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Style Me Pretty Feature

Nicole and Pete had an absolutely gorgeous September wedding on the slopes of Beaver Creek.  We’re thrilled to see their day featured in Style Me Pretty!  Check out the sweet romantic photos from Brinton Studios and the textures in that white bouquet from Statice Floral, all at Beano’s Cabin!  Click below for the full feature:

Rustic Mountain Wedding


Some weddings are a collection of enthralling moments that build on each other like the unfolding of a good love story, moments of delight and surprise that crescendo to a fullness of spirit bigger than one or even two hearts can contain, moments full of meaning best described in various tones of “wow” with numerous exclamation points.  Laura and Greg had this kind of wedding, captured in exquisite beauty and fun by Paige Eden Photography.

The day began with a relaxing morning at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, a leisurely stroll with their black lab, a hearty breakfast at the lodge.  Laura and her mom laughed and enjoyed each other’s company in the log cabin while getting hair & make-up done.  Laura’s mom helped her slip into an exquisite Chantilly lace gown from Little White Dress.  Greg and the dog made their way to the edge of a mountain pond as light rain freshened the late summer air, a prelude to the sweet moment when Laura joined her fiancé and the dog looked on as the two embraced.

Balloons framed wedding guests as they sat on wooden chairs in the meadow admiring breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.  A gentle breeze released one yellow balloon and it floated away in the distance, a whisper of the moment ahead.  Having thoughtfully customized a twist to their unity ceremony, Laura & Greg’s officiant, Matt (Rocky Mountain Wedding Services), pulled out a helium tank and filled two earth-friendly balloons inside another clear balloon, then handed it to the couple to release, symbolic of their two unique lives now traveling together through unknown adventures ahead.  Rob Drabkin and Dave Preston played “Over the Rainbow” as the balloons soared towards the mountains and out of view.

After cocktails on the lawn and graceful photos with grazing horses, guests found their place cards displayed in aspen logs on a bed of moss and were welcomed into a civil war era barn adorned in playful yellows and purples with lighted vine balls from Statice Floral Design suspended from hand-hewn wooden beams.  Massive sliding barn doors were rolled back to introduce the newlyweds and general merriment commenced until, just when freshly presented entrees of bison and trout were served, excited exclamations drew every guest from their seat and out through the massive barn doors.  A rainbow enticed cell phones from pockets as it became a double rainbow and then arched across the entire valley, framing the towering mountains beneath its graceful curve, almost too large to capture in its entirety.  Friends and family lingered in appreciation of the unplanned climactic moment, exchanging incredulous remarks on timing and beauty and symbolism.

The colors slowly faded and guests returned to enjoy their bison and trout, a community graced with the unexpected, reveling in its splendor.  Toasts led to cake and then dancing with abandon and fullness of heart, a basking in the beauty of love, friendship, and moments that built on each other to celebrate the best kind of love story.

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The Creative Team

Event Planner:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa | Photography:  Paige Eden | Floral Design:  Statice Floral | Linens:  Chair Covers & Linens | Ceremony Music:  Rob Drabkin & Dave Preston | DJ:  Elite DJ | Officiant:  Matt Raynak, Rocky Mountain Wedding Services | Hair & Make-up:  Crystal, CMP Bridal Hair & Make-up | Wedding Dress:  Little White Dress | Alternations:  Donna Beth Creations


The Rocky Mountains in summertime have an earthy rugged presence graced by the delicate beauty of vibrant wildflowers and the pink shades of sunset reflected across snow-fed mountain lakes. A hike up rock-strewn paths through alpine forest leaves one equally grounded and inspired, the moments of discovering beauty hard-won and therefore more fully appreciated. This natural and complimentary juxtaposition defines the mountain rustic style of Courtney & Adam’s wedding, celebrated at historic Grand Lake Lodge with a breathtaking view of Colorado’s largest natural lake and right next to the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance where the couple has often hiked.  Our thanks to LisaAnne Photography for sharing lovely images of the day!

Weathered wooden pews down a rocky mountainside path commanded majestic views of Grand Lake bordered by towering mountains and the small town below. Officiant Matt Raynak of Rocky Mountain Wedding Services used golf balls, sand, and beer in a pickle jar to illustrate memorable marriage and life wisdom. Brilliant sunflowers burst from the more delicate blooms of white ranunculus, soft blue hydrangea, and vibrant purple stock in bridesmaid bouquets designed by Statice Floral. Courtney graced the altar in stylish satin and pearls, her sweet complexion framed in blond curls next to Adam’s dark handsome features, perfectly complimenting each other.

The mountain-inspired rustic details carried into Courtney & Adam’s hillside reception. Candles gave a flickering glow around weathered wooden boxes overflowing with hydrangea and sunflowers. Intricate lace adorned earthy burlap runners. A wooden lantern sat next to escort cards displayed in aspen logs. Tiny lights shone from tendrils of vine spheres as they hung from log beams, mirroring the distant lakeside village lights below. As the sunset warmed Grand Lake with its pinkish hues and music from Standing Room Only, Jay Kacik floated across the evening air, bistro bulbs from Lighting & Design by Scott lit the dance floor, declaring the union of “C & A”, celebrating a couple who is entirely down to earth and equally inspiring, just like the mountains they love.

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The Creative Team

Event Design & Coordination:  JA Special Events | Venue:  Grand Lake Lodge | Photography:  LisaAnne Photography | Flowers & Decor:  Statice Floral | Lighting:  Lighting & Design by Scott | DJ:  Standing Room Only, Jay Kaycik | Officiant:  Rocky Mountain Wedding Services, Matt Raynak | Cake & Cupcakes:  Church of Cupcakes

Couture Colorado Sage

We are so thrilled to see Sage and Jed’s sweet wedding featured on Couture Colorado today!  I mean, this blog has been named “Best Fashion Blog in Colorado”, “Top Fashion Blog” by CBS Denver, and “5280 Best Blog” so they are kind of a big deal.  And so are Sage & Jed in our book!

Check out the feature here with lovely photos from All Digital Studios:  Southern Charm in the Rocky MountainsSage & Jed feature, pt2

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