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Natasha & Chris have the unique distinction of being the first couple ever wed in High Lonesome Barn, a civil war era reconstruction opened in January 2014 at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  Their party moved to Ranch House Restaurant for cocktail hour (designed around the original homestead cabin on site) and then over to Broad Axe Barn for dinner and dancing.  Inspired by a love of dogs (the pair breeds Golden Retrievers), dad’s wood crafting skills, and mom’s favorite color, this wedding bursts with personal details in a vibrant yellow and sophisticated charcoal palette.  Robin Cain Photography captured the day in a fun and beautiful style.

We’ve included some design inspiration, favorite moments, and advice from Natasha for your enjoyment!


From the bride:  We chose Devil’s Thumb because we wanted a snowy location and we wanted a place where all our friends and family could come and make a weekend long celebration. We loved the rustic feel of the ranch, which inspired our rustic theme.


Another inspiration was my mom. Almost 4 years ago my mother past away, her favorite color was yellow. I wanted the memory of her to be there throughout the whole wedding, that is why our colors were yellow and grey. The yellow flowers everywhere (from Statice Floralwere such an amazing sight, she would have loved it! Also her picture in the front row, helped remind me she has the best seat in the house and was watching the whole thing.



Grandma crocheted yellow shawls with a soft grey ruffle for each of the bridesmaids–a much appreciated detail on the wintry day!



For the ceremony, it was important to us for it to be unique. We found that the padlocks was a great way to have a unity ceremony that was different from all other weddings. I also wanted right after the ceremony to start off the party, so we had our wedding party dance back down the aisle to an upbeat song!



Chris and I met in high school but we didn’t start dating until after my first year in college. We dated for 6 years before getting married. Our main hobby together is breeding Golden Retrievers. When we first started dating Chris had an amazing Golden named Lexi.  We decided to breed her so that I could keep a puppy. After that first litter we fell in love and we have been breeding Goldens ever since. We now have four dogs, Lexi, Abbey, Brooklyn, and Sully.

Our dogs were a huge inspiration for our wedding, we wanted to include them even though they couldn’t be present. Each table at our wedding was named after one of our dogs that we currently own or Goldens that we have breed.  Many of the people that came to the wedding got to sit at their own dog’s table!


My dad is very handy with wood crafting, he made many of the wood decorations such as the card box, place card holders, and table name holders.


My favorite memory of the day was the first look. I was against the first look in the beginning, but it completely helped calm my nerves. And it was also fun to have a moment, just the two of us. Another favorite moment was during dancing when the whole dance floor joined in a circle and we all sang and danced together. Such a cool moment! Chris said his favorite moment from the day was just all the love that was shared by our friends and family. Many came a long long way and even traveled through a rough snow storm to celebrate with us! We couldn’t describe how special we felt!


Advice for a bride and groom who are planning a wedding:  

#1 HIRE JESSICA!!! Having her made the process so easy and carefree. I can honestly say I never felt stressed throughout the whole process. She and all the vendors she recommended, definitely delivered above and beyond all our expectations! 

#2 Enjoy the process, have fun with it, be willing to accept others when they offer to help, and have an open mind and go with the flow!


From Team Switchell sunglasses to doggie bags of puppy chow, we loved every detail of your special day, Natasha & Chris.  Thank you for letting us be part of your unique, personal, and well celebrated wedding!


The Vendor Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Robin Cain Photography | Flowers:  Statice Floral | DJ:  Elite DJ | Officiate:  Rocky Mountain Wedding Services

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From the sparkling snow, blue skies, and mountain backdrop of Carolyn & Sean’s first look to the dripping orchids and soft drape framing their St. Julien ceremony; from the twinkle lights on evergreen trees to the glimmer of sequined flowers on table linens; and from the touching toasts to the human pyramid, this wedding showcases the beauty and romance of winter in all its elegance.  Inspiration abounds in the stunning images captured by Studio JK.  With the stellar team of Statice Floral, LMD Productions, Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, Top Hat Entertainment, the details are gorgeous!  Carolyn graciously spoke to the inspiration behind their day, favorite moments, and some parting advice, quoted below.

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Picking our favorite memory of the day is tough because the whole entire weekend was just fantastic.  We had an absolute ball,  loved every moment and truly did not stress about a thing (a big thank you to JA Special Events for helping to make that possible). If I had to choose,  I think one of our favorite moments was our first look… Sean and I really want get some photos outside so we had planned to meet up at Chautauqua Park. Little did we know how cold it would be… but we had fun regardless. It was great to have some time together (just us)  before the actual ceremony… Joe & Joyce (Studio JK) were so fantastic and such troopers to endure the zero degree temperatures with us. We absolutely LOVE the shots they got!

0132_1208_141746sk  0134_1208_141751sk0227_1208_143910jk


0262_1208_144408sk  0185_1208_143006jk 0152_1208_141915jk-2  0147_1208_141836jk 0394_1208_154619jk 0398_1208_154835sk 0395_1208_154639jk     0306_1208_151657sk0294_1208_151228sk 0290_1208_151102sk 0303_1208_151603sk0399_1208_154906sk  0412_1208_155950sk0314_1208_151856jk

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0492_1208_161435jk 0529_1208_162321jk0556_1208_163046sk0311_1208_151848sk  0318_1208_151913sk

My mom & I really wanted the decor to be elegant  & festive with a touch of “rustic” to honor our (Sean & my) love of the outdoors.  During the planning stage, my Mom said she wanted the room to be “magical”.  Which it most certainly was… from the candle lit ceremony, to the gorgeous flowers, the Christmas trees, & the beautiful table settings, it really could not have been more perfect.0686_1208_173826sk  0674_1208_173209jk0672_1208_173014sk  0690_1208_174206jk0648_1208_171039sk  0643_1208_165834sk0660_1208_171750jk

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0794_1208_191600sk  0930_1208_195652jk0932_1208_195711jk  0929_1208_195646jk

My only advice would be to be present! The best thing that we did was to just enjoy every moment, each other and all of our friends & family.  Stressing and worrying about the details is not worth it (it will all come together!). Take in every wonderful moment in…It goes so quickly… have a blast! It truly was the best weekend of our lives…”

0863_1208_193822jk  0875_1208_193933jk

What an honor to work with you and your families, Carolyn & Sean!  You are two incredible people and we truly enjoyed being part of the magic of your elegant wintry celebration!


The Vendor Team

Event Design & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue & Catering:  St. Julien Hotel & Spa | Photography:  Studio JK | Floral:  Statice Floral | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Cake & Desserts:  Shamane’s Bake Shoppe | Lighting & Drape:  LMD Productions | Ceremony & Cocktail Music:  A Touch of Class | DJ:  Top Hat Entertainment

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In this post, we thought it would be fun to share a little more of the story behind the celebration, some inspiration in the process.  Enjoy!

Becca and Ryan’s wedding mirrors the woodland romance of “Twilight”, the rich forest depth of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and a touch of whimsy from “Alice in Wonderland”.  Intertwined manzanita branches dripping in white orchids framed the first married kiss while pops of purple and orange under abstract curls of willow emerge from birch-wrapped vases and beds of moss by Statice Floral.  Guest tables softened by candlelight and surrounded by columns of twinkling lights rained down from the hand-hewn beams of an aged barn at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  Karen High Photography captured the magical images below, including Becca’s stunning Jenny Packham attire from Little White Dress.


Planning for the weekend was an organic evolving process.  Becca & Ryan wanted their wedding to be entirely unique, inspired by who they are and their love for each other.  “In retrospect,” Becca says, “it has a little bit of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’, although that wasn’t how we started out.”  The pair drew inspiration from nature, movies, contemporary floral designs, their architectural backgrounds, and from their love of the mountains.


Becca and Ryan chose Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa as their wedding venue.  Nestled at the base of the Continental Divide, the ranch not only offered breathtaking mountain views and an architecturally pleasing civil war era barn for the reception celebration, but it also offered what Becca and Ryan wanted most for their guests, an elegant yet unpretentious setting ideal to foster unplanned interactions and relaxing memories.  Over the weekend, guests would run into each other at Heck’s restaurant and swap stories of seeing horses in the meadow, enjoying a massage at the spa, exploring the 6,000 acres of largely undeveloped mountain landscape.  Becca and Ryan had gathered 82 of their closes friends and family, people who had significantly contributed to making them who they were.  Not only did they make a point to greet everyone at the cocktail reception on Friday night, they assigned family members to make sure that everyone felt welcome and at ease throughout the weekend.


“Finding my dress is what really pulled everything together for me and helped me define our wedding,” Becca remembers.  When she tried on “Willow” by Jenny Packham at Little White Dress, she literally started shaking and crying.  “It made me feel like myself and I knew it was my dress.  It was perfect.”  She describes the vintage inspired dress with its effortless graceful fabric, exposed back, and intricate beading as “natural and comfortable, not too structured or rigid.”  Just like them.  Just like their wedding.


Ryan gifted his groomsmen with high quality headphones.  The guys live far apart but connect frequently via text over football and music.  Headphones were a practical gift that would also be a great reminder to each of the friendship they shared.


Becca’s earrings & bracelet were special pieces from her late paternal grandmother and the purple ring was from her maternal grandmother.



A particularly tender moment occurred when Ryan surprised Becca on their wedding morning with a custom book of date night certificates that she could redeem at will.  They included a Ferris Bueller Day (one day Ryan will play hooky from work for her), a Spontaneous Vacation to Somewhere Warm, a Night Unplugged, a Housecleaning from Ryan, a Massage, and more.  Touched by his thoughtfulness, a teary Becca points to Ryan’s thoughtful gift as both a settling moment and a profound reminder that they were there to celebrate their love for each other.


Using their graphic skills, Becca and Ryan designed a custom logo that was incorporated in the whiskey cask they made (to seal a bottle of whiskey for their five year anniversary), the shot ski they designed (which guests very much appreciated), and the custom menus they created.


“We know what we like when we see it,” Becca explains.  And when she saw an art installation with lateral lights, she incorporated that into the reception décor.  After a visit to the floral warehouse with her planner, Jessica, she really started thinking about what flowers she thought were beautiful and how she wanted the arrangements to seem like they were naturally growing from the tables instead of placed “out of context” as just a vase on a table.  Statice Floral brought the vision together beautifully.


Two planning tips from Becca & Ryan

  1.  Drink lots of wine!  Make an event out of your planning.  Plan to make (for example) two decisions over a glass of wine in the evening and if that goes well, pour another glass and make some more decisions.  This relaxing and celebratory strategy makes for easier conversations and makes the planning more fun.
  2. Decide and Move On.  Be respectful of other people’s input but don’t ask for too many opinions.  Be true to your nature and stick with your decisions


Looking back on the day, the pair is extremely happy with how the weekend went.

“The planning really paid off,” Ryan concludes.

“We were able to just let go and enjoy everything on the weekend,” Becca adds.

They were the last people at all three events they hosted and they feel like they fully enjoyed every moment with their loved ones.

Congratulations to both of you and thank you for sharing some “behind the scenes” insight!  We thoroughly enjoyed working with you both!


The Vendor Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Karen High Photography | Floral:  Statice Floral | DJ:  Sound Choice Entertainment | Officant:  Steve Peterson, YMCA chaplain | Bridal gown:  Willow by Jenny Packham at Little White Dress

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Deidre’s beautiful wedding dress is from one of Denver’s favorite bridal boutiques (and one of our vendor partners), Little White Dress.





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Sydney’s “Fall Ball” bat mitzvah theme was inspired by the autumn season and her mitzvah project focusing on EKAR farms.  Celebrated at JW Marriott, Cherry Creek, it had a touch of Colorado elegance and sophistication, accented with activities and entertainment perfect to entertain the young and the young at heart.  Captured here in all the vibrant fun by Brinton Studios with floral design by Newberry Brothers and lighting décor by Pure Energy.



A fall-themed Kiddush lunch following services set the tone for an elegant and fun and sophisticated celebration.  Sydney’s mitzvah project involved the urban farm, EKAR, where gourds, pumpkins and other vegetables were gathered for tablescape décor to compliment centerpieces by Newberry Brothers.



Décor from the lunch was integrated into the evening party theme as well.  Scented candles in autumn colors were adorned by die cut paper leaves serving as escort cards.  The candles and river stone guest book were selected and designed by Sydney with her mom.


A build your own pasta bar kept the kids happy while creative displays of soup shooters, salads, pasta, and carving stations provided hearty fall fare for adults.  After some dancing, a caramel apple station with colorful candies and nuts for dipping continued the fall theme and was a hit with both adults and kids.  A nine layer macaroon tower was also featured for dessert.


Dance Trax provided a very interactive dj/mc and a team of dancers to engage the kids and keep the energy level and excitement high all night.  A photobooth and flipbook station with props added fun options off the dance floor as well.


Congratulations on your fun sophisticated “Fall Ball”, Sydney!  It was a pleasure celebrating with you and your family!

The Vendor Team

Event Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek | Photography:  Brinton Studios | Invitations & Favors:  Swoozies of Cherry Creek | Floral:  Newberry Brothers | Lighting:  Pure Energy | Entertainment/DJ:  Dance Trax | Photobooth:  A Custom Look | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens

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Congratulations, Mira!

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couture feature.jpg Congratulations to all of our beloved couples and families and thanks to Karen High Photography, Durling Photography, and Rebecca Bonner Photography for sharing your gorgeous images!

Deb and Matt celebrated their Breckenridge mountain wedding in the backyard of a gorgeous private rental home.  Friends and family arrived days before to start celebrating and spend time together.  Sweet Dahlia Wedding Photography captured the numerous handcrafted details that enriched the weekend with a vintage vibe; embroidered flower boutonnieres crafted by a family member, a display of family quilts, (including one made by the bride’s grandmother), an eclectic collection of vintage-style linen and lace overlays from the bride’s mom, and Deb’s floral artwork drawn adorning menus and escort cards.


Dogs decked in bowties joined the back lawn ceremony facing grand mountain vistas.  Guests enjoyed cocktails from Footer’s Catering on the front lawn, music from a friend’s band, and a tented reception decorated with lanterns, vibrant sunflower centerpieces, and vases of willow branches with sprays of yellow orchids from Statice Floral. The summer backyard celebration feel was complete with a dessert table of assorted pies, baked by the bride’s mom.






The Backyard Vendor Team

Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Private Rental Home | Photography:  Sweet Dahlia Wedding Photography | Catering:  Footers Catering | Flowers:  Statice Floral

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There is a sense of stunning prettiness in the details of Leigh & Jake’s winter wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  From the luxurious ruffles and sparkled detail on Leigh’s dress to the pale blue bridesmaid dresses against a snowy mountain landscape; from soft drape framing a romantic fireside ceremony to lush masses of white hydrangea atop tall vases of submerged orchids; loads of candles and vine entwined balls accented in twinkle lights all converge in jaw-dropping loveliness.  Amazing work by Statice Floral and sweetly captured by Brinton Studios.


Leigh and Jake compliment one another perfectly.  They met through their daughters who were already friends and are now sisters.  The girls were part of much of the planning and celebration.  You can tell the quality of a person by the company they keep and Leigh and Jake had the most fun, funny, dynamic, and sincere group of guests.  Jake and Leigh were both involved in many of the details and were great at compromising and combining their tastes.  That is a good recipe for marriage as well.







Congratulations to you and your “lil miss” duo, Leigh & Jake.  It’s been so delightful and we miss your smiles already!


The Vendor Team:

Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Brinton Studios | Flowers & Décor:  Statice Floral | Linens:  All Events

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