peilabrideandgroom-113424-katiemattanne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_103collinsbrideandgroom-22-of-104View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/bethanyanddan567View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvah700anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_423erin_bat_mitzvah_0210818686collinsceremony-14-of-1260217_sophiebatmitzvah_v0969peilareception-30collinsreception-44-of-261View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/whitneyandjoepeilareception-8bittingwed1604View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kaylaView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvah638anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_431503-carina-john-weddingzach-dina-0557mo-john-wedding-0923sam_cohen_235erin_bat_mitzvah_026courtney_jesse_0613anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_434anne_ryan_devils_thumb_wedding_by_connie_whitlock_web_436View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahsz0542mo-john-wedding-0941View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/whitneyandjoe492-carina-john-wedding720511-carina-john-weddingcourtney_jesse_0609collinsreception-46-of-2610840View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahmo-john-wedding-1124View More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/kaylaView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/emmamitzvahView More: http://brintonstudios.pass.us/alidavidalsobrooksp-40

IMG_8405Drew asked for a club theme for his bar mitzvah at Hebrew Educational Alliance and we had a team that rocked the vibe, from the Slinky ceiling installation over the dance floor (Lighting & Design by Scott) to the hip bar stools from Party Time Rentals, from the VIP club pass escort cards (Melissa Clark Designs) to the glow in the dark tatoos, and from the swank lounge furniture from Couch, LLC to the fascinating nitro bar from The Inventing Room, this party was sophisticated fun.  Dance Trax Productions always provides engaging dance floor entertainment and we loved working withTamara of Chair Covers & Linens again on the second mitzvah for this great family.  Thanks, Drew, and congratulations!

  IMG_8373 IMG_8390   IMG_8367 IMG_8400IMG_8440 IMG_8464 IMG_8411  IMG_8394 IMG_8417 IMG_8423 IMG_8446 IMG_9320     IMG_8649 IMG_8460 IMG_8491 IMG_8494  IMG_8599    IMG_8924 IMG_9077 IMG_9082 IMG_9088 IMG_9112IMG_9242

The Creative Team

Event planning, coordination, & design:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Hebrew Educational Alliance | Catering:  Albert’s Catering | Photography:  Elaine Bradley | Centerpieces:  JA Special Events | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Lighting, Drape, & Slinky Ceiling Installation:  Lighting & Design by Scott | Rentals:  Party Time Rentals | Entertainment:  Dance Trax Productions | Nitro Bar:  The Inventing Room | Lounge furniture:  Couch | Signage & graphic design:  Melissa Clark Designs

Basketball player cutout, Jared Wilson Photography  Coby's bar mitzvah entrance, Jared Wilson Photography  Monogrammed sock & signage, Jared Wilson Photography

Coby Gold loves basketball and this passion is evident in every aspect of his Infinity Park bar mitzvah, rolled out in red carpet style and expertly captured by Jared Wilson Photography.  Design Works created striking centerpieces with personalized graphics and elevated basketballs in custom logoed cases.  Scoreboards and slideshow images were projected on the surround screens while sleek red spandex chair covers banded in black complimented the red napkins in black sports band favors.  Guests enjoyed contemporary white lounge seating at the edge of a basketball imaged dance floor.  An eclectic assortment of food stations featured some of Coby’s favorite foods with creative signage like “Gold’s NY Pizzeria” & “Coby’s In & Out Burgers & Dogs”.  Fun Productions provided hoops and gaming tables while RIPM Entertainment, a green screen photobooth, a bling station, and VooDoo Doughnuts kept young and old happy and entertained all evening.  Congratulations, Coby!  Your bar mitzvah celebration was a slam dunk!

Custom bar mitzvah signage, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball themed escort cards for bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography  Bar mitzvah welcome table by Design Works, Jared Wilson PhotographyCustom basketball sign for bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography

Basketball themed escort cards, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball games from Fun Productions, Jared Wilson PhotographyCustom basketball graphics, Jared Wilson Photography

black & red basketball themed bar mitzvah reception at Infinity Park, Jared Wilson Photography

Spandex chair covers from Linen Hero at basketball bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography

Basketball themed bar mitzvah at Infinity Park, Jared Wilson Photography

Basketball player table names, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball centerpiece, Jared Wilson Photography  Custom basketball centerpiece from Design Works, Jared Wilson Photography

Basketball player table names, Jared Wilson Photography  Custom basketball themed centerpiece from Design Works, Jared Wilson PhotographyNapkin with sportsband guest favor, Jared Wilson Photography  Red & Black basketball bar mitzvah at Infinity Park, Jared Wilson PhotographyCustom basketball centerpieces from Design Works, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball centerpiece with graphics from Design Works, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball player silhouette from Design Works, Jared Wilson PhotographyBasketball projection at Infinity Park, Jared Wilson Photography  Custom imaging at Infinity Park bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson PhotographyWhite lounge seating at red & black bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography

Basketball dance floor, Jared Wilson Photography  Bar mitzvah entertainer, Jared Wilson PhotographyBlack and red bar mitzvah invitations, Jared Wilson Photography  Custom bar mitzvah menu, Jared Wilson PhotographyCustom food bar signage, Jared Wilson Photography  Custom food bar signage, Jared Wilson PhotographyBar mitzvah food station, Jared Wilson Photography Bar mitzvah food station, Jared Wilson Photography Food station, Jared Wilson PhotographyMini-sliders from Epicurean Catering, Jared Wilson Photography  Soup & sandwich shooters served by a referee at basketball bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson PhotographySeafood display from Sushi Sasa, Jared Wilson Photography  Shrimp display from Sushi Sasa, Jared Wilson PhotographySushi rolls from Sushi Sasa, Jared Wilson Photography  Sushi rolls from Sushi Sasa, Jared Wilson PhotographyShooters served by referee, Jared Wilson Photography  Chocolate covered strawberries, Jared Wilson PhotographyBling Station from Melissa Clarke Designs, Jared Wilson Photography  Bling station activity at bar mitzvah from Melissa Clarke Designs, Jared Wilson PhotographyBar mitzvah Casino games from Fun Productions, Jared Wilson Photography  Casino games from Fun Productions, Jared Wilson PhotographyRIPM Entertainment, Jared Wilson Photography  Drummer at Bar Mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photographybar mitzvah slideshow over the dance floor, Jared Wilson Photography

glow stick dancing at bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography  Hora chair at bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson PhotographyVooDoo donut dessert table at bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography

VooDoo Doughnut sign from Design Works, Jared Wilson Photography  VooDoo Doughnut box, Jared Wilson PhotographyVoodoo Doughnuts with bubblegum center, Jared Wilson Photography  VooDoo Doughnuts with Fruit Loops, Jared Wilson PhotographyVooDoo Doughnuts, Jared Wilson Photography  VooDoo Doughnuts, Jared Wilson PhotographyBasketball player cutout guestbook at bar mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography  Basketball cutout guestbook, Jared Wilson PhotographyBasketball games at Bar Mitzvah, Jared Wilson Photography  Coby's Bar Mitzvah portrait, Jared Wilson Photography

The All-Star Vendor Team

Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Infinity Park | Photography:  Jared Wilson Photography | Décor & Design:  Design Works | Catering:  Epicurean Catering, Chipotle, Sushi Sasa | Dessert:  VooDoo Doughnuts, Epicurean Catering | Games:  Fun Productions | DJ:  RIPM Entertainment | Rentals:  Party Time Rentals | Linens & Chair Covers:  Linen Hero | Photobooth with Green Screen:  A Custom Look | Bling Station:  Melissa Clarke Designs


With the 2014 Winter Olympics recently wrapping up, we thought it would be fun to share Michael’s Olympic Village Bar Mitzvah on our blog.


Michael’s home was transformed into an Olympic Village for his bar mitzvah celebration.  A game tent sporting everything from hoops and air hockey to roulette and blackjack started the evening of fun.  From there, guests walked under market lights to a reception tent where golden fabric swooped from high ceilings, framing a custom Olympic logo.  Faux torches, personalized medals, global flag escort cards, eclectic food with international flair, and a custom Olympic stadium cake completed the exciting evening with classy detail.  Décor n More, Pure Energy, Elegant Bakery, and Fun Productions are just a few of the vendors we had the pleasure of working with to create this memorable celebration.  See a full listing at the bottom of these fantastic pictures from Gaston Photography.



















Congratulations, Michael, and we look forward to celebrating your sister Allie’s bat mitzvah this Labor Day Weekend, 2014!


The Olympian-sized Vendor Team

Event Design & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Photography:  Gaston Photography | Tent & Dance Floor:  Event Rents | Catering:  Gourmet Fine Catering | Cake:  Elegant Bakery | Lighting & Production:  Pure Energy Events | Décor & Centerpieces:  Décor n More | Floral:  Statice Floral | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Supplemental Rentals:  Party Time Rental | Games:  Fun Productions | Entertainment:  Amuse Entertainment, Aaron Mendelsberg | Photobooth:  ShutterBooth & All Digital Studios | Videography:  All Digital Studios | Valet:  Jay’s Valet