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On a crisp September day, Dani + Zach were married at the gorgeous Boulder Country Club. With glimpses of fall in the air, the florals by Floral Elegance Unlimited were the perfect touch to their special day. Caitlin Hamilton captured stunning images of the precious couple, and Elite DJ ensured that a good time was had by all with their entertainment. All event planning and coordination was gracefully handled by JA Special Events, and Mulberries provided guests with tasty treats as the celebration continued into the evening. Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful day, Dani + Zach!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue/Catering: Boulder Country Club | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton | Videography: All Digital | DJ: Elite DJ | Florals: Floral Elegance Unlimited | Dessert: Mulberries

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What a privilege it was being a part of Emma’s Bat Mitzvah celebration at Temple Sinai and Infinity Park! Emma’s dance and sports inspired party was executed with such class by JA Special Events, down to the very last detail. Brinton Studios captured incredible images from the event, and Statice Floral added such beauty to the room with their florals. Guests raved about the delicious food and drink by Catering by Design, and Dancetrax kept the dance floor hopping well into the evening. We are so very proud of your accomplishment, Emma, and it was such a joy celebrating with you and your family!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Synagogue: Temple Sinai | Venue: Infinity Park | Caterer: Catering by Design | Photography: Brinton Studios | Florals: Statice Floral | DJ/Entertainment: Aaron Mendelsberg with Dancetrax | Lighting/Decor: Elite Productions | Videography: All Digital | Photo Booths: A Custom Look, Murray and team | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Alcohol: Mondo Vino via Catering by Design | Games: Fun Productions | Linens/Chair Covers: Linen Hero | Rentals: Party Time Rentals | Favors/Printed Items: JA Special Events | Valet: Jay’s Valet | Transportation: Presidential Transportation


What a special day it was celebrating the marriage between Sarah + Alex at the always picturesque Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Beautiful images were captured by Susan Pacek Photography, and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals and decor. DJ Digi kept the party going into the night and JA Special Events enhanced the entire day with their planning and coordination. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Sarah + Alex!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Susan Pacek | Florals & Decor: Statice Floral | Ceremony Music: Sandra Wong Music | DJ: DJ Digi with Dancetrax Productions | Chairs: Charming Chairs | Linens: Via Chair Covers and Linens


Beano’s Cabin served as the perfect backdrop for the precious marriage of Chelsea + Patrick. The natural greens and pops of colors provided by Sweet Pea Flowers added to the gorgeous surroundings, and Jamee Photography captured the day with such style and beauty. All event planning and coordination was handled by JA Special Events, and the elegant cake was created by the talented Shamane’s Bake Shoppe. Your day was lovely in every single way, Chelsea + Patrick, and we couldn’t be happier for you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Beano’s Cabin | Photography: Jamee Photography | Florals: Sweet Pea Flowers | Videography: Lupher Arts Videography | DJ: DJ Jeff D’Amico | Cake: Shamane’s Bake Shoppe


Lenae + Cye tied the knot at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on a beautiful summer afternoon. Their loved for one another radiated so brightly and Two One Photography captured gorgeous images from their special day. Pink Posey Design created lovely floral bouquets and centerpieces that further enhanced the beauty from the day, and JA Special Events took care of the event planning with such detail and efficiency. Congratulations, Lenae + Cye, we are so very happy for you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Photography: Two One Photography | Florals: Pink Posey | Band: The Patti Fiasco


Summertime in the mountains is a sweet, sweet place to be. Combine that with a lovely wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch and it’s going to be truly magical. What a joy it is to share Connie Whitlock’s images from Anne + Ryan’s big day. The soft pinks, greens and ivorys provided by Statice Floral intensified the beauty of the day, and JA Special Events took care of all planning and preparation for the special weekend. Congratulations on your marriage Anne + Ryan, we are thrilled for you!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Connie Whitlock | Florals & Decor: Statice Floral | Videography: Red Mountain Productions | Ceremony/Cocktail Music: Raising Cain | Reception Band: Raising Cain | Photo Booth: Ear 2 Ear | Chair Rental: Charming Chairs


With the stunning Rocky Mountains as their backdrop, Sarah and Zach said “I Do” at the highly sought after Vail Wedding Deck. Their day was filled with much joy and the views were truly picture perfect. Sarah Barth photographed the beautiful couple and scenery with such skill, and Statice Floral further enhanced it all with their lovely florals and decor. The reception was held at The Lodge at Vail, with their ballroom serving as a wonderful backdrop for their continued celebration. JA Special Events handled all event planning and coordination, ensuring that the bride’s desires were executed with ease and class. What a privilege it was sharing in your beautiful day, Sarah and Zach!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony: Vail Wedding Deck | Reception: The Lodge at Vail | Photography: Sarah Barth | Floral & Decor: Statice Floral | Cake: Lodge at Vail | Ceremony Music: DTP Productions team | Reception DJ: DJ Digi via DTP Productions


There’s something extra special about the combination of summertime in the mountains and the gift of marriage. What a privilege it was to share in Kate and Justin’s gorgeous day at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. The natural pops of color by Statice Floral added such beauty to the day and David Lynn Photography captured the moments with both class and creativity. JA Special Events crafted the planning and coordination and Elite Production enhanced the ambiance with their lighting. We are so thrilled for you, Kate and Justin, and loved sharing in your day!

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Vendor Credits

Planning & event coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: David Lynn Photography | Florals and Decor: Statice Floral | DJ and Ceremony Amplification: Standing Room Only, Jay | Videography: Larisa Graham | Lighting: Elite Production | Linens: via Chair Covers and Linens | Chairs: Charming Chairs


It is always such a joy to share in the union of a beautiful couple, and Katina and Ben were no exception. With the ceremony and reception held at Temple Sinai, the happy couple had close family and friends by their side on their glorious day. Frances Photography documented all the beautiful moments, and Statice Floral added such elegance with their florals and decor. Elite Production handled the lighting and The Radio Band via Hipster Mama kept the party going into the night. The detailed planning and coordination was taken care of by JA Special Events. Congrats Katina and Ben, we are so happy for you!

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Vendor Credits:

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Frances Photography | Florals and Chuppah: Statice Floral | Catering: The Perfect Pear| Reception Band: The Radio Band via Hipster Mama | Lighting and Decor: Elite Production | Rentals: Party Time

473With the Continental Divide as their backdrop, Katy and Brian said “I Do” at the always stunning Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Their day was truly picturesque as the talented David Lynn Photography depicts, and Statice Floral further enhanced the backdrop and reception with their gorgeous florals. JA Special Events took care of the detailed planning, and Rob Drabkin livened up the ceremony with music and Elite DJ kept all guests entertained well into the night. It was such a joy sharing in your memorable day, Katy and Brian!

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Event planning and coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: David Lynn Photography | Videography: Lupher Arts | Decor and Florals: Statice Floral | Ceremony Music: Rob Drabkin | DJ: Elite DJ