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What an honor it was to be a part of Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and The Cable Center. Sophie chose a soccer theme for the evening and Statice Floral and Melissa Clarke Designs executed it beautifully with such creativity. Footers Catering set a classy vibe for dinner, Dance Trax kept the party going, and A Custom Look provided guests with memories from their photo booth. A big thanks to Frances Photography for capturing the special day, and to Sophie and your entire family for allowing us to share in this major milestone in your life!

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Vendor Credits

Coordination, Design, Candy Buffet: JA Special Events | Services: Temple Sinai | Reception: The Cable Center | Photography: Frances Photography | Catering: Footers Catering | Florist: Statice Floral | DJ & Entertainment: Dance Trax | Videography: All Digital Videography | Photo Booth: A Custom Look | Games & Activities: Fun Productions | Table Signs & Place Cards: Melissa Clarke Designs | Transportation: Presidential Transportation


Continuing in the celebration of her Bat Mitzvah, Erin and her family hosted a pool party lunch for close family and friends. JA Special Events took care of the design, planning, and majority of the catering. Caitlin Hamilton Photography was there to photograph this memorable day and Elite DJ added such energy and fun to the party. Delicious wood-fired pizza was brought in by Basic Kneads and refreshing ice cream sundaes were provided by Sweet Cow. The entire weekend was such a joy to be a part of; we are so happy for you, Erin!

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Vendor Credits

Planning, Design & Catering: JA Special Events | Photographer: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Pizza Food Truck: Basic Kneads | Ice Cream Truck: Sweet Cow | DJ: Elite DJ and Productions |


A summertime Bat Mitzvah at Rembrandt Yard made for a joyous celebration. The day was truly special, with all of the design and planning orchestrated by JA Special Events. Occasions Catering handled the delicious food, and brightly colored linens from Party Time Rentals and All Events Rentals added much to the decor. The vibrant florals done by Flowers by Becca livened up the atmosphere beautifully and Caitlin Hamilton Photography was there to capture this monumental day. Well done Erin, it was our pleasure celebrating you and your accomplishment!

erin_bat_mitzvah_013 erin_bat_mitzvah_022erin_bat_mitzvah_015 erin_bat_mitzvah_011 erin_bat_mitzvah_014erin_bat_mitzvah_018erin_bat_mitzvah_021 erin_bat_mitzvah_025erin_bat_mitzvah_020erin_bat_mitzvah_026erin_bat_mitzvah_028erin_bat_mitzvah_056erin_bat_mitzvah_057erin_bat_mitzvah_047erin_bat_mitzvah_029erin_bat_mitzvah_140erin_bat_mitzvah_124erin_bat_mitzvah_111erin_bat_mitzvah_166erin_bat_mitzvah_138

Vendor Credits

Event Planning & Design: JA Special Events | Venue: Rembrandt Yard | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Occasions Catering | Rentals: Party Time Rentals & All Events Rentals | Florist: Flowers by Becca

alyce_habib_0452bAlyce and Habib’s downtown Denver wedding was truly one of elegance and love. The couple married at the stunning Oxford Hotel and Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured gorgeous moments throughout their special day. The always beautiful florals from Statice Floral complemented everything so perfectly, as soft pinks, greens and ivory adorned the bouquets and centerpieces. A grand time was had by all, and DJ Cyn kept the party going into the night. It was a joy celebrating with you, Alyce and Habib!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning, coordination & centerpieces: JA Special Events | Venue: Oxford Hotel | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florist: Statice Floral | DJ: DJ CYN | Photo Booth: All Digital


Courtney and Jesse’s Highlands Ranch Mansion wedding was truly stunning in every single way. Much of the design and special touches were thoughtfully created and crafted by the lovely bride herself. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured the memorable celebration, and the gorgeous florals done by Pink Posey Design added such beauty to the entire day. We were so honored to be a part of Courtney and Jesse’s special wedding!

courtney_jesse_0134courtney_jesse_0057 courtney_jesse_0118courtney_jesse_0129 courtney_jesse_0127courtney_jesse_0205courtney_jesse_0180courtney_jesse_0214courtney_jesse_0236courtney_jesse_0269courtney_jesse_0270courtney_jesse_0271courtney_jesse_0284courtney_jesse_0288courtney_jesse_0310courtney_jesse_0299courtney_jesse_0317courtney_jesse_0375courtney_jesse_0368courtney_jesse_0399courtney_jesse_0449courtney_jesse_0446courtney_jesse_0407courtney_jesse_0493courtney_jesse_0499courtney_jesse_0555courtney_jesse_0557courtney_jesse_0518courtney_jesse_0544courtney_jesse_0562courtney_jesse_0567courtney_jesse_0613courtney_jesse_0605courtney_jesse_0607courtney_jesse_0614courtney_jesse_0610courtney_jesse_0609courtney_jesse_0618courtney_jesse_0612courtney_jesse_0619courtney_jesse_0617courtney_jesse_0628courtney_jesse_0691courtney_jesse_0710courtney_jesse_0733courtney_jesse_0737courtney_jesse_1001


Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Florist: Pink Posey Florals | Catering: Relish Catering | Cake: Das Meyer | Music: A Music Plus

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With the sun glistening off the newly fallen snow, Missy and John celebrated their start to forever at the gorgeous Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Every little detail was perfect, with Daylene Wilson there to so beautifully photograph their incredible day. Vibrant pops of color provided by Pink Posey’s lovely florals were such a stunning contrast to the rustic beauty of the winter whites and greens. Great music was in full force with tag teaming of the live band The Crankers and Elite DJ. The stunning wedding cake and surprise groom cake were done by the talented Kelley Kakes. Thank you, Missy and John, for letting us be a part of your unforgettable winter mountain wedding!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue & Catering: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Daylene Wilson Photography | Florist: Pink Posey Design | Band: Crankers | DJ: Elite DJ | Cake: Kelley Kakes | Photobooth: Ear2Ear |

Sophia’s special Bat Mitzvah and celebration were held at Temple Sinai. Incredible food and desserts were provided by the amazing Footers Catering, and Party Time Rentals added such classy touches with their lovely rentals. Show Tek Productions lived up the evening with dance floor entertainment and fun props for all to use. Thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Photography for capturing such memorable photos of the entire event, and to JA Special Events for the beautiful florals and centerpieces. We loved celebrating with you, Sophia and family!

sophia_bat_mitzvah_004b sophia_bat_mitzvah_007b sophia_bat_mitzvah_010b sophia_bat_mitzvah_013b sophia_bat_mitzvah_029sophia_bat_mitzvah_063bsophia_bat_mitzvah_086bsophia_bat_mitzvah_078sophia_bat_mitzvah_077sophia_bat_mitzvah_057bsophia_bat_mitzvah_042bsophia_bat_mitzvah_101bsophia_bat_mitzvah_097bsophia_bat_mitzvah_103sophia_bat_mitzvah_124sophia_bat_mitzvah_049sophia_bat_mitzvah_046sophia_bat_mitzvah_129sophia_bat_mitzvah_131sophia_bat_mitzvah_136sophia_bat_mitzvah_137sophia_bat_mitzvah_138sophia_bat_mitzvah_139sophia_bat_mitzvah_140sophia_bat_mitzvah_142sophia_bat_mitzvah_143sophia_bat_mitzvah_144sophia_bat_mitzvah_337sophia_bat_mitzvah_238sophia_bat_mitzvah_161sophia_bat_mitzvah_162sophia_bat_mitzvah_194sophia_bat_mitzvah_298sophia_bat_mitzvah_441sophia_bat_mitzvah_434sophia_bat_mitzvah_217

Vendor Credits

Event Planning, Coordination, Design & Florals: JA Special Events | Venue: Temple Sinai | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Catering: Footers Catering | DJ & Entertainment: Show Tek Productions | Rentals: Party Time Rentals


On a gorgeous Denver summer afternoon, Meg and Jon committed their lives to one another at Cheesman Park. Memorable photos were captured by Two One Photography throughout some of downtown Denver’s most iconic spots, as well as at the reception venue held at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Vibrant, colorful florals were on display by the talented Silver Rhino and Gateaux created the cake masterpiece.

A special time was had by all, from the caricatures done by Fun Productions to the lively music by Elite DJ. The happy couple concluded their evening by riding off into the night in their Three Kings Pedicab. Thank you, Meg and Jon, for sharing your gorgeous day with us!

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Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Ceremony Venue: Cheesman Park | Reception Venue: Denver Museum of Nature & Science | Photography: Two One Photography | Florist: Silver Rhino | Ceremony Music: Nobility Strings | Reception Music: Elite DJ | Caricature Artist: Fun Productions | Cake: Gateaux | Ceremony Chairs: Party Time Rentals | Linens & Napkins: Party Time Rentals | Chair Covers: Allwell Rents | Hair & Makeup: Aveda Academy of Denver | Limo: Presidential Transportation | Party Bus: 720 Limousine | Pedicab: Three Kings Pedicab