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This past summer on a beautiful July day, Susan + Jason were married in an intimate ceremony at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Lovely florals by Statice Floral enhanced the already stunning setting, and Once West captured cherished photos that will last a lifetime. Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful celebration–congratulations, Susan + Jason!


Vendor Credits

Event Planning, Design & Coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Photography: Once West | Florals: Statice Floral | Lighting & Draping: Elite Production


On a beautiful fall afternoon, Alex + Thomas said “I Do” in an intimate wedding at River Bend. Elevate Photography captured the stunning celebration and thanks to Statice Floral, centerpieces and floral arrangements added such beauty to the day. JA Special Events ensured that all planning, design, and coordination fit the needs and desires of the bride and groom. We were so very thankful to share in your special day, congrats Alex + Thomas!


Vendor Credits:

Event planning, design & coordination: JA Special Events | Venue: River Bend | Photography: Elevate Photography | Florals: Statice Floral | Catering: Blackbelly Catering | Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals

caplan_mitzvah_0123 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0054 - Edited

Taylor, Molly & Spencer’s B’nei Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel and Kipton Hotel Born in Denver made for a fabulous celebration for family and friends. Beautiful images were captured from the memorable day thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Photography, and lovely florals by Statice Floral added such beauty to the atmosphere. Dancetrax kept guests entertained into the evening and JA Special Events ensured that all details and planning were taken care of. Congratulations, Taylor, Molly & Spencer, we are so proud of you!

caplan_mitzvah_0047 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0038 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0030 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0024 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0002 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0010 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0207 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0215 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0212 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0183 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0220 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0218 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0174 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0126 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0125 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0143 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0162 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0196 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0152 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0203 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0202 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0532 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0128 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0131 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0337 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0453 - Editedcaplan_mitzvah_0420 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Kipton Hotel Born | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Centerpieces: Statice Floral | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photobooth: Elite Production

sam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0036 - Edited

Celebrating Sam and his momentous Bar Mitzvah made for a special celebration at Temple Emanuel and Infinity Park Event Center. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured the memorable event and DanceTrax kept guests entertained well into the evening. Footers Catering provided everyone with exceptional food and thanks to the detailed planning by JA Special Events, a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks for letting us share in your day, Sam!

sam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0007 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0014 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0040 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0037 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0030 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0028 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_0004 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0071 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0032 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0025 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0040 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0002 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0006 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0088 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0065 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0356 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0146 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0238 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0131 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0048 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0111 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0101 - Editedsam_weisberg_bar_mitzvah_celebration_0275 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Infinity Park Event Center | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Decor & Lighting: Statice Floral | Catering: Footers Catering | Photobooth: Joy Squad | Games/Activities: Fun Productions | Lounge Furniture & Custom Rentals: Charming Chairs | Logo: Melissa Clarke Designs

hannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0154 - Edited

It was such a privilege being a part of Hannah’s bright & cheery Bat Mitzvah celebration at Hebrew Educational Alliance & The Rock Room with close family and friends. Caitlin Hamilton captured special images from the day and JA Special Events ensured that all details were executed thoughtfully and that the tablescapes were lovely. We are so proud of your accomplishment, Hannah, and it was our joy celebrating with you and your family!

hannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0170 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0190 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0127 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0095 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0128 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0087 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0144 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0146 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_rehearsal_0116 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0139 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0114 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0135 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0010 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0073 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0021 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0027 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0005 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0038 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0031 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0035 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0049 - Edited (1)hannah_ablowitz_party_0068 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0254 - Editedhannah_ablowitz_party_0240 - Edited

Vendor Credits:

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Hebrew Educational Alliance | Celebration: Rock Room & Ship Rock Grille | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Decor/Lighting: Elite Production | Centerpieces: JA Special Events | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Photo Booth: Elite Production | Desserts: Footers Catering | Rentals: Party Time | Transportation: Blue River

maddie_jordan_rehearsal_0042 - Edited

What a joy it was celebrating Madelyn & Jordyn’s B’not Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and The Wellshire Inn. Thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Photography, the two families have incredible photos to remember this milestone occasion. Dancetrax ensured that guests enjoyed themselves all evening long and JA Special Events made sure every little detail was executed brilliantly. It was our pleasure sharing in your accomplishments, Madelyn & Jordyn!

maddie_jordan_rehearsal_0041 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0159 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0136 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0100 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0075 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0115 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0167 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0168 - Editedmaddie_jordan_rehearsal_0038 - Editedmaddie_jordan_familyphotos_0057 - Editedmaddie_jordan_familyphotos_0004 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0001 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0023 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0064 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0055 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0020 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0008 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0037 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0042 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0411 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0070 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0090 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0088 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0026 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0247 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0269 - Editedmaddie_jordan_party_0220 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Sinai | Celebration: The Wellshire Inn | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Centerpieces/Florals: JA Special Events/Denver Balloons and Events | Catering & Desserts: The Wellshire Inn | DJ: Dancetrax | Lighting/Furniture: Elite Production | Photobooth: Elite Production

Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0018 - Edited (2)

It was such a joy being a part of Max’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel and Wings Over the Rockies. The talented Brinton Studios captured the momentous occasion and Statice Floral added such beauty to the already magnificent venue with their centerpieces and decor. Footers Catering provided guests with delicious food, Dancetrax kept the party going, and JA Special Events ensured that the evening ran flawlessly. A big thanks to Max and your entire family for allowing us to share in this special milestone in your life–congrats!

Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0001 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0003 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0005 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0004 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0006 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0007 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0008 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0009 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0002 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0010 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0011 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0012 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0014 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0013 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0017 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0016 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0015 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0022 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0019 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0020 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0023 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0024 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0026 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0025 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0027 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0028 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0032 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0031 - Edited (2)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0030 - Edited (2)

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Emanuel | Celebration: Wings Over the Rockies | Photography: Brinton Studios | Entertainment: Dancetrax | Catering: Footers Catering | Centerpieces/Decor: Statice Floral | Games/Activities: Fun Productions | Photobooth: Ear 2 Ear | Rentals: Party Time | Linens: Linen Hero

eliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0151 - Edited

It was such a privilege being a part of Eliana’s Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and The Island Denver. Caitlin Hamilton Photography captured special images from the day and JA Special Events ensured that the event went flawlessly thanks to their detailed planning and execution. We are so proud of your accomplishment, Eliana, and it was our joy celebrating with you and your family!

eliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0165 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0045 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0139 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0185 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0183 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_rehearsal_0179 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0005 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0007 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0014 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0020 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0031 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0017 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0052 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0054 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0011 - Editedeliana_sagel_bat_mitzvah_celebration_0138 - Edited

Vendor Credits

Event planning & coordination: JA Special Events | Service: Temple Sinai | Reception: The Island | Photography: Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Entertainment: Amusement Entertainment | Photo Booth: Ear 2 Ear |

AshleySawtelle45 - Edited

It’s such a joy to share some of our favorite images from weddings we’ve been a part of in 2019-what an incredible year it has been! We are so fortunate to work alongside some of the very best clients and vendors around; so a big thank you to all of those who made this year a truly memorable one! Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with JA Special Events-we love what we do thanks to you!

reception-23 - Editedreception-31 - Edited0906 - EditedElizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0056 - EditedElizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0050 - Edited (1)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0023 - Edited (1)600 - Editedreception-25 - EditedARP-2247 - EditedAshleySawtelle39 - EditedAshleySawtelle44 - Editedreception-26 - Edited0916 - Edited4301_GabeMitchWedding - Edited (1)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0058 - EditedElizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0047 - Edited (1)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0046 - Edited (1)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0048 - Edited (1)0911 - Editedjoleah_chancey_0709 - Editedjoleah_chancey_0695 - Edited (1)Elizabeth Maxwell Favorites-0030 - Edited0719 - Edited0716 - Edited0699 - Edited0713 - Edited